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May 2002

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May 28, 2002- 7:24 PM and no Amna Razi, it isn't the 29th of May! Ahem. Anyway, Gypsy has performed an amazing feat! No, she hasn't jumped out of a plane at 30,000ft altitude in a wet suit determined to land in a glass with eight ounces of water to its name in a small farmhouse in a tiny village in the middle of the country of Katmandu! (If you caught that.) No, she's done something even more amazing! She updated FAN FICTION!!!!!! WHooopee! ::balloons suddenly fall from the ceiling, fireworks clatter in the background, and people begin dancing in the street::
< >::coughs loudly:: Check it out here and keep dancing!
I'm fresh as lettuce, Mr. Arigan - Josue in response to Arigan saying we were all dead-looking

May 27, 2002- 9:45 AM. Happy Memorial Day! America is celebrating its veterans from all wars and I'd like to extend my gratitude to all members of our past wars, especially to my Uncle Leonard (National Guard in 1960s), Uncle Charles (helicopter pilot, Vietnam, shot down twice), and my father (marine who went to Vietnam in January 1968). My remembrances go also to my late grandfather, Colonel Arthur Averbuck of the Air Force, who would have been 96 this month.
His noble brow was never furrowed with the effort of thought. - PBS commentator about a French general

May 26, 2002- 10:34 PM. Hey, I've updated a ton! Fan fiction has now been added (permanently) to the submitted section, I've completely updated YKYRTMHPW with PRINTABLE VERSIONS!, I updated the thank you page, and I'm in the process of rejuvinating the Original Fake Titles section, which hasn't been on the site for over a year. Yay! Happy days, no?
His noble brow was never furrowed with the effort of thought. - PBS commentator about a French general

May 25, 2002- 11:51 PM! Happy Birthday to my father, Robert, who turned 57 today! I love you, Daddy! :-)
His noble brow was never furrowed with the effort of thought. - PBS commentator about a French general

May 22, 2002- 7:42 PM. Reports are now saying that the rumor of Book 5 being released in summer 2003 is, frankly, excrement. What I mean is that Bloomsbury is completely denying that charge, saying J. K. Rowling is "happily writing" Book 5 (tentatively titled Order of the Phoenix) and when she's done she's done. They say, however, that she'll most likely be finished writing in the next few months and we should expect the book late this year. ::sighs in relief:: I'm so happy.
< >I've recently become aware of some reported Harry Potter DVD problems from some of our friends in England, who have been able to buy the movie for the past two weeks or so. "I recently bought the Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone DVD and I'm having a problem with the second DVD. Every time I put it into my DVD player, it just seems to freeze. I was just wondering if is there a major problem with the DVD," said Aine McCarthy.
< >Reader Chris also had this to say: "I bought my pre-ordered copy of the Harry Potter double DVD set as did thousands of others. To my dismay, the second disc would not play on my Play Station 2. I thought maybe it was just a bad disc, so I took it back and got a new one, but this one did the same. Then I wandered if perhaps it wasn't compatible with the PS2, so I tried it on my freind's PC, and it still didn't work - it just had an odd sound and nothing on the screen, so i tried another mate's computer, and it worked a bit but it crashed again. SO I tried again on another computer and the same thing happened. I have tried it on a cheap DVD player too and again no luck! I understand they have used a new type of technology with the DVD, but it doesn't want to run on three computers, all of which are top notch, or any PS2 I've tried or a cheap DVD player. A couple of my friends are having the same problem. I just wanted to know if anyone else is experienceing any difficulties?"
< >If you are experiencing difficulties, I'm sure everyone would like to know! Head over to the message boards and start talking! Aine, Chris, and a lot of other people would like to know if any of their fellow fans are having problems, too!
Bruce Stredwick! ::laughter from math class::

May 19, 2002- Our friend Deanna Dubé from the Discovery Fund for Eye Research E-mailed me a few days ago about a chairty auction that I think many of you will be interested in! Here's what she had to say:
< >On May 23, 2002, the Discovery Fund For Eye Research begins it's 10 day "Seeing the Stars" celebrity eyewear charity auction on eBay. For the second year in a row, Alan Rickman and Julie Walters, stars of the Harry Potter movie, have generously donated signed photos and such to our auction benefiting medical eye research and patient education programs. In addition to them, two other members of the cast, Richard Harris and John Hurt have also joined the auction ranks with things to auction along with Harry Potter's composer, John Williams. Though the auction isn't on yet, the page is up on eBay for preview.

  • Ebay Discovery Fund page
  • Preview Items <-- takes a while to load.
    < >Thanks very much, Deanna! I'm sure all my readers will support the charity event! For more information, everyone can visit the Discovery Fund for Eye Research website!
    Je suis une beignet!  I am a doughnut!  En francais!

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    May 18, 2002- 7:48 AM! Happy Birthday to my good friend Aileen, fellow Harry Potter/Lord of the Rings/fantasy freak! It is her Sweet Sixteen today!
    Bon anniversaire!

    May 9, 2002- 6:02 PM! CNN and other major cable news networks reported yesterday and today that Book 5 (tentatively titled Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix) may not come out until sometime in 2003.
    < >This news comes after HP fans have been waiting months for the release. Book 5 was scheduled to release this summer or fall, over two years after Book 4 debuted on July 8th of 2000. It now looks like we may be waiting until July or August 2003, or maybe even later, to read Book 5. J. K. Rowling, recently married to Dr. Neil Murray, is apparently "still writing."
    Pas de B.S.!! - Mr. Arigan

    May 8, 2002- 8:22 PM. Good evening, one and all, I have fantastically spectacular news! Today on Extra (weeknights on NBC at 7:00 PM), it was said that there is now a contest going until the 28th of May - when the HP movie is released on home video/DVD - that involved the second movie, Chamber of Secrets. By entering this contest, you have the chance of going to the premiere of the movie AND/OR showing up in the movie itself! Go to OwlSightings.com for more information!
    < >I have majorly updated the Posters in the HP Store! There are all the HP Posters currently available, Lord of the Rings posters, fantasy/science fiction posters (including tons of dragons), New York posters, and posters for movies like Spider-Man and Labyrinth. Check it out!
    Pas de B.S.!! - Mr. Arigan

    May 4, 2002- 11:24 AM! My website was mentioned Thursday, May 2nd, in "humorist" David Allen's column which reaches about three newspapers all over Southern California! He called me "nifty" and I'm so darn happy I could twirl around in my seat! ::twirls:: Okay, I'm done.
    What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us. - Ralph Waldo Emerson


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