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< >I occasionally visit Harry Potter events around San Bernardino and Los Angeles counties, and I have pictures to prove it! Meet the kids, parents, and other fans who go, too, and show the world that you can be anything (and anyone) you want to be!

< >Also, if you have any pictures of events or parties dedicated to Harry Potter, send 'em in! You can E-mail them to me at Thanks and send your pictures in! (Just remember to tell me the date and location it took place!)


Left to right: "Hermione & Harry"
(Andrea & Matthrew)

Arin, talking - the coolest Barnes & Noble employee ever! :-)

Arin - again, so cool, that we had to put her up again!

Brady. I chased him down to get a picture and I think I scared him. ::grins::

Left to right - Bryn & Evyn, two very cool kids! Nice glasses, Evyn!

Example of a great little card game going on.

Left to right: James, John, & Christopher, pausing their game.

Christopher, looking quite spiffy in his robes!

Donovan cuddling Hedwig, who his mother said was half off! ;-)

Blonde chicks, left to right: scared Attie & attentive Gypsy.

Blonde Chicks the Sequel: l to r, Attie & me (in the chair).

Adorable "Hunter the Wizard"!

James and John not paying attention to their game.

Ethan and Pamela.
(Pamela scared Attie & me when she yelled,
"I am not a giantess, I'm just big-booooned!" but then we giggled. :-)

Arin and Casey getting ready for the party.

See the Snitches in the air? Cool, no?!

Party starts! YAY! We made necklaces, played games, the works!



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