Moonless Night
by Gypsy Silverleaf

Author's Note:
< >I wrote this over the course of about three hours whilst sitting in my uncle's house and avoiding my cousins. I apologize to Savi and Desiree who both started crying, though it is quite the compliment. ::smiles:: I'm not sure where I got the inspiration and while it's not a reflection of my life in any way, it just sprouted to life and I had to nurture it.

< >There is ADULT CONTENT in this story. It speaks of sex and love in a fairly physical relationship, and the pairing could be construed as heterosexual or homosexual, depending on how you read it. Please go back if you do not want to read material of this nature.


< >I wish I was the sunshine on your face. I wish you'd let me be the one - the only one - to wake up beside you in the morning. I want to wake you with my breath on your lips, my hand on your skin.

< >Why won't you let me?

< >We play in the night. Dance around each other like we are too afraid to love, but too intrigued to flee. At least that's what you like to think.

< >You know deep in your heart - my heart - I love you, can't stand to be without you, would do anything to hold you. I will play your game, if only to be near you . . . to hear your sweet voice.

< >I'll let you pull me along, drag me into a forced, hated routine I do only for the sake of having you. I will argue with you, fight you, hurt you, let you hurt me. My blood mixing with yours as I hold you close, not letting you fight me anymore.

< >That's when I kiss you, open you to my love. I could kiss you all night and into the dawn, if only I had the time. If only that was enough. I touch you first, tentatively. Asking, begging. At first you don't admit me, won't let me. This makes me smile, no matter how sad I truly am, because I know what is coming and though you turn your face away, you want what I'm offering.

< >You crave my touch, as much as I crave yours - the feeling of you.

< >So when you look back at me, my heart has a fluttering hope, because your eyes betray what you always do. The words in your eyes are spoken through your moans as I kiss you again and am encouraged by the returning pressure against my lips, the tongue sliding against mine. I love you in these moments, know you could love me, as our shivers become a single, delicious tremble.

< >You're long done feigning your resistance by the time our clothes are off and we draw together to ward off the cold, starlit nights when the moon doesn't shine - the only nights you permit us to be together.

< >You can't stand the moonbeams on us, illuminating our bodies and lighting our skin. You don't want to truly see what we do, how I worship you and how you react. It would make everything real.

< >Too real.

< >You don't want to admit you could love me, want me at our side to guide you through the days and help you sleep at night.

< >And yet you indulge in what is supposedly the forbidden, the thing you hate the most because it tries to force you to see, to love, the truth: me. Me, and only me.

< >You give yourself to me - let me take you, love you, sing to the sound of your voice and your breath against my chest as we clutch each other afterwards. I even let you take me when the pain of life gets to be too much and all I want to do is give you what you want.

< >But you deny me the one thing I want most in the world.

< >You. To hold you - forever.

< >Until one day my breath slows and finally stops. To have you in my arms (me in yours) as I die, watching me slip away. The smile on my face would tell you my passing is happy because I had your love and that was all that ever mattered, all I ever needed.

< >I think you believe my tears are beads of sweat that roll under my chin and pool in the hollow of my throat, leftover from our lovemaking. The simple, tender gesture of you licking them away makes my arms tighten around you and want to kiss you for infinity.

< >But for now I'll hold onto you for as long as I can until we see the dawn caressing the horizon, when you feel you must leave. I will let myself hope each night our bodies burn together under the star-kissed, moonless sky you will come to understand me. You are my everything, my love, my heart, and I will wait for you to return my love. Even if it takes forever.

- fin -

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