< >::sniff:: I got an award! Well, a few, actually! ::sniff:: I never thought it would happen, but it just suddenly did . . . it's so amazing and I am so greatful to everyone who has given me an award to this date!

< >I'm not trying to boast in this area, though I guess that's really not true. I'm proud of myself for this site, even though I constantly rag myself about it inside and outside the web.

< >Anyway, I'm not sure why you're here - it's a rather boring and tedious, unless you want to find some cool sites to visit. Hehe, I'd better just stop boring with you with just the entry way into these pages. Hope you enjoy the purdy images I have (but please be patient, as they take a while to load).


Image Awards
< >All the image awards sent to me!

Text Awards
< >It's not all just about images, people send me written awards, too!

Win the Realm of Wizardry Award
< >Do you want to submit your site or any work to get a *purdy* award? ::looks like a car salesman:: You can!



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