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May 2001

Our Boring Files:
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May 28, 2001- 4:54 PM. Hey everybody! Happy Memorial Day! I'm working very hard on the new site, but since I want other fans to help out in running the site, I'm offering JOBS! That's right, *jobs*. I need two or three people to help me with some things that are TOP SECRET and could devote some (and quite a bit of) valuable time to the site. Any takers? Please E-mail me as soon as possible! I'm looking for graphic artists and for those who wish to help the site with info, just E-mail it to me whenever you find any juciy stuff! gypsy@fairytales.com
Ever wonder why they called it a spork?

May 25, 2001- 11:32 PM. A Happy 56th Birthday to my wonderful dad - DADDY! - who was able to visit my world history class today and talk about the Vietnam War. I just wanted to give him this note and say thanks to him. ::hugs her father::

May 20, 2001- 12:07 PM. ::bounces around:: Whheeeeee, is anyone as hyper as I am now? Hmm, doubtful. ::spins around, giggling:: Ahem, yeah. Wow, look, the site's reached almost a million people. ::looks shocked and falls over:: Ow. I hit my head. ::gets stares and moves quickly onto news::
< >It's been announced Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets is going to start filming near the end of the year and Rupert Grint has got his same part, along with a *staring* role in a British movie coming up soon: Click here for more details . . .
I'm sick of throwing fruit!  I'm throwing milk cartons at people's heads now!

May 17, 2001- 7:07 PM. As I blunder around endlessly online, I've been showing close friends, peers, and adults (::cough:: Ms. Diehl & Mom) the new site design. All have said it's very good looking (needs a poke here or there), but all have noted it's DRASTICALLY different in styles than this current website, which has instigated me into making this very weird poll. Please take a gander:

*~Gypsy's Politically Incorrect Poll~*
If the site design were to change dramatically, would you be mad?

< >Or E-mail me. I need people to talk to as I do this. ::looks at Hannah Galadriel:: Give me back my cookies! Wait, you didn't take them . . . ATTIE! ::wanders off mumbling about irradescent monkeys::
Yes, Walnut.
P.S.: Australian fans rule! You're apparently loving Harry Potter! Check here for details!

May 11, 2001- 10:02 PM. GInfinger asked this very important question:
< >< >Hi. I was just wondering if the site has shut down. I'm not really sure b/c there hasn't been an update in a LONG time, so I just thought I'd ask. If you could give me a response, I'd appreciate it. Thanks, bye!
< >Okay, fact is, HarryPotterRealm.com is NOT shut down. We (a friend and myself) are merely trying out several tests on how to overhaul the site and make it more professional looking and easier for me to manage personally. I'm also now giving out the option if anyone with pretty good experience in web design would like to try out their own design for me, they are welcome to do so. Please contact me ASAP for my details about the colors and stuff - ::rolls eyes at herself:: - and anything else.
< >I repeat, HPR.com is NOT shut down by any means. Try and tell anyone you think might be interested in knowing this - and if you want to help design the website like I said (design, graphics, whatever), you are very welcome to. I'd love for fan support and help in the reconstruction of this website and the more hits we get, the more I can afford for a *special thing* (I'm descriptive, no?) I have coming up soon. Please help if you can! All E-mails go to gypsy@fairytales.com.
Noooo, Peanut!


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