About the Webmistress
< >A little bio about the webmistress, Gypsy Silverleaf. You should be oh so excited.

Contact the Webmistress
< >Want to bug your webmistress? Feel free to visit this part of the site, because there are several routes you can take on the road to pestering me.

Fiction by the Webmistress
< >Harry Potter fan fiction that I have written or am in the process of writing.

Thanks from the Webmistress
< >Chiefly full of people who unknowingly helped this site and basically a list of who my friends are so I don't forget. ::friends glare at her::

Pictures of the Webmistress?
< >Sort of. A collection of pictures mostly of my friends, mainly here because we needed a gallery and I offered to put one up.

Letters to the Webmistress
< >Letters and poems I received from kids in the days after September 11th, 2001. Intriguing to read and reflect upon now.

Awards for the Webmistress
< >Awards I've been bequeathed over the past few years for various things, such as fan fiction and site content. People are very nice to me. But this page is somewhat of an ego trip, so . . . ::whistles innocently::

The Webmistress' Random Things
< >Ooh, I changed the format of the title. I feel special. Anyway, just a place to stick banners and other such stuff. Not too important.



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