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October 2001

Our Boring Files:
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October 23, 2001- 10:26 PM. Although my father, who works for Coca-Cola, Inc., believes that the "Live the Magic" campaign is over, I just saw the first commercial for the campaign last night. It shows kids reading out of old books and an owl (snowy, I think, or maybe a tawny) swooping around what appears to be the New York Bronx in summer. Has anyone else seen this? It's a little strange, but check out LiveTheMagic if you're interested in this reading campaign. There are more details on the contests for the Coke bottles and boxes too!
< >E-mail Wars, Part II: ::is currently spreading tar on the front steps of Flairmail Headquaters:: Buwahahahaha! . . . ::gets stares:: Um, you guys can E-mail me at gypsy@moonraker.com for now. ::nods encouragingly at everyone, giggles evilly, and dashes off into the darkness to make other plans for dismembering Flairmail:: Hi-ho, silver, ah-WAY!
My hands are small. - Clayton

October 21, 2001- 11:14 AM. ::glares viciously at her E-mail:: Apparently - ::snarls:: - I am not receiving E-mail and I don't know why. I can access my E-mail, send E-mail, even send E-mail from my account to myself, but can't get it from anybody else. I need to go to war. ::rubs her chin thoughtfully:: I shall return if I have news. ::pulls out her wand and jumps into a battle stance:: ATTACK!
Eeep, it's David BOWIE! - Mindy

October 19, 2001- 7:03 PM! Head to your local grocery store or newsstands, folks! TV Guide is coming out with four - count 'em - FOUR Harry Potter covers and several pages of stuff about the movie.
< >Click HERE for pictures of the covers! And here's part of the story now!
< >Until November 16, young readers everywhere have had only their imaginations to rely on to paint the pictures of the magical journeys of Harry Potter, the hero of the monstrously successful books by J.K. Rowling. But beginning with the premiere that day of "Harry Potter and the Sorceror's Stone," director Chris Columbus ("Home Alone") will bring the world of wizardry to the big screen.
< >For we Muggles (i.e., folks who can't do magic) who can't wait, TV Guide takes an early look at the first (but definitely not last...) Potter flick in its October 27 cover story, on newsstands Monday, October 22. TV Guide contributing writer Steve Pond takes readers behind the magic to meet the stars and go behind the scenes.
< >In addition, TV Guide has produced four collector's covers featuring: Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter, Robbie Coltrane as Hagrid, Emma Watson as Hermione Granger and Rupert Grint as Ron Weasley.
< >While the ages of three of the leading actors are 11, 12 and 13, the potential of this movie is hardly child's play, as upon the shoulders of these children sits the weight of a reported $125 million production - and a franchise worth far more than that, given the mountains of merchandise and the fact that Rowling intends to write seven Potter books in all. The Potter franchise already has 110 million books in print around the world and merchandising deals licensed by Warner Bros. to more than 50 companies.
< >"I've tried to say to Dan many times, 'Do you realize that when this movie comes out, you're going to be the most recognizable boy in Great Britain,'" says co-star and veteran Scottish actor Coltrane of Radcliffe, who plays the lead.
< >Ask Radcliffe about this, though, and he just shrugs. "I think it's going to be fun," he says.
< >And despite the maelstrom of popularity sure to envelop him in the coming months, the 12-year-old is actually nonchalant about whether he wants to stay in the business at all. "I might like to be an actor, but there are loads of other things I'm interested in as well, like music and writing and sports. I want to keep my options open."

Sophomore.  A wise idiot.  How very true. - M. Arigan

October 14, 2001- 5:00 PM! Whoo, for those of you who haven't noticed, a lot of stuff has changed (and is still in the works)! I've probably worked twenty hours all together since Friday and still have a lot to do. The Store is completely open and ready for business with a great looking format, the message boards have been changed (a new RPG!), and more to come! ::spins:: I'm so happy. And my E-mail's working! Tell me what you think of the work (I know "Where in the World..." & "Read Too Much" aren't working yet) and say whatever else you have to say!
< >::grabs her dog and starts dancing wildly around:: Shake your groove things! ::turns up the annoying Halloween music really loud:: Whoo!! . . . ::cough:: I have possibly had too much Chinese food today. ::realizes she doesn't care and grins happily::
Shake your respective groove thing! - Mindy

October 12, 2001- 5:03 PM! Hey, everyone! I'm completely reworking a bunch of sections tonight (while trying hard not to fall asleep), so keep your eyes peeled! I finally have a break this weekend from school - just a paragraph for English, French work, and a bit of art. Hey, my first art piece (a tree) even made it on the wall! I was so proud. ::grins happily and spins around in the rolly-chair::
< >I found this awesome, Flash 5 required, game on AOL and it's very amusing. New polls have been added, too, so go vote!
Cinnamon jelly bellys are gross!  Very cherry any time! - Clayton

October 4, 2001- 10:54 PM! Recently release was the new cover for the Harry Potter soundtrack. Smells - ahem, looks - almost reminiscent of the Labyrinth soundtrack cover, if you've ever seen that. (By the way, I really recommend the Labyrinth movie for those who like magic!) Anyway, here it is! Click on it to order from Amazon.com. The CD comes out the day before Halloween. So, I guess you could say the soundtrack debuts the eve of All Hallow's Eve. Spooky.

October 3, 2001- 5:39 AM! Want to see the new commercial that started playing last Thursday? Hey, you'll even catch a glimpse of Hagrid dragging the enormous Christmas tree toward the castle doors! Click here now!


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