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May 2000

Our Boring Files:
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May 28, 2000- 12:29 PM! Happy Memorial Day (tomorrow) and a belated Happy 55th B-Day to my dad! ::hugs him:: Anyway, Casting Call!
< >Warner Bros. is looking for any British children - between ages 9 and 11 - who look like Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, or Ron Weasley (we're guessing Jamie Bell may be out of the picture). Send a recent picture and videotape and on the video, record your name, age, phone number, and address, then tell a joke and recite a favorite passage from any of the three Harry Potter books. Send your video and picture to:

Harry Potter Casting
P.O. Box 7788
Burbank, CA 91510-7788

< >Also, hope you like the new format in here. I'm working on it, along with tons of other stuff. Summer's coming, so expect a lot more stuff in the next few months!!!

May 23, 2000- 5:07 PM! The Seattle Times is offering a contest for kids 12 and younger in the Washington area! Check it out if you think you might apply!

May 22, 2000- 1:25 PM! Hello from school and Happy One Year Anniversary to my cousin Gypsy and her husband, Shaddow! And now, the breaking news from our good friend, Lisa! This article from today's Internet Movie Database:

Dancer Star Leads Chase For Harry Potter Role
< >"The young British star of new movie Dancer (2000) is set to scoop one of the most coveted roles in Hollywood - the lead in the first HARRY POTTER film. JAMIE BELL, 14, has been asked by producers of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (2001) to try out for the main role after impressing them with his performance in Dancer, which debuted at the CANNES FILM FESTIVAL last week. And Dancer director STEPHEN DALDRY believes Bell's got what it takes to make it big in the movies. He says, "Jamie has the charisma to hold the whole movie. He also has the special gift of being able to dance well enough to be trained by the Royal Ballet School." Auditions for the Harry Potter film, to be directed by CHRIS COLOMBUS, are already taking place at schools across Britain. "

May 19, 2000- 1:53 PM! A hoi, hoi, hoi! I'm at school! ::grins:: Anyway, I won't be around for the next three days - I have TOO many obligations today and this weeked - so try and keep the E-mails down? PLEASE?!
< >I'd write more, but I'm rushing! Also, this makes me a hypocrite, but I need ideas for Knockturn Alley! E-mail me at irishskye14@hotmail.com with your ideas! (Yes, it's a new account I got while I was bored...)

May 13, 2000- 10:50 PM! Happy Mother's Day a little early, folks! And especially a very happy one to my own mom. Love you, Mom!! And to my grandmother, Winnifred - our whole family's hoping you're having a great Mother's Day, Grandma!
< >Anyway, updated Awards, FAQ, and J. K. Rowling a bit. Nancy Stouffer's back in the news - she's reportedly dropping the case against J. K. Rowling, because, I hear, she "feels pressured" by 600 E-mails of protests and doesn't think she can go against a big author like JKR. Question - would she like to go up against Roald Dahl for names? ::shrugs:: Well, at least it's over!
< >I also put more songs on the front page, so you only hear "The Neverending Story" once in about thirty-six songs! <-- For those of you who wanted that music file, just click that link!
< >For the next few weeks, I'm going to be a tad busy, so don't expect to be replied to through E-mail quickly. I'm working solely on my school website to get it done before I leave for high school, I have tons of testing, I've got writing projects up the wazoo, and tons of other stuff, but I'm still here. Don't worry! :-)

May 7th, 2000- 1:46 PM! Infoplease! just recently announced a Harry Potter Haiku Contest! Why not enter this contest and the Harry Potter Sweepstakes from Scholastic?
< >It was also announced just recently (I believe in an AOL chat with J. K. Rowling, but I'm probably wrong) that the movie will be released on July 4, 2001! I can already see the commercials for it . . . ;-)
< >If anyone on AOL has the transcript of this AOL chat, I would love to have it, so could you possibly send it? It's a shame, I think, sometimes that I don't have AOL! :-)
< >I also promised a copy of the Family Circus (tm) comic strip with Harry Potter mentioned it and I have it! See it here! (I'd advise printing it out, it's upside down!)

May 6th, 2000- 6:19 PM! Scholastic just recently announced their new Harry Potter Sweepstakes! If you win, you get Harry Potter IV!! Why not sign up today? ;-)
< >In other news, I majorly updated Fan Art! Along with a few pictures that I recently scanned for a few friends, I got up a current drawing of me a friend did (I can't draw for beans and Joyce can)! You can finally see slightly what I look like . . . ::grins:: I say slightly because the drawing is sort of spooky. Check it out in the Fan Art section!
< >Will be updating more sections soon - keep checking!

May 3, 2000- 7:05 PM! It was announced today that Warner Brothers/Susan Figgis/the whole dang production of the HP movie are no longer accepting applications for parts in the movie! Sorry, guys, better luck for the next movie! (I might want to mention here that J. K. Rowling has reportedly signed on for a Chamber of Secrets movie as well!)
< >The identity of Harry should be announced in a few weeks! Though "they" also said that about Book 4 . . . ::grumbles::
< >Anyway, updated the Disclaimer, Awards (ha, ANOTHER one!), and the J. K. Rowling short bio section a bit . . .

May 1, 2000- 8:27 PM! Happy May Day, folks! Now, onto business. Scholastic did NOT announce the title of Book 4 on their website today, as recently promised. I checked a few times today; this morning, this afternoon, and this evening. Nothing, nada, zip. Oh, well, we'll just have to wait!
< >Updated the Awards page (overloaded, now!) and Fan Works to be updated soon! I'm sorry guys; I'm months behind!!!


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