< >Yes sirree bob, that's right! These are pictures!! ::cough:: Like you couldn't tell. Stop looking at me in such a condescending way! I am NOT crazy! ::hears snickering around the world:: Oh, bite me with teeth! I am now ignoring ALL of you!

< >Anyway, having disregarded all of you mean people, welcome to the first picture page! These were taken in December 2000 during my Goth stage, which lasted about six months. ::sighs happily:: It's too depressing to be Goth, I realized, and now I wear lime green and purple. :-)

Photos courtesy of Janine & Joyce.


"Groovin' Time!"

Left to right: (top) Richard and Amanda; (2nd row) Gypsy, Chris, Janine.

"Monkeys? Where?"

Left to right: Amanda, Chris, Janine.

"Human Pillows"

Left to right: Chris, Janine.


Left to right: Mindy, Ray (::hangs herself:: evil person!), Attie.
(Ontario Mills AMC movie theaters)



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