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March 2002

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March 25, 2002- 6:54 AM! Hey, my friends! Thanks for voting in the poll! If you look at the results, the results are pretty mixed (91 votes, about 20% each category). Interesting. But, like I said, Harry Potter won NOTHING. I was very proud of myself though. I got a lot of the awards right (though I never expected Denzel Washington to win Best Actor). I'd seen almost all the nominated movies, so I think I had a pretty good idea of who was going to win.
< >I was so incredibly sad that Ian McKellan did not win Best Supporting Actor at the Academy Awards. I nearly cried! But did you see the guy between Ian and Elijah Wood? Excuse me, but I must proclaim my womanliness and call him GORGEOUS (imagine me saying that in a flamboyant Southern accent). Ahem. Unfortunately, he's Ian's, so . . . Well, hope you guys enjoyed the Oscars! There's always next year for Harry Potter!

March 24, 2002- 10:17 AM! Well, it's Oscar time. Tonight is the night! Coverage starts on local cable news channels (and CNN) at 4 P.M. Pacific, 7 P.M. Eastern times, and I am so ready to watch "Lord of the Rings," "Moulin Rouge," "Shrek," and "A Beautiful Mind" sweep the Academy Awards. All four were fabulous movies and all deserve Oscars! And what about Harry Potter? Eh . . . it was nominated for Best Costume Design, Best Original Score, and Best Art/Set Direction, I'm not sure it will win anything. I think if Harry does win an Oscar, it will be in set design, because despite my problems with the movie, the settings were very cool! What do you guys think? Take my poll at the end of this update! :-)
< >I've updated Street Names and opened a new Read Too Much. The Polls page is temporarily out of comission and I'm trying to figure it out. I think all the polls (with info from MID 1999!!!) were deleted because of money grubbing jerks. ::grumbles::

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March 23, 2002- 12:21 AM! Ah! What a relief to be finally back! I've worked my butt off and I've done a lot of stuff. I created the history page, I updated/fixed the movie picture galleries, updated HP Street Names & Read Too Much, made "Where in the World is Harry James Potter?", did a cool Toast Worthy Shrine to Journalists, updated Characters, and tinkered around to make things work more efficiently.
< >Unfortunately, a lot of fan works is down again because the service I was using to host most of the work went bankrupt (can you say reality check?) and the new owners won't let me into my stuff as of yet. I'm working on it and would appreciate any help from Envy.nu on that.
< >Also! I updated the Slambook! so it's now no longer asking the dumb question of what you think Book 4 will be called. ::coughs loudly:: Let's just say it was never there. I've added pictures of my friends to the Webmistress picture page, updated my awards, the F.A.Q., put up FAN LINKS!!!, added to editorials, and worked on the movie section. ::looks really excited until she has a heart attack:: I need an ambulance!!!


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