< >After going back to the Dursleys at the end of his fourth year and the Triwizard Tournament, Harry is abused by his uncle. He quickly falls into despondancy and despair. When he believes nothing can possibly get worse, three dark figures appear on the doorstep of 4 Privet Drive, and take him into an even darker world. Vernon/Harry, Draco/Harry, ??/Harry, Harry/Hermione.
< >The Spirit Room is a slash (male/male relationship) fanfic which is rated R for violence, language, implied rape and incest, and sexuality. This is not a story for children. I have put warnings up everywhere about the ADULT CONTENT in this story. I'm not kidding.

Work in progess!

Fan Art
< >Beautiful pieces of art by wonderful artists that pertain to The Spirit Room. Meep. Art by Robyn, BhaneSidhe, and Linn Standal whose work is currently stored in this gallery - ranging from Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter to dead!Cedric Diggory and Harry Potter underwater from an unreleased chapter.

< >A part (and art) from chapter ten. Cookies from the next chapter to be posted may be placed in here from time to time, depending how late I am on the updates.

Criticisms and Praise
< >The Spirit Room has constantly had mixed reviews. I can honestly say I'm happy about that. TSR is supposed to give people different emotions, different thoughts, and different ideas, although some people have given me death threats for chapter one. Oops. And it's reportedly given two people nightmares. In all, as TSR grows and more people read it, the feedback has been much more positive and given me incentive to work harder at bringing this story to life.

< >Beta-readers are the key to fanfiction these days. Betas look for errors, bad characterizations, and confusing paragraphs in a story; they also suggest rephrasing of sentences and passages, aid in punctuation and wording, and help to make sure the story is the best that it can be. My extreme gratitude to Robyn, Caroline, Naadi Moonfeather, Savidana, and TaraDiane for their time and effort helping me with TSR. Also, thanks to everyone who has commented and reviewed. Without you guys, TSR would not exist.

Chapter One
All You Wanted

Chapter Two
Sweet Misery

Chapter Three
Turn It Inside Out

Chapter Four
Left of Center

Chapter Five
Who Wants to Be Ordinary?

Chapter Six

Chapter Seven
Not Alone

Chapter Eight

Chapter Nine

Chapter Ten
Something to Sleep To

Chapter Eleven

Chapter Twelve

Chapter Thirteen

The Spirit Room
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