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March 2000

Our Boring Files:
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March 28, 2000- 11.02 AM! It's quite cool out here in Cali, and we had a fire drill! Brrr! ::shivers::
< >Anyway, thanks especially to Brian of Filmforce.com, we now know who the director is! Chris Columbus (1492 Productions owner)! Visit the Harry Potter section of FilmForce or read the article! Thanks a bunch, Brian!

March 26, 2000- 2:19 PM! Long time no update, huh? Well, I updated fan fiction and fan art a few days ago, and I would do more, but I'm having computer problems. And know this, people who have or will read Across Enemy Lines - I am going to be releasing a sequel (and possibly one or two more in the future) called "Amid The Encircling Gloom," as soon as I can. And at least one of the other sequels will be called "Advancing the Enemy," so watch out! They're coming your way!
< >Now, for big news on Harry Potter number 4 (or most likely, HP & the Doomspell Tournament) -- From Jake Lipson:
< >"First things first: You do remember, don't you, that HP #1 is 309 pages, HP #2 is 341 pages, and HP #3 is 435 pages (American editions)?
< >"Second . . .THE BIG NEWS!! I read in an electronic newsletter (this is attached . . . the Harry Potter article is in "A Note From Booker") that HARRY POTTER four is going to be MORE THAN SEVEN HUNDRED (700) PAGES LONG!!"

March 17, 2000- 8:15 PM! Happy St. Patrick's Day! ::waves around a mug that says, "If you're Irish, you're lucky!":: There you have it! Truer words were never spoken! :-) ::laughs:: I'm Irish, Scottish, English, Welsh, and Russian, all on my mom's side, so I would say I'm lucky! In the spirit of St. Patrick's Day, visit The Leprechaun Dance!
< >Just for a little "entertainment" news, I'd like to say congratulations to seven people who NEVER come to this site, even if they do have Internet access. Ryan, Jeff, Aileen, and Allison - way to go on lip syncing to "Yellow Submarine!" and winning 2nd place! And to Thera, Lauren, and Matt who won third place for "They're Coming to Take Me Away!" You all did great!
< >::sings:: "They're coming to take me away, ha-ha! They're coming to take me away, ha-ha, he-he, ho-ho, ha-ha! To the funny farm, where life is beautiful ALL the time!" Now you know why I'll be singing "Yellow Submarine" and "that other song" for a year. :-) Go here for all the words to "that other song." :-)
< >Now, onto the news of the site . . .

< >We got another award! Yippee!! This weekend I should get some fan fictions, and I'm still looking for Draco pics, if anyone would like to have their fan art featured in a fan fic soon - and they will be sent to J. K. Rowling along with a selected bunch of fan works!
< >Okay, so, if you didn't already know, J. K. Rowling is being sued by a woman named Nancy K. Stouffer. I got the article from my pal, Riley, and I sent it to Jenna, who got it up on her page very quickly, but maybe she had it before I sent it to her, I don't know. Click here to read the article, but come back now, ya hear? :-)

March 15, 2000- 7:04 PM. At this time, despite any other "ramblings" or junk on this news section, I would like to express my deepest condolences to the Cooke family for the loss of their daughter. It's been a hard year without Chelsea - and it will always be hard. Chelsea had a wonderful spirit not many knew about; but for those who did, it was magic. Rest in peace, Chelsea.

March 14, 2000- Noon! The official Harry Potter movie site is now open! http://www.wbmovies.com/harrypotter/index.html!

March 12, 2000- 9:40 PM! So, I was watching a show I usually don't watch and this guy won $250,000, and, if you're a fan of "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire," you know how Regis asks the next contestants a question. The question was "Put these author's in order from their birth, starting with the earliest," or something close to that.
< >::smiles:: Guess what? Even before Regis started saying the four author's names, I screamed out, "J. K. ROWLING!!!" and what do you know? J. K. Rowling was up there! I believe that is the second time J. K. Rowling has been mentioned on that show. (ABC loves her!) Only two people got that right, though. Oh, well. By the way, Ms. Rowling's birthday is July 31st, 1965!
< >I updated fan fiction AND fan art! Check it out! "The Sweetest Rose" and our "Voldemort" story are the only fan fictions posted today. Gina's "The Exchange Student" will be completely posted soon.
< >Also, click here if you would like to see a "little spoof" that Mad did on Harry Potter. Viewer Discretion IS Advised.
< >And one other little thing I'd like to ask of any of the Harry Potter artists! If you would like to draw any pictures of Draco Malfoy or Draco AND Hermione Granger, and sent it to me, I would feature them in an upcoming fan fiction!

P.S.: Everyone! Watch the movie, Stepmom! I did last night, and the little boy, Liam Aiken, looks EXACTLY like Harry Potter! He wore a wizard's hat, a cape, and yelled about a magic sleeping potion during the movie, making me laugh my head off! ::grins:: Really cool! Though he is probably a little too young to be in the movie, I thought it was kinda cool!

March 10, 2000- 11:48 AM! Yes, I am at school, waiting for the stupid lunch bell to ring as I sit in a room with gas fumes and snakes. I lead an exciting life, don't I? :-)
< >I just updated rumors and we got a lot, too! Check out Tidbits and Books! Really great new stuff there!
< >See ya! I'm off to lunch now! ::runs out of the room::

March 7, 2000- 9:38 PM! It's Super Tuesday for everyone out here in the States!! Anyone want my impressions of the four front runners that will probably be just two in less than an hour . . .? ::ignores everyone:: Cool! ::everyone waits around for ten minutes as she's silent:: Well, I'm not going to do ANYTHING!! I don't need people getting mad at me for making fun of the presidential candidates, but all I have to say is: turkey, robot, frat, and snappers. Got that? ::laughs insanely:: ANYWAY . . .
< >Well, I hope all of you people old even to vote did - and I mean everywhere! Free speech is part of our country and the right to vote goes along with that!
< >Everyone have a great week! I just updated to ramble and say we have a few new chatrooms! Lucky us!! :-)

March 4, 2000- 11:47 PM! Hey, everyone! