< >Yes sirree, that's right! Get your Gypsy pictures here now! Not 10 cents, not 5 cents, but for FREE! Yar, because almost anything you "see" online is free. Har-dee-har-har. ::snickers insanely, cackling:: Oops, um, sorry. I just find these pictures of my friends and myself (though, luckily, I'm not in most of them) to be utterly hilarios.

< >Just to note, these are from the few parties at my house that we have now called "Staircase Parties" (because most of us hang out on my staircase), along with a couple of "outing" shots. We were at this big movie complex and acting a tad . . . weird. Yes, that's all I have to say. Weird. Anyway, enjoy, laugh, hurl, whatever. Please don't sue us for insanity. :-)

< >Also, to note to my school, Girl Scouts, and B&N friends: yes, that is your face on the Internet and no, I will not take it off. That is, unless your mom or dad calls and goes, "What the heck is my son/daughter's picture doing on the internet?!" That is the only exception for me taking the picture off, because that would resolve in a grounding from my parents if I didn't. ;-) ::giggles insanely, hidden safely in her wicker basket, which she hides often in::

Photos courtesy of Janine, Shayna, Lucila, and Joyce.


Photo Gallery 1
< >Pictures from late 2000 of Gypsy with friends Janine, Amanda, Mindy, and Chris.

Photo Gallery 2
< >Pictures from March 2002. Lucila, Eunji, Naila, Shayma (not Shayna to all you math dorks and Mrs. August), the bus driver, and others.

Photo Gallery 3
< >Pictures from April 2002. Vidar strikes a pose, Robbie looks scared, and Lucila holds up a paper.

Photo Gallery 4
< >Pictures from April 2002 and New Year's Eve 2001. Mainly my animals and a figurine of Harry Potter I have. ::smirk::

Photo Gallery 5
< >Pictures from the aftermath of Joshua Kelley's surgery. It's quite ugly and funny, and the page is in homage to him because he helped design the website.

Photo Gallery 6
< >Pictures from right before September 11th, beginnings of school for tenth grade.

Photo Gallery: Birthday Event
< >Pictures from a July 31, 2001 birthday party for Harry Potter at my local Barnes and Noble. Very cute kids in here!



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