< >I think I have calmed down since the first picture page went up. ::takes a deep breath, then breaks into sobs:: Everyone makes fun on me!!!! ::someone mutters, "You need a pyschiatrist, Gypsy":: Oh, really? ::brightens and smiles:: Do you think a haircut will help my self-esteem?

< >Ahem, this is March 2002 and Lucila (the cool Argentinian girl in my French class who lives down the street I play a sport with every Friday night, etc....) decided to bring her digital camera to school. I'm hanging out with a cool crowd in my sophomore year of high school and these are those beautiful people - except for Marty. And Rick the bus driver needs to stop watching our every move. We DID not put our hands out of the window or call you bad names, Rick!

Photos courtesy of Lucila Reccia.


"Lunchtime at the Library"

Amna, staring at my Girl Scout Cookies across the table.

"Chemistry help, now!"

Eunji, talking to me about electron dot formulas.

"Teach Me Korean"

Left to right: What's-His-Face (Marty); Eunji, teaching him some Korean.

"Yum! Cookies!"

Left to right: Naila, Shayma (holding cookies).

"Congregating Outside the Prison Wall"

Left to right: Shayma (in white), Naila, Amna, Gypsy.

"Wheels on the Bus Go 'Round & 'Round . . ."

Left to right: Lucila, Eunji.
Getting ready to leave for home. That's Rick the bus driver in the mirror, scoping us out.



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