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September 2001

Our Boring Files:
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September 13, 2001- 9:44 PM. Tomorrow is a national (perhaps international) day of mourning for Tuesday's events. I have opened a page where I'm posting your E-mails about the attacks. You're welcome to send in poems, reflections, fears, etc. that I will place up over the weekend. I encourage everyone, no matter where you live to write in, but I will NOT tolerate any hateful letters from anyone. Having friends from the Middle East who I love & trust, letters of those kind will not be accepted. Sound bytes will also be accepted (I will be recording whatever my school does tomorrow and uploading it.)
< >I ask that all people who buy Harry Potter products on-line to buy through the links and images provided on this site - from this day forward, I will donate proceeds to the Red Cross of New York. Go to the Merchandise page and support the salvage efforts. Thanks for your time & send E-mail to HPRealm@writeme.com. I will have a permanent E-mail that actually works soon.
This country will not relent. - George W. Bush
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September 11, 2001- 4:27 PM. As many of you know, or will discover right now, the United States of America experienced a great tradgedy this morning. Between 9:30 & 10:00 AM Eastern Time, the World Trade Center towers in New York City each had passenger planes crashed into them. A short while later, another passenger plane crashed into the Pentagon, located in Washington D.C., while another plane crash-landed outside of Pittsburg, Pennsilvania. These planes were hijacked by terrorists. Since this morning's crashes, both towers have crumbled (& Building 7) with a small part of the Pentagon.
< >The loss of life is enormously large, with the small number of people injured. 150,000 people walked through the World Trade Center every day. Of course, not that many people were there when the towers came down, but there were many. Basing myself on a news story, I would personally estimate over 8,000 at the barest minimum. Over 150 died in the planes. I am only almost sixteen years old & have never experienced such a slap in the face. Reality struck hard this morning and since this is a kid-oriented site, I know it is the worst thing most of you have ever seen. For those of you who can, I encourage you to give blood for the victims. U.S. citizens above 17 call 1-800-GIVE-LIFE for more detailsOn behalf of America, thank you to every country who support her in her time of grief. Today, I ask that everyone reading this give thanks that you are alive and take a moment of silence for those who aren't. You can write me temporarily at HPRealm@writeme.com.

September 9, 2001- 10:10 AM! At 1:36 this morning, I majorly updated merchandise. Merchandise, just so you know, if bought through my website (meaning you click on a link I provide), a small percentage of profit comes to me. I use this money only to keep the site running, because I'm a poor child and can't get a job. The money goes to paying Earthlink for the space, the domain name, and programs to enhance the site. So, basically, if you want to buy anything, I beg you to click on one of my ads. It'll help the site and you'll know that a bit of your money is helping HPRealm survive!
Oh-ho-ho, Ahh-tie is French!

September 7, 2001- 6:46 PM! Sorry I've been away - we saw family over Labor Day, school started, my schedule's been changing more than I ever thought possible, when I could get online my E-mail won't work, and to top it all off: my family has been without a working phoneline for the past seven days. Oh, I've had fun. Updates soon.
< >In the meantime, I suggest to anyone who has the means to go buy this week's Vanity Fair magazine. It has a bunch of pictures of the Harry Potter set and looks quite awesome! Also, for those of you who still haven't bought school supplies, Target and Sears are still selling stuff (including nifty glue-bottles) and I recently bought a Harry Potter lunch bag at my local Vons (also known as Pavillions, Smith's, or Safeway).
< >As I said, my E-mail isn't working and I'm incredibly mad. Flairmail.com - tell me what is wrong now! ::sobs::
My science teacher has a .com!  How awesome!


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