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November 1999

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November 27, 1999- 12:48 PM: Please read the following statement from Roger and Laurie Stewart, setting the record straight about their book The Wizard's Companion. If you use this anywhere else, please give credit to the Stewarts and/or me, preferably the Stewarts, if you ignore me. Thank you bunches! Regards from Malibu, California! -
Hi Gypsy,
< >We didn't know if you'd heard the latest about the cancellation of our book. Andrews McMeel decided not to publish it a week ago. An excerpt of the statement they sent out to bookstores appeared on another HP web site. It went as follows:
< >"Liz, who works in a bookstore, has passed on the following except from a letter regarding The Wizard's Companion: 'Andrews McMeel Publishing has decided not to publish The Wizard's Companion: An Unofficial Guide to the Books of J.K. Rowling as a result of views expressed by representatives of J.K. Rowling and Warner Brothers. Lengthy, costly and unpredictable litigation is not where we want to spend our energies. In addition, AMP admires J.K. Rowling's works and is reluctant to publish anything of which she even remotely disapproves.' Liz also says the letter was signed by Hugh T. Andrews, National Sales Director at Andrews McMeel Publishing. Thanks, Liz!"
< >We wanted to set the record straight. Andrews McMeel's statement that they became "reluctant to publish anything of which [J.K. Rowling] even remotely disapproves" has given some people the impression that Ms. Rowling read the book and didn't like it. We've never received any indication that this is the case. Apparently the book was stopped because Warner Bros. now controls all rights to derivative works based on the Harry Potter books. (Enter the lawyers...) At least, that is as much as we have been told. We're very proud of the book we wrote, and we believe fans would love to have the information it contains. If it can't be published in book form, we'll probably post it on the Net and let you judge for yourselves. In any event, we appreciate the coverage you gave us! The Harry Potter fan community has always been very supportive and awesome.
Best regards,
Roger and Laurie Stewart

November 24, 1999- 12:54 PM: Happy Thanksgiving to ya'll Americans a day early! Okay, anyway, the Leaky Cauldron was redone (YAY!) and you can now easily access Knockturn Alley. Teehee. I love the music there. Okay, due to my cousin (Gypsy Youngraven - yes, I stole her cool name), I took THREE questions off the slambook! Now you only have to answer seventeen! ::laughs uncontrolably for a while:: I didn't get to change the text color yet, though. Gypsy also got me the first two HP books - British editions while she was in Ireland! ::hugs her cousin happily::
< >Also, I am now another webmaster of Harry Potter at The Book Wyrm - my own little section! ::grins happily:: It's a really cool site!
< >Anyway, I'm leaving the poll up until NEXT Sunday. I'm laughing because people are actually saying Draco & Hermione. Hehe. I personally think this may happen . . .
< >I was going to do a binge of fan works stuff last night, but my computer gave me a fatal error and wouldn't log on again. ::sigh:: I'll hopefully have some up today and tomorrow (including at least part of one I'm working on - Across Enemy Lines). I updated Hogwarts to look nicer, redid the FAQ, and finished archiving! Well, better go - please note the pretty titles I'm putting up on the Geocities pages. (Links, Rumors, Fan Works, etc.) :-)

