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September 2002

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September 27, 2002 11:49 PM
< >Well, I'm back up and running today. I think I survived bandwith, but we'll see when the charges come. Anyway, welcome back! I've missed you guys, but my life hasn't been without incident: I'm living not ten miles from a burning wildfire and my neighbourhood has been rained upon with ash & smoke all the livelong week. I'm having fun.
< >Anyway, I wasn't able to do much this week due to school, but I managed to get my own fan fiction up that I've been working on, called "The Spirit Room." You can check it out here and please review at Schnoogle of FanFiction.net. :-) The morrow will bring more updates.

September 21, 2002 5:18 PM
< >Happy Birthday to my mum, who is 55 years old today (en francais, cinquante-cinq ans). And another happy day to the rest of us! Thanks to my buddy Tim (a.k.a., Lupin's Favourite Flea), I have a link to today's Gulf Daily News article, about an HP Christmas Present. Enjoy that and please check out the 19th's update. Happy Birthday to Tom Felton early, who turns 15 on the 23rd.

September 19, 2002 2:35 PM
< >Happy Birthday, Hermione Granger! (and Saskia) And perhaps a Happy September the 19th to the rest of you! Why? Well, J. K. Rowling had an interview with Newsround, the kid division of the BBC, where she said some very interesting things!

  • 1. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is coming sooner than we think (yes!).
  • 2. Order of the Phoenix is going to be just as long as Goblet of Fire (she didn't expect this).
  • 3. She won the court case against Nancy K. Stouffer (another yay!).
  • 4. There will be a FEMALE Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher.
  • 5. Mundugus Fletcher will be seen more often (he slept under a newspaper in Goblet).
  • 6. I'm just happy as a clam.
  • 7. Oh, and by the way, J. K. Rowling is three months pregnant. < Article >

    September 16, 2002 11:32 PM
    < >::looks very scared:: OKAY! Stop attempting to gouge out my eyes, people! Due to complaints about InstantChat disappearing from use, I've placed a link to it via the new message boards. Just please don't hurt me anymore! ::cowers::
    < >I've also been yelled at for only posting fan art lately. Ack! I know; I'll be posting more of Hannah Davenport's story soon and I actually have something interesting of my own work to post, which will be a definite show of the darker tone I'm trying to introduce onto the site. But, as school has started, what would be VERY helpful is a PHYSICS professor, or college student, to help me! ::cries::
    < >Thanks, by the way, very much to Merlin and Professor McGonagall, who have been supplying me with many a script to improve some kinks in the site. I lurve you!

    September 15, 2002 2:34 PM
    < >At the moment, between homework and studying for a big test in history tomorrow, I'm putting up more art on page 14, and adding two more pages. Worship these fine people: Sunna, Maggie, Tinaling, Lenka, Sunny, and Sae. ::looks around:: Where are the guy artists??
    < >I also, after conferences with at least ten people on the message boards, I've completely moved the message boards to a nice place that everyone seems to like. Enjoy!

    September 12, 2002 9:35 PM
    < >I was listening absently to the radio earlier this evening when I heard the John William's Harry Potter movie music and they announced that sometime during the debut of Family Affair on my local WB channel (KTLA 5 Los Angeles, for those who care), a "sneak peak" into the second movie would be shown. I did a bit of homework before the show came on and found that this was, in fact, the second movie trailer. Yayness? Well . . .
    < >I was forced to sit through an excruciating hour of this show Family Affair which was so cheesy and dumbed-down to "American standards" (sorry, was that insulting, dear country of mine?) I could have - well, let's not get into that. Anyway, I finally got to see the trailer at 8:52 and my opinion is such: all right.
    < >A lot of you have already E-mailed me about the Nit-picks page and how the trailer did show the Whomping Willow. ::watches the tape:: Yes, for about four seconds and it looks more like battering rams were attached to a trunk. Definitely not my idear (::cough::) of the Willow. However, if I am forced to relent on the topic for fear of screaming adolescents, in the words of Mr. Ollivander, in Goblet of Fire: "To each his own."
    < >As for when it will appear on the web, I have no idea. I'll be updating the picture galleries this weeking, as Warner Brothers has released some more pictures (y'all like the Radcliffe one? Sean, Emma, and more coming), along with fan art.

