< >I guess you're all just so excited to be looking at pictures of all my friends - especially since you're on page three. Or you're just incredibly bored. Either way, here's a cookie! ::hands out everyone's favorite cookie to them::

< >These pictures are from 2002, with the exception of my cat and the Harry Potter thing (taken on New Year's Eve 2001). Purr is my babyboy and deserves his face on the web.

Photos courtesy of Gypsy Silverleaf.


"What Happened?"

Itz ma Puuuuurrrr-boy! (a.k.a., "Drool Bucket," because he drools when you pet him).

"Catch the Snitch"

This thing was so awesome until Purr knocked it off the speaker and broke his hand. ::growls::

"What Are You Doing?"

This is Luna, my silver tabby. My dirty little moon kitty!! ::giggles and meows:: (2002)


This is Chakotay, our watch- and food-dog.

"Patriotic Delight? Perhaps..."

This is my favorite food in the world, with sugar and fat free milk, o' course.



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