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< >This is a place where I place random things - if that wasn't obvious. Mainly, it's junk I pick up around the internet. You guys all know those lovely little banners you see people parading around their sites with reckless abandon. This is me, doing the same thing, without running amok. ::smirks arrogantly:: Yes, I am so posse.


The current world population is: (Reload to update)

I have a few split personalities

My four favourite characters: Draco, Sirius, Remus, & Severus.

Hermione, Ron, Harry, & Albus. All thanks to Astronomy Domine.

[harry + draco]

[lupin + snape]

Cedge's HTML Cheats banner

Rebecca, who wrote the breakdown of Sorcerer's Stone in the book section, lent me these!

Ahaha, Draco and leather is always a good thing.

I support Slytherins, especially Draco Malfoy and Head of the House, Severus Snape.

I do not agree with Ginny and Draco, but it's a cool button.

All thanks to the Patronus site, located in the links area.

Following dolls courtesy of the Remus/Sirius ship site Red Moon Rising:

I Am Most Like

Which HP Kid Are You?

You are the Dragon. In medieval Europe, dragons were considered mostly evil and a generally bad omin. Christianity linked the dragon with Satan because of the dragon's snake-like apperance. However, to the Orient cultures the dragon was a symbol of widom and roalty. It was a benign animal and the fifth creature of the Chinese zodiac. It resided over the east and the sunsrise. It was also said to bring rain and the springtime. The dragon is interesting because it combines all four elements: air, earth, fire, and water. It could fly, had the horns of a ox, breathed fire, and resided over the moon.
What mythical beast best represents you? Take the quiz!

What Type of Villain are You?
Dear Bog, the girl in the picture even looks like me!


You are a very calm and contemplative person. Others are drawn to your peaceful, nurturing nature. ::all of Gypsy's "friends" start laughing::

Find out your color at Stvlive.com!

Which HP Kid Are You?


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