< >This part of the site is where I get to sob and say, "I'd like to thank the little people for letting me step on them!" No, I'm kidding. Anywho, this page is for me to thank all those people in my daily life who love and support me every dang day. I love them for it. :-)


< >My parents - the best and most applauded thanks to them - for being supportive, helpful, and letting me on the computer forever and a day. ::grins:: I'm on the computer day and night, so I'm lucky they let me do that! Thank you, Mom and Dad! I love you!
< >My extended family: Grandma [Winnifred], Grandad (rest in peace), Gilbert, Carolyn, Jennifer, Gypsy, Shaddow, Uncle Charles, Aunt Robin, Billy, Amy, Linda Gail, Mikaela, Sarah, Dink, Uncle Leonard, Aunt Gail, Julia Kaye, Uncle Clay, Aunt Holly, Kenny, Christopher, Gillian in England, Mike & Ellen in Germany, Dave & Louise, and anyone Iíve missed. I love you all! :-)

Family Friends & Neighbours:
< >Sessa, Linda & Kristin (sorry about our dog, guys), Carol, Dale, Eric, Allison, Rosie, Terry, Thomas, Kelley, and all of my momís co-workers who have helped the site in certain ways - even if none of these people realize they help me and even if I never actually talked to these people much. ::grins:: Thanks!

< >I've got some great friends and they [should] know how much I adore and love them all. My friends are very special to me and I love them very much. I am so grateful to have all of them every day and they are sometimes what keeps me from getting completely down.
< >Thanks, then, to Aileen, Janine, Mindy, Chris, Lucila, Amna, Joyce, Eunji, Anne, Rousselle, Attie, Chantelle, Kathryn, Amanda Madrid, Robby, Amanda Jorgensen, Lauren, Ryan Rice, Samantha, Amanda Knight (no, she's not the Knight Bus!), Thera, Zach, Andrew, Kyle, Josh, Ryan Hall, Ryan Simpkins, Jessica, Jessica Ramirez, the other Janine, Karen Rees, Rachel & Beth, Allison Lyon, Kim, Louis, Chelsea McKean, Caitlin, Michelle, Naila, Shayma, Angelica, Adrienne, Christina Woo, Heather Cris., the other Karen, Tammy, Renina, Bryan, all the Steves, my Norwegian friend Vidar, Kristina M., Laurie, Brianne, Andrea, and anyone I just happened to omit by accident! I love you guys.

Chelsea Cooke
Rest in Peace
You Are Forever in Our Hearts

Online Best Buds:
< >First off, a "Hola, Salut, and Cheese!" to my SemiSane pals. Double thanks to my bestest friends: Lee, Giuli, Lesley, and Julie (BNHP sister's forever!). Michela ("Jerkypoopers!"), Pare/Rb (of "As the Pan Thwaps"), Miki, Rhi, Reese/Cara, Reikaru, Pandora, Reese, Zoe, Aniferet, Rachias, Morwen, WitchyLady, Jeff, Stephanie B., David, Kate Dixon, Hannah Galadriel Potter, Jackaloob A. Crackbot, Draca, Slime the Sly, evil kitten, Lindsay, Kate (fandom.com!), Jahar9, Chris, Jenna (Altoids rule!), and much more.
< >Also, a very gracious thank you to all those who traverse the message boards, both the chatters and the RPG-ers. You guys are truly all awesome, creative, beautiful people and it's always a pleasure to talk with you.

< >John Pearce: thank you for keeping me up to date with articles about (and concerning) Harry and Ms. Rowling in England! You've been a HUGE help to me in the past few years! . . . Big kudos to Roger and Laurie Stewart, especially Laurie! Thank you very much for your information! Love you both very much! Good luck to both of you and your family! . . . Thanks to several math tutors: Jon ("Did you spelunk over the weekend?"), Jose ("Hosie!"), & Franko ("Didnít remember the day, eh, Franko?") just because theyíre nice guys! . . . Lincoln Gasking for wonderful ideas and work . . . and Warner Brothers for complimenting my site very much and asking me to be a part of HP.com!

< >Extremely special thanks to Roy Rivenburg, Elizabeth Weise, Jennifer Wren, and Brian Rooney for interviewing me during the summer months of 2000. My favorite reporters. :-) Also, kudos to Inland Valley Daily Bulletin reporters David Allen for his wonderful columns, and Diana Sholley for a wonderful interview!

< >To all of my teachers, thank you for inspiring me with your charism, imagination, talents, and intelligence: Mrs. Carmichael, Ms. Hawkins, Mrs. Bohannon, Mrs. Sutton, Mrs. Laury, Mrs. Goedel, Mr. Mackenzie, Mrs. Alexander, Mrs. Garrett, Mr. Lee, Ms. Nelson, Mrs. Walker, Mrs. O'Neill, Mrs. Thomas, Ms. Kruse, Mr. Tyree, Mr. Burke, Mr. Keilty, Ms. Heald, Mr. Arigan, Mrs. Bonilla, Ms. Lambert, Ms. Diehl, Mr. Lopez, Mrs. Bonneville, Mrs. August, Mr. Green, Mrs. Elliott, and my three art teachers: Ms. Hansen, Mrs. Ninnemen, and Mr. Dahms (an Aussie!). You are all wonderful teachers! (Despite the fact I might get mad at each and everyone of you sometimes. ::grin::)
< >The teachers of the moment are: Mr. McBride, who is just a cool dude and is the advisor to our "lesbian" book club; Mr. Green, for whom I am now I teacher's aide, the Rennie; Ms. Pratt, who has my French edition of Henri Potier et l'ecole des sociers; Mr. Kelley, the best damn history teacher I've ever had, who lets me yell at him all period; Ms. Bachmann; and Mr. Kline, who makes Visual Basics I interesting. "Back in 'Nam . . ." ::shakes head and looks pointedly at McBride:: Are you satisfied now? I thanked you!



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