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< >All work here is 1999-2001 by Gypsy. Please do not use any work here, as all is from the creative cranium. E-mail me if you plan to use (or link to) any work.
< >The Harry Potter books are by Ms. Joanne Kathleen Rowling, Bloomsbury, Scholastic, Little Literacy Agency, Arthur A. Levine, & Warner Brothers. All rights reserved.

News Archives - September 2000

Please note times are based on Pacific Standard Time.

September 30, 1999- ::counts on fingers:: Added more links (couple here and there), got rid of things from Today and moved them elsewhere, or deleted them. Which, by the way, reminds me . . . I've gotten rid of the club. Sorry! I didn't want to deal with it. ::cries:: I'm sorry, I just have NO time for it, especially if everyone wants everything else done! Sorry, again!
< >Anyway, I will be updating rumors, Hogwarts Symphony, read too much, Diagon Alley, Knockturn Alley, and Today . . . Hmm, I did update the front page the other day and today, I will be again soon. This was your tri-daily wake up call!!!! ::quotes:: "Wake uppp! Wake uppppppppppp!" :-)
< >Also, I have a prettier Webring thing on Today. :-) And, I changed the MIDI on the front page. ::sigh:: I also did a few things to characters, so people wouldn't complain. :-) ::smiles warmly at the person who bugged her::

September 27, 1999- Um, didn't get the rumors up, or the read too muches . . . :-) BUT! BUT! But, I DID get the LINKS page up! Go me! Go me! Go me! ::starts stomping around the room for a while, holding a sign that says, of course, "GO ME!" and chants the words::

September 24, 1999- Kay, did some stuff tonight . . . um, worked on the messed up message boards, deleted the stupid messages. I'm going to be changing a lot. Added a few polls the other day, fan art went up today, rumors was MAJORLY updated so check that out . . . um, anyone know how to put passwords on mbs? ::sigh:: There was a CNN thing on Harry Potter today, little kids were yelling about how they don't want a movie. :-) I'm going to get the joining things out reeeeeeally soon. I'm seperating all the stuff into different folders. Tedious, tedious work. ::cough:: Changed the midi on the front page . . . ::sigh:: I will get the "Read Too Muches" up tomorrow. Don't have time tonight at 10:30, um, that's about it. :-)

September 19, 1999- Yello, everybody! ::plugs her ears:: That's loud music if you listen to the whole thing. I'll change it on Friday. :-) Well, the main update of the day is the Hogwarts Symphony that Quidditch_Seeker (from The Quidditch Field) and I created together. You have to read the pages to find out what I'm talking about. Click here to read my page and here to see his! They are always changing and doing stuff, so reload, and send in your own!

September 18, 1999- ::glares at her computer:: I had a long thing written for this and you KICKED ME OFF! Anyway, Riley, if you're seeing this, I CANNOT SEND YOU E-MAIL. Something is wrong with your E-mail, I think. If any of you know another way to reach him, PLEASE tell him that I can't and I'm real sorry about it.
< >After that saddening business, I have updates! Rumors, rumors, rumors! New rumors, pretty new background, better looking format, but if I forgot yours (I have the sneaking suspicion I accidentally deleted one) tell me (including the rumor I forgot) and it will go up immediately!
< >Anyway, I updated the Hogwarts, Characters, Awards, and Disclaimer sections. I am going to be updating the History, J. K. Rowling (I'm amazed some of you read that ramble I wrote!), Quotes, Fan Works, Links, History, Message Board, and FAQ sections soon. Never fear, Gypsy is here! Well, that's a duh. :-)
< >Eck. I saw what this site looks in Portugeuse. Terrible. All the links all over the place . . . ::shudders:: Anyway - hey! You birds stop chirping! It's been foggy since before 6:30 when I got up and it's four now! Birds don't come out in the fog except for seagulls! And you're Mudjays! ARGH! ::mumbles about mb wars and wannabe crazies:: You have to EARN the title, Red! ::grumbles along with Lee::
< >Anyway, the MIDI paying is by Silverchair. I've never heard the lyrics, so, this is obviously all I've heard. I WAS going to put Hanson or "Thank You" up, but, I let you all by without "scarred" lives. :-) Also, question for the HTML |{ings and Queens, how in the world do I get random MIDIs to play????