    September 11, 2002 12:20 AM
    < >Well, there's very little I can say and a lot I would like to say on a day like this. Today is the first-year anniversary of September 11th and I still feel as if the terrorists attacks happened yesterday. We are discussing the events of September 11th, 2001 and the year that has passed since in the Harry Potter message board and you are more than welcome to join the debates and remembrances. I also encourage you to look over the letters and poems I received in the week after from you guys. They're especially moving and good to reflect upon.
    < >All I ask is that every American who visits this site to from now on always use the phrases "September 11th," "September the 11th," or the "events of September 11th." I cannot stand the 9/11 and 9-1-1 crap because they trivialize the terrorists attacks and makes them seem less than what they were. To say "9/11" is cute and belittles the death of all those people. Let me put this into perspective for those who don't understand: it is only Americans who use this little idiotic phrase. Europeans, including Prime Minister Tony Blair just yesterday morning, say September 11th, and not just for the fact they would say "11/9" if anything else. They say it out of respect for the day and it is disingenuous of the American people NOT to say correctly it as well. We cannot detach ourselves from such a terrible thing and we must not try to forget the events for it we do, they are destined to be repeated.
    < >Please pay respects to those who died on that fateful day and those who have since, whether you are American or not. No one ever deserves death over conflicting opinions and religious viewpoints. We are all human, so let us stand together as a people, united and free.

    September 6, 2002 10:26 PM
    < >Josh Kelley, my helper of the last site design, alerted me that Sluggy.com, a webcomic, is doing a series on Harry Potter. Here's Monday's one and just click on the calender for more. It's very funny, but they eat an owl and give a parodied-Ron alcohol. Watch out for that.
    < >Robbie Coltrane's shoes are being auctioned off on the 8th November, and I'll periodically post this information. Check it out here for more details.
    < >Added some more fan art to the section and I added a mature thing to the games section, called the Harry Potter Ship List. Warning: not for kids! It's just a list, but every pairing I've ever read/heard of/had the "luck" to come across is in there. Also have put up a Daniel Radcliffe picture gallery, with about a hundred images all together. Biggest gallery of him? Mayhaps.

    September 3, 2002 11:11 PM
    < >The Leaky Cauldron is reporting that the release date of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix will be announced next week by Bloomsbury. I'll keep you all posted, but this sort of rumour has been around before. ::shrugs::
    < >Posted FIVE new pages of Fan Art in the update of the site, so enjoy that. I also rearranged some things, so there's new art on older pages! I also just put up a random banner page for myself. ;-)
    < >I just started school today. I'm a junior! My four male teachers are all hilariously funny and insane people, but I'm unsure of the two women. For those who care to know, I'm taking (in order): Honours English III, Physics, French III, AP U.S. History, Pre-Calculus, and Visual Basics I/Javascript. Funness, no?

    September 1, 2002 12:00 AM
    < >Ah, can you say new and definitely improved design for the Realm of Wizardry? Yeah, sure you can, go on ahead and say it. ::smirks:: By the way, my name is now Gypsy Silverleaf. Used to be Gypsy Raven, cut to Gypsy, and now that. Yay . . . ? Anyway, welcome back everyone!
    < >In August, this site went through a major overhaul in structure, linkage, and definitely content. I am have thus matured the website up to my standards, which means while still mostly kid-friendly, there is and will be a lot of discussion on darker topics. This means commentary and bluntness on various character relationships, treatment & abuse, things going on in the fandom, and simply a deeper-cut sarcasm from yours truly.
    < >Please leave if you don't want to read that. This site has changed and is not completely kid-friendly anymore, I'm only somewhat sorry to say. I'm growing intellectually and I want the site to grow with me on that aspect, which means darker and more candid content. It had to be done, if only to keep my sanity.


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