< >This is the sixth page of pictures of my friends - and me. Hey, they're good pictures of me. ::smiles a bit happily:: These three are from September or October 2001. I wouldn't be surprised if they were actually taken right before September 11th (do NOT say "9/11" or I will kill you).

Photos courtesy of Amanda Madrid.


"It's Okay, Dearie"

Left to right: Me and Mindy Kirk, artist seen in the fan art section!
I was consoling her about something, probably her very bushy/curly hair.

"Lunchtime is Sooo Fun"

Left to right: Me, Clay, Mindy. Look, I'm wearing a Harry Potter-like shirt!

"What is That?!"

I'm not sure what Lauren's holding up -- food? -- but I know Aileen doesn't like it, whatever it is. Look, Aileen's wearing a blue scrunchie!


Yes, I was being a pillow for Paul that morning. ::grumbles:: Lunch at 10:53 in the morning, good lord . . .

"I Guess Homework Can Wait!"

Ack, I'm not sure I like being a pillow to two people! (L to R: Ashley, Paul, me.)

"Look at the Clayton!"

Left to right: Clay and myself. I think the person on the fountain nearly fell on me right after this picture was taken.

"Aww, They're Sooo Cute"

Clay and Mindy take a nap during lunch.

"Attack of the Hair!"

I think that's me attacking the short-haired girl named Attie who was probably screaming, "Rape!" or "I am not a lesbian!" ::coughs loudly:: The psychology of my friends.

"Ahh, They're Too Close!"

Left to right: Amanda, Mindy, Ashley, Josh, and Attie

"Urgh, You're Taking My Picture?"

Clockwise from top left: Clay (in black), me (with the long blond hair), Mindy (with the hair), and Attie (with a sour face, because she's like that).

"I'm Eating Beans & He's Smiling! What's the Deal?"

Left to right: Ashely, No-Idea-Who-She-Is, Clay, Gypsy Silverleaf (moi), and Mindy.



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