November 21, 1999- 6:48 PM! Okay, 'nother update from me because I've been doing MORE stuff. Yes, yes, MORE stuff. Well, first, here's a rumor: The fourth book is called "Harry Potter and the Great Quidditch Tournament." I was looking at someone's (sorry, ratman's site) book site (for many series) and I saw a Harry Potter section, and found that. No image, but just that title. ::grimaces at the title:: Sounds just as bad as the last one . . . anyway, that's not confirmed.
< >Now, a blurb of an E-mail from my friend John Pearce in England: "JK Rowling was that the book Harry Potter & the Prisoner of Azkaban has been put on a short list for two book awards coming soon in Britain. These are both different book awards that come up once a year, over the next two months. The book Harry Potter & the Philosopher's Stone has already won 5 different book awards here in Britain. The book Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets has 2 awards (unless there were more I don't know about?). Still no news yet about the film due to be made next year, or any of the actors." Thanks very much again, John!
< >Okay, back to business: We got an award! From Hedwig! ::grins:: Such nice people she and her judges are! I've begun my archiving of news - you notice no October down near the bottom of the page, but part of September? That's me fooling around as I archive. I'm going to archive September during the week, but I'm pretty sure the other months are up. "About Me" was fixed to look nicer and I'm messing around with Ms. Rowling's section. It looks terrible right now because I cannot figure out how to shove things over an inch. ::mutters:: Anyway, I'll be working on that (Later at 9:40 PM - I fixed it the way I like it! W/ Celtic music!), with Links (it's been currently updated!), Rumors, and Fan Works!
< >I also added new music for here and I hope you like the sleepy moon! :-) He "talks" (usually) if you put your cursor over him!

November 20, 1999- 1:19 PM! I'm a little teapot - er, I MEANT, I'm a little earlier in time than the last few updates. Anyway, I did TONS of stuff. Yeppers, yeppers. Well, more fanfiction added (btw, I have twenty or so fanfics to get up by Thanksgiving, so hold your horses people!). Fan fiction, by the way, was moved to its own page, there's a link at the bottom of the Fan Works page (cool music there!). There are TWO new fan sections - Fan Rants (rolls off the tongue nicely, huh?) and Fan Jokes. Send them in and they'll be posted!
< >Quotes was being updated more - something is screwed up though with the Sorcerer's Stone's quote page. I'll try to figure it out. I also did some stuff with Charaters ("California Dreamin'" by the Mamas and the Papas plays there!) and with the "What's in a Name?" page in there. The "Intro to Harry Potter" was MAJORLY updated, thanks to tables. :-) Looks quite pretty and classical music resides there. Rumors FRONT page was updated. History was updated slightly; Lindsay the Ethereal, you'll like the music. ::smiles::
< >Well, to finish this quickly, I may do other things today, but I won't say anything about them until next Saturday. :-) Oh, hope you like this new format (much better, huh?) and FAQ was updated, & news archives are almost done!

November 14, 1999- 7:42 PM. Hehe, I saw a parade float on Saturday that said "Hogwarts" on it. I wanted to run after it, but I didn't get to and never saw it again. ::sobs:: Anyway, I was working on quotes today AND fan works. Whew. ::sweat drop:: All week, fanfics, poems, and humor stuff have been going up. That's a loooooong page and still more to do. Anyway, I WILL get to rumors. As soon as I finish Quotes - hopefully. And thank you very much to the very kind author's of "The Wizard's Companion" for E-mailing me. Love you guys! Anyway, bye! Links will also be updated throughout the week!

November 7, 1999- 8:17 PM! Well, I worked on fanfics mostly this weekend. That took a lot of time (by the way, we have some songs, a new category, a new poem, new art, and lots of fanfic!) and boy, did it TAKE a while. And I still have more to do. Anyway, while I was in a different B&N today, I got my first glimpse at a three-set of HP books; I didn't get them though. ::grins:: And anyone heard about that "Wizard's Companion" or the books on tape? AND CD? Yep, CDs, coming out November 15th, for about forty dollars in America. ::sigh:: That's something I'm not getting anytime soon.
< >I WILL get to the rumors, Hogwarts Symphony, etc. I haven't had enough time - I was gone half the week and I had a full 1MB in my inbox, which I had to clear out. Anyway, again, I got another award! Whee!!!!! Oh, and if you sent me HP links about a week or over ago and they're not up, please send them again. Problems with the computer again. Argh. :-) And thanks to Hannah for the reason she knows. :-)
< >Oh, and also, if you're visitor 37000th, or 38000, or whatever (I was 36000!), E-mail me if you can! I WANT TO KNOW! ::grinds teeth together:: Oh, and that counter? That little pretty thing shows me where you people can from, er, rather, you're countries. I am very pleased. Norway, Japan, India, and a LOT more . . . wow. ::looks dazed::


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