Across Enemy Lines
Across Enemy Lines


Author's Note:

< >So, would you suppose that Draco and Hermione would live happily ever after, like in a fairy tale? That's how every good story should end, but this story isn't really a fairy tale - it is largely about the prejudice that seems to surround the Harry Potter books. Could this be why some people are trying to ban Harry Potter, but just don't think this is as good or as powerful as saying that he is evil? Possibly, possibly not.

< >To take a moment, I don't see a real reason for Slytherins and Gryffindors to hate each other - just because of some stupid rivalry between two men that have been dead for one thousand years. But, alas, maybe this is the same reason for the white supremacists hating dark-skinned people and Hitler hating the Jews and all the other people not named that he killed . . .

< >Now, I truthfully do not want to get into a debate about racism and prejudice that lace our world like heroin, but if challenged, I could start yelling. I also don't want to debate Hitler's actions, though, again, I'm strongly opinionated about World War II, especially. Just to recommend, pick up either of the books Why Do They Hate Me? and/or We Are Witnesses. Anne Frank - A Diary of a Young Girl hardly does WWII justice in the real part of the war. (I also have an opinion of Anne Frank, but I guess her story is an interesting view of the war.)

< >Anyway, I have just always wanted to see something happen that would bring at least some Slytherins and Gryffindors together. I hate how everyone yells about what a bad guy Draco is - or "I hate Snape because he's mean!" for that matter - but do we really know him enough to judge him? No. Absolutely not. He might have been brought up to hate all Muggle-born witches; it very much seems so, but just . . . what if that was broken? That's another principle of the story.

< >In my personal view, I have seen Draco and Hermione "together," but with a strong story behind it. I can just see people telling him that his "hormones are the only reason" he would be attracted to Hermione.

< >This story is not one of my best works, I admit openly, but it was the longest fan fiction (of only three) I have ever written. All of it was approximately seventy-three and a half pages with Times New Roman font and all spaced the way you see.

< >I love you all! Well, most of you. Some of you are nasty, little creatures that need to be crushed by my big feet! ::wiggles her toes at the computer screen:: Okay, okay, just kidding. Please read those books I recommended and I hope you all a happy holiday or two! :-)

< >Gypsy
December 8th, 1999


Please note-

< >Like I said back in October 1999, I did a Draco/Hermione fan fiction and am proud to say I was the first to do it. Whether it came out all right, I still debate with myself, but I appreciate all the compliments I have received over the past few years. Comments, critisism, and suggestions can me made here. Please read the next installment of The Enemy Series, Amid the Encircling Gloom. :-)

< >Gypsy

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