I invoke the all powerful -- Washington 'Apple Guy'!

< >These pictures are also from March-April 2002. Ah, my beautiful, cute, adoring, worshipping of their blonde-goddess friends. (Remember, guys, sacrifices to me are optional but appreciated!) ::thinks of them happily::

Photos courtesy of Shayna Ingram.


"Are You Going to Take My Picture or What?"

Robby, getting his picture taken in art.

"I am an elf!"

Mindy, talking to Rousselle (off-camera) about something. She had orginally been hiding from the camera, but I just got her.

"Strike a Pose"

Vidar, our friendly Norwegian exchange student.

"Who Loves Ya Baby?" (kidding)

I'm seriously kidding about the title! It just looks like Vidar's saying that.
Thanks, btw, to Lucila who took this picture - I was laughing too hard to take it.

"Friends Forever"

Left to right: Kristina and Lucila. That's Patrick in the background.



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