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October 2000

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October 31, 2000- 6:38 AM! Happy Halloween and welcome to the new domain guys! HarryPotterRealm.com has officially opened this day, the 31st of October! Tell everyone who doesn't know! ;-)
< >Also, a boy named Sean Biggerstaff is rumored to have been chosen for the character of Oliver Wood in the movie! Also, Chris Rattling of Norfolk will possibly join the cast as "Percy Weasley" (does anyone have a picture of Chris?)! Webmasters: remember, please credit me or Filmforce!
Sean Biggerstaff
Trick or treat, smell my feat, give me something good to eat!  If you don't, I don't care - I'll pull down your underwear!

October 28, 2000- 11:59 PM! (Daylight Savings Time is here in an hour or so, me thinks) I'm so wiped right now. I had a party for about fourteen or fifteen of my friends on Friday (my house is so decorated for Halloween it isn't even funny) and this sums up the whole thing: pizza, Britney Spears, candy, candy throwing, ice throwing, human pillows - ::glances at Chris evilly:: - and human pyramids. Two of the five guys (twelve girls who were all picking on the guys, hehe) were bitten by one or two of the other guys - Chris, you will apologize to Louis now - and my friend Zach got to get make-up put on him. ::pinches his cheeks:: And he did a do-si-do with me before he left. We had fun. :-)
< >A day or so belated Happy Birthday to John Cleese who turned 61 on Friday and is now confirmed according to Reuters. Happy B-Day, John! Other than that, I don't know if anything else is going on in the world of HP. All I know is that I've been eating candy and cookies all day and I'm wiped out from doing nothing but watching movies like Carrie, Pet Sematary, THEM!, and any other scary movie actually on the tele or TV. Or "scary" shows on the Disney channel that amuse me, and other stuff. ::laughs giddily:: Tee-he-he.
< >Er, moving on from my incredibly interesting life - was that sarcastic enough? ::grins:: - and just as a note for all the trick-or-treaters out there for the coming All Hallow's Eve: go out in groups, never eat unwrapped candy, don't walk in the middle of a road, and make sure you know where you are. You don't want to get lost. ;-) And don't stay up too late! Most of us have school the next day. ::points to self and wonders how to get out of it:: Just kidding!
*Do the Americans really want a president who can't pronounce many words in the English language?  (George Bush)  No, we don't.* - a friend of mine's parent.

October 21, 2000- 5:07 PM! This is just a little note to say that a girl named Laila Banjar found a mistake in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. It seems that while Crouch had been missing during the book, he suddenly shouted at Dumbledore to follow him. It so happens that this got national news over in Britain, though I know several people who have noticed this mistake and jeez, quite a few others. Nothing against our friends at Bloomsbury, the newspapers, and Laura, but it's not that big of news for a mistakes. For one thing, mistakes happen - nothing is absolutely perfect. As an example of a mistake, there was a thing sent up into space last year, but it got off course and disappeared because people made a mistake by using the metric system and the American measurement system together without realizing it. See, mistakes happen! :-)
That's not fair! - everyone ever to live.

October 20, 2000- 5:53 PM! J. K. Rowling announced today on Today (the irony of that statement . . .) that the possible title for Book 5 is Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. It may not come out as we originally in said in July, but later. Also, I will be adding some more info, rumors, and facts to the book sections (there's a lot of new info that I don't have room to type here!).
< >Also, the actor for Nearly Headless Nick has been picked! His name is John Cleese and he recently confirmed (though his agent reportedly said they're only in talks).
John Cleese
Al Gore is cute; George Bush is a teddy bear! - said a friend who will kill me for posting this.

October 16, 2000- 8:52 PM! Wow, I'm still hyper from my hilarious bio class and my interesting escapade into the school Debate Team. This'll be an interesting year. :-) Anyway, what did I do . . .? Well, updated some of the rumors (if you're getting errors, give me a day or two to fix it) and I got this article from {Fudy} (thanks, my friend)!
< >"Fictional boy wizard Harry Potter is being enlisted to raise money for charity.
< >"Author J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter's creator, is writing two spinoff reference books from the popular series to benefit Comic Relief. Proceeds from the sale of the books will help the organization fight poverty and social injustice.
< >"The short books - called 'Fantastic Beasts And Where to Find Them' and 'Quidditch Through the Ages' - will be released worldwide during a Comic Relief fund drive March 16.
< >"'Fantastic Beasts' is a title on the boy wizard's school supply list in a previous book. The second new volume will be an anthology of Harry Potter's favorite sport, Quidditch.
< >"'I have always had a secret hankering to write these two books,' Rowling said."

October 14, 2000- 11:15 PM! ::yawns:: I'm going to bed soon to listen to classical music and try to think up my English essay that I am being very lax with, but that's besides the point. ;-) Anyway, Draco Malfoy was just recently found. His name is Thomas Felton (who you may have seen in Jodie Foster's Anna and the King.) And yes, I KNOW he doesn't have blonde hair, but that is not my fault! Don't yell at me (like some people do)!

Ryan est bizaare! (My teacher joking about one of my pals.)

October 10, 2000- 4:14 PM! More set pics! Yay, I'm so happy! ::dances around:: And it doesn't help that I accidentally sniffed something VERY strong yesterday in bio . . . ::hides from her biology teacher in fright because she's not supposed to sniff anything straight from a test tube:: She's going to hurt me if she finds out! AHH!! ::runs for the hills:: Updated contact, thanks, etc. All in the About Me section. :-)

The Saga Begins . . . hehe!

October 4, 2000- 6:52 AM! Hey, everyone! Now, thanks to EmpireOnline, we now have more pictures of the Hogwart's Express, pillars, a corridor, and a classroom. Also, Julie Walters is not playing Madam Hooch, Ms. Zoe Wannamaker is, though.
< >::grimaces:: Off to school now . . . and just as a note, high school isn't as bad as I kind of expressed last month, but it is hard. I'm just glad I have good teachers. :-) (No, I'm not sucking up; I just really like my teachers! ::grins::) Er, anyway, everyone have a great day and I'll see ya later. :-)

October 1, 2000- 11:54 AM! ::takes in the air coming through the window:: Ahh, smells like fall finally. ;-) Anyway, I've got great and VERY interesting news (remember: webmasters, please credit for information)!
< >Katharine Nicholson (Australian-born British actress) has reportedly - from insider sources - been auditioning for the part of first-year Slytherin, Pansy Parkinson. She's very excited and you can see her picture (in the play, "Bad Seed") here. I think she's cool. ;-)
< >Anyway, we also have pics of the train chosen for the "Hogwart's Express"! Look below to see it. It's also very cool and very awesome!!

Hogwart's Express


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