The flamin' questions of fans!

1. What is your name and how old are you?
< >My name on-line is Gypsy Silverleaf and I am a sixteen year old girl from California, in the United States of America, and I've been running this site since mid-1999 as one of the first Harry Potter websites. You can learn more about myself and my antics here. If you want to send a letter to J. K. Rowling or the movie characters, there are several options ways to do so.

2. Do you have Daniel Radcliffe's (or JKR, Emma Watson, Alan Rickman, etc.) E-mail and can you please send it to me?
< >Sorry, but no, I do not have anyone's E-mail. You can write to Ms. Rowling and all the stars of the Harry Potter movie to their name care of the following address or click here:

< Name Here >
c/o 'Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets' Productions
Leavesden Studios
P.O. Box 3000
Leavesden, Herfordshire, England

3. Why don't you reply to some of your E-mail that we send you?
< >I read everything I am sent; however, sometimes, I don't have time to reply and the E-mail gets backed up in a pile of read messages. By the time I can clear my way back to the old E-mails, it's been over a month and I feel so very guilty that I end up totally not replying to the E-mail. Rest assured, though, your E-mail was read and appreciated - it's just a time issue for replying.
< >I should note, that spam (many of the same letters), forwards, and blank E-mails are not answered. I try my best, though, to answer everyone else's, so take it now as my personal - ::tears fall down cheeks harder:: - apology if I have not answered a letter from you. I've read it, valued it, giggled at it if you made a joke, noted information given, etc.. I just didn't have time to reply. :-( But I will attempt to reply to everyone's E-mails no matter what.

4. Where did you get all your images, music, animations, texts, and backgrounds?
< >Check out the disclaimer. I go to some really nice graphic sites and get the things I like. Of course, I must credit them, and you can go check them out, yourself!
< >Art in the characters section is copyright 2001-2002 HPRealm and Meggie Kerin.

5. Where do you get all your information?
< >You can also check out the disclaimer for that. I get information from newspapers, magazines, television, reporters I know, Scholastic, Bloomsbury, Warner Brothers, etc., and I usually never take another webmaster/mistress's information without credit. :-)

6. How did you get the name "Gypsy Silverleaf"?
< >Gypsy is actually my cousin's name. I stole it in 1999 when I could think of nothing else and didn't want to be known as GirlieHawke (my Animorph-related screenname) anymore. I orginally took on her whole name, Gypsy Raven, because our last name means raven in Old Teutonic, but I shortened it to simply Gypsy in 2001 'cause our family got confused. ::grins at them::
< >When I renovated the site for the third time (the scheme you see now), I added "Silverleaf" to my name because I liked the flow of the name. It does not actually come from Legolas Greenleaf, of Lord of the Rings fame. Though I like the idea - ::smirks and pets Legolas fondly:: - the name comes from a street by my high school and made me think, oddly, of the colours red, gold, green, brown, and yellow. Autumn colours in the silver. ::coughs loudly:: Yes, I am weird. Many a psychologist can profess to that.

7. Why and when did you make this site?
< >Well, I was bored with my other sites and annoyed I couldn't find any Harry Potter fan sites. (I had to find some of the links through InsideTheWeb, an old message board service.) And I love Harry Potter and J. K. Rowling's writing capability, so I just decided to make one . . . and it's spawned, which scares me very much, I assure you!
< >As for the date I made this site, it was on either July 15 or July 16, 1999 - I can never remember, since it was either very early or very late! I am a chronic night owl with not too good of a memory for late-night antics. ::giggle-snorts at herself and quickly sobers after gathering stares::

8. Have you ever met J. K. Rowling?
< >Noooo! ::cries:: Unfortunately, no, I have not met or even seen my favorite author in person. ::sighs in depression:: I was going to go down to a Thousand Oaks, Californian Barnes and Noble in October of 1999, but I missed it because my mom had a meeting and couldn't take me. ::cries:: Maybe I'll never meet her. ::grabs the reader in a hug and blubbers all over their shoulder:: Eww, you might want to put that in the washing machine . . .

9. How can we contact you?
< >By clicking right here, you can find my E-mail address, my AOL Instant Messenger screenname, and my P.O. Box address!

10. What's your favorite Harry Potter book and who is your favorite character?
< >I tend to like Chamber of Secrets and Goblet of Fire best. I love those books so much . . . but what can I say? I love all the books in their special ways (although Prisoner of Azkaban annoys me, since it contains a terrible portrayal of Severus Snape). All are wonderful!
< >As for my favorite characters, this is the glandanderous order: Draco Malfoy, Severus Snape, Remus Lupin, Harry Potter, Sirius Black, and Hermione Granger. My favourite Weasleys are Ron and George.
< >But . . . I'm in love with everyone. Although I personally think Draco is especially hot - ::grins evilly, hehe:: - Harry, Ron, Hermione, Neville, Snape, McGonagall, Dumbledore, Barty Crouch, Moody, Percy, Fred, George (everyone!) are my favorites. I adore all the characters, even the bad ones, because they're all so intriguing!

11. What is fan fiction?
< >Fan fiction is a term I believe started with fans of Star Trek. These "trekkies" began to write their own stories about the characters in the series and thus the name "fan fiction" was born. Harry Potter fanfics have been around since mid-1999. Authors create their own stories about what they think the characters are really like, what situations might be interesting to put them in, etc.. My favourite places to read fanfics are in my own Fan Works section and Fiction Alley.

12. What are ships?
< >"Ships" are short for "relationships." This is commonly a fanfic term, but if you support a particular pairing of characters between Harry Potter characters

13. What are these ads for, All Posters, etc., doing on your website? Do you make money and if so, what do you use it for?
< >Several of you have accused me of "selling out" and all this other junk. I can tell you that it's downright hurtful, but I understand your own pain. I don't like that I have to put ads up, but there is a reason I must. I cannot afford to run the site on my own accord - and my parent's. It's just way too much money for my family to shell out every month and I don't want to go back to a freepage website with ads and slow loading times. I would hate it severely.
< >The fact is, to keep my website that you see around you going, I need to put up the ads. I get about twenty dollars (somewhere between twenty-five and thirty pounds) every two to three months. It's very meager. People have to click on the ads and buy something almost immediately for me to get any money, and not many do it in the first place. Despite this, I will keep the ads up for the sake of the site, so I hope you understand, and I don't have to go crazy. ::smiles weakly::
< >If you would like to help, you are certainly welcome to and I would be very appreciative! You can also help by simply buying products through the Harry Potter store.

Gypsy Silverleaf
PO Box 861
Alta Loma, CA 91701-0861
United States of America


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