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September 2000

Our Boring Files:
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September 28, 2000- 1:28 PM! Hey, guys! More movie news! The role for Seamus Finnigan has been cast! The role has been given to an eleven-year-old boy named Devon Murray (who you may have seen in Angela's Ashes and in an upcoming gangsta' movie) has been given the role and the movie production is working around his schedule as he films the "gangsta'" movie. He's very thankful for that. ::grimaces:: I'd be thankful for a picture of him and/or Charlie Pace, man! ;-)
Bonjour Bienyai! (means Hello, Doughnut!; directed at a friend of mine from my French teacher)
Devon Murray
Webmasters: Please credit for info/pictures.

September 25, 2000- 4:12 PM! EmpireOnline is so cool, man! We've got pictures of the movie set ("Privet Drive") - if anyone knows who some of the people are hanging around, E-mail me! Anyway, click here for those pics. :-) Have fun!
< >Also, more casting news! (Webmasters: please credit) Norman Pace, the comedian, recently told a newspaper (unknown) that his son, Charlie, will be playing Neville Longbottom in the upcoming Harry Potter movie. (Please note: Any pics to my mailbox of Charlie would be HIGHLY appreciated).
< >General site news: I finally got the new message boards up! ::giggles excitedly:: I'm so happy! And I have the power to kick people out of them permanently. ::grins evilly:: Anyway, check out the new message boards here - I know it's a relief to the regular message board go-ers. :-)

September 20, 2000- 10:49 PM! Wow, REALLY long time since the last update. The longest ever, really. ::shakes her head:: It's high school, I tell you!!! ::waves at her teachers:: Ms. L, Mrs. B., love you both, but I have waaay too much homework! ::smacks herself:: Well, it was my fault that I chose biology and French for my electives. :-)
< >Anyway, thanks to Lisa, we have the following news (please note that Richard Harris' position of being in the movie or not is still unclear):

< >"Filming for the Harry Potter movie begins this week and a report today suggests that the first scenes are to be shot in London this weekend on the tube.
< >"Although Richard Harris and Alan Rickman are still debating whether to take on the roles of Dumbledore and Snape respectively, all the main child actors are in place allowing certain scenes to go ahead - namely the travel to and from Hogwarts - Harry's school.
< >"It seems unusual that filming should start on the underground when most people associate the overground station King's Cross and its magical 9 platform with the book, but a press officer for London transport confirmed to Empire Online that filming would begin on the tube this weekend."

< >Moving on, I should mention that Julie Walters is up for the role of Madam Hooch. (Webmasters: please credit HarryPotterRealm.com and again, Richard Harris may or may not be involved with the movie - he wants a slice of the profits of Warner Brothers merchandise.
< >And finally, in closing, I'd like to mention that we are still moving - as fast as I possibly can, juggling school, Girl Scouts, life, writing - into HarryPotterRealm.com. Remember to tell everyone that we are and we'll soon be leaving the free server to my own, happily. :-)

September 10, 2000- 3:18 PM. Long time no update, eh? Anyway, high school is very strange. Want to know why? Here's one episode of my new life: I'm walking to English from French (which rocks, by the way) and all of a sudden, a guy jumps in front of me going the other way, waves vigorously, and shouts, "HI!" then walks on. ::shudders:: Very strange and very odd.
< >Casting news! Warwick Davis is set to play Professor Flitwick and the goblin banker at Gringotts which will make him busy "until March 2001!" How do I know this? Friends who know Warwick, so nyuh! ::sticks out tongue:: Webmasters: if you use this info, credit me and/or the credited. Thank you! ::salutes::
< >To note: We're finally moving into HarryPotterRealm.com! Refresh your bookmarks and tell anyone who might not know! :-)
< >In quick closing, I'll get the new message boards up soon, but for the meantime, message boarders click here. Also, is anyone else seeing the text on this page shifted into the border colors? I'm confused at why that's happening to me and if anyone can help me with the HTML, it'd be appreciated!
Amish Paradise!

September 1, 2000- 11:16 PM! Happy Labor Day weekend, everybody! I'm going insane as my school starts in four days - what am I going to do without homeroom where I can just sit and rest for eight minutes of my life?! And more terrors at my high school - I go from French to English, clear across campus from each other. I will bet everyone here I am late for English. ::cries:: Unless some miracle happens.
< >And then there's still the fact I haven't finished my annotation assignment - Lord of the Flies and House on Mango Street - yet. Look at the procrastinator!! ::points at herself and nods vigorously:: I'll do it, but it's making me crazy!! :-)
< >Anyway, enough of my ranting. I've closed the message boards for a week so I can redo them and put them on a different server. It's only for a week and your messages won't disappear anymore! ::celebrates by dancing around her favorite May Pole:: Did some updates in Movies, Reviews, and About Me (among other things). Hope you enjoy - let me survive the first week of high school and I'll be back as your "normal" webmistress in no time. ;-)
They're coming to take me away - haha - to the funny farm, where life is beautiful all the time!


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