September 16, 1999- Oy, like the new background???? Well, you'd better!!! ::cough:: I've added (throughout the week) new rumors, some things on "Read Too Much . . .," and I will be doing some more updating Friday, Saturday, and Sunday USA wise, of course. Hehe.
< >Anyway, I should be doing my homework and studying for a geography quiz, but obviously, I'm doing neither. I'm being nice to you!!! :-) ::cough:: Anyways, again, I hope all you East Coasters are okay. Floyd . . . ::shudders:: I was watching TRL earlier. Yuck. Well, I don't have anything to worry about except this dang heat!!! ::sweats::

September 11, 1999- Haha!!! I did updates! Obviously! Author, books, reviews, awards, fanworks (later as of 3:30 PM PST), and more! And the front page, of course. Hehe. Alanis. At least it's not "Thank You," but it could be next week, when I change it! HAHA!!!
< >Well, ahem, anyway, Riley, I STILL can't E-mail you back anything!!! I get mailer daemons and stuff like that. :-( I did get another award today, just don't have the image, 'cause it wouldn't come up. :-)
< >Um, I added questions to the Slambook, some altering, you might say. Rumors was updated (if yours isn't up there, yell - er, Email me). I started my links project (AGAIN!); I've been sorting them alphabetically in my bookmark stash. :-) History will be updated, nit - picks and wantings will be moved and updated soon, and drumroll, please!
< >Thank you to Lee AKA Sky Sorceress for being person 3000th, a while ago, after she uploaded a few times. :-) Anywayz, as of 3:44 PM (and since July 16), I have received 1059 Emails. Ack! My account is 2MB out of 4MB, which is bad. :-) Well, bye bye, for now! Oh, and if you're wondering where I am usually now . . . SCHOOL!!!

September 8, 1999- School started today. ::grumbles:: That means fewer updates, but more chance for me to write things for this site (character editorials, reviews, etc.), so that's good. I am really, really sorry to all of those people whose things I have not posted yet. Especially to Riley and Gry. I'm really sorry, guys.
< >I am going to go through all my E-mail (which is nearing 1000) and find everything ever sent to me. Send in anything you want before Friday and I'll do a big update with everything on Saturday. If you don't see your stuff then, E-mail me with it again, and I'll post it ASAP.
< >And I swear people, I want some reviews for my fanfic!!! Sorry to be so pushy, but it's lonely with no review. :-( It's under books, then Harry Potter. Duh. is really cool, since you can post your own, and I'm the only one there, so . . . ::whimpers for a few minutes, then recovers:: I GOT PRISONER OF AZKABAN TODAY!!! I would just like to note about why the heck my old language arts teacher got it a WEEK ago with the AMERICAN cover . . . I swear it. I saw her today and stared when I saw it. Jeez. Well, anyway, I finished reading some books yesterday which you'll enjoy: The Golden Compass and The Subtle Knife by Phillip Pullman. Excellent, excellent books. They have witches, daemons (pronounced like demons), and a lot more. Read it! :-)

September 5, 1999- Okay, so I haven't written any news for a few days - SUE ME!! Um, no, actually, please don't . . . anyway, that lovely red and blinking link on the main page goes to my long fanfic which you can also read here at where it's only in four parts.
< >Now, where have I been? Well, obviously, I wasn't dead, that fanfic took up a lot of time, school is coming up - ::freaks out for a moment:: - and, I was link hunting!!! ::cough:: Ahem, yes, I was. Found some that even Jenna doesn't have! MUWAHAHAHAHA!!! ::cough:: Ahem, again, and anyway, again . . .
< >Notes to some people (this may apply to YOU): Riley, like you said, you aren't receiving Email, at least, from me. Since I keep getting Mailer Daemons. Also, if you sent in a joining form in the last few days or have not gotten your secret message board URL (not including Hufflepuffs) please send in your name and house choice, but not through the joining form, so I can get your exact Email. :-)
< >Well, that's about it. I'm going to be doing some stuff probably to history, links, and fan works, nit - picks, and wantings will all be moved to the reviews area. One more thing . . .

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