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October 1999

Our Boring Files:
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October 31, 1999- 10:32 PM! 16 minutes later than last time! Darn it! Well, I did NOT go trick-or-treating today. ::laughs:: Might have been a good thing, too. ::sniff:: And NO ONE came to my house! Now - between the three people in my family - we have to eat two cauldrons full of candy. Oh, btw, this is funny: We did a Harry Potter pumpkin! It's horrible looking to me, but my parents think it's funny. :-) It has glasses, which my mom carved, this HUGE lightening bolt, and weird holes for hair. ::grins::
< >I did get the guestbook for wantings right after the last update. Er, and at one in the morning this morning (Halloween), I was doing fan works stuff. Don't ask why - I just was.
< >Um, er, message board cleanups went into progress - again. This is a pain in my side. Grr. Put a new poll up, took off the Halloween images (it was funny, wasn't it?), and I added some pretty music to the slambook, since they did "major" updates. ::cough:: Sure. But cool music though - Shania Twain! YAY! Eh, also, I found a pretty little thing from a mailing list that was really stupid which I sent to a bunch of people yesterday night. Click here to read. It's not real, lying, it's very funny, until it goes on about book burning. ::vomitting:: How can ANYONE even THINK of burning books???? Also, I left an, er, colorful message, so watch out... ::grin:: Signing out and love all, Gypsy.

October 28, 1999- 10:16 PM! I'm dressing up as a witch for Halloween Day tomorrow! ::gets a sarcastic voice:: Yes, my junior high school lets us dress up. Uck. But I can't wait to see my friends dressed up. ::checks her watch:: Hmm. This is turning into social hour again, isn't it? Anyhoo, I have a BUNCH of fanfics to get up, rumors are a definite, read too muches, Hogwarts symphony, and ugh, wantings. Hey! How 'bout this people! Don't send in anymore wantings!!!! I'll get another dang guestbook and you can tell me EXACTY what your wantings are without crowding my inbox! Selfish, no, I call it help. I can get the other things up faster. :-) Anyway, send me some fan art! Even BMPs! I found out that Angelfire conpresses them into JPGs! Aren't I happy? Anyway, vote in my lil' poll, I did a little work to quotes, and dat's about it for today. Also, look for a new section coming to a computer screen near you . . . OH! I updated history a while ago!

October 24, 1999- Hello! It's 1:19 in the morning according to my computer clock (don't ask why I'm still up, I want to go to bed)! I majorly updated the front page, which is kind of obvious. :-) The poll, Halloween funny picture, the italics taken off, and LINKS! Links was again redone in a better format, you'll love it! Anyway, because I have to cut this short - did a little bit in rumors, went through and "cleaned" most of the message boards, and PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE vote for me! I don't want to be in the hunger again! Please! PLEASE!!!!! Love all, Gypsy. (Oh, and I got a new award, but I can't see it on this comp. because it's BMP, but I saw it on my other comp. and it's so cool!)

October 18, 1999- ::cough:: I tried updating here on Saturday, but Netscape gave me a stupid fatal error (::gets looks that she refers to fatal errors as stupid::) and then I forgot about it. Anyway, FAN FICS!! Whoo! Got a bunch up! Sorry to Katy and Courtney for the long wait. Grr, myself. :-) Anyway, rumors is going up slowly but promenently! - if you're having some problem, I truly don't know what to tell you. Sorry. Anyway, I'm going through some school stuff, so lack of updating this part of the site (AKA news), so you'll just have to look around. :-)

October 9, 1999- So much for leaving this place alone . . . added links and CHECK OUT FANWORKS!!!! Also, I got something special for you all, FREE E-mail! Click here for details to sign up!!!

October 8, 1999- Well, I have played hookey from school (hey, it's all right, since my school doesn't let off on COLUMBUS Day, though Columbus, of course, wasn't the first the discover America. . .), but I'm not going to be around much for a while. I have to go pick up relatives from Europe in about three hours, and my school life it suffering. I am, though, fiddling around with the rumors and all the submissions pages, got some up last night.
< >Anywhoo, see ya all later, keep sending in your stuff, and you can get FREE E-mail at my new zzn account here!

October 3, 1999- Okay, let me take about three minutes of your time for updates . . .
< >First off, I'll be getting to the rumors, wanting, nitpicks, Hogwarts Symphony and RTMs, SOON. I've pulled myself toward other things, but thanks to the people who keep sending them in. :-)
< >I did happen to get to the quotes page today . . . YES! I did! Can you believe it? No, you probably can't. Anyway, it was one quote, but, you know, it's one probably not a lot of people have heard. It's in the new quote section, for J. K. Rowling. And for those who've gone to Knockturn Alley anytime today, it looked weird, yeah, I know, but I'm working on it! At least it's up!
< >Hehe, my friend Lee AKA Sky Sorceress and I's (that's not a word, but who cares . . .) fanfics are STILL on the top twenty for now. Part 4 of my story keeps coming off and on the 20, but I don't mind. :-)

October 2, 1999- Ha!!!! Guess what! I am number SIX in the top TWENTY fanfics at Fanfiction.net!!!! See it here, though it might have moved by the time you see it... :-) Anyway, I'm really happy about that! ::cough:: Excuse me, I am not number 6 anymore, but 4!!!!!
< >Anyway, again, I just got through a four hour job in HTMLing a fanfic that'll come up later, rumors will be updated today (it's messed up now, but I'll fix it soon), and I added a bunch more links! Check it out!
< >And also, rumors IS out of whack for a REASON. I'm reformatting it, so please don't complain!!! :-)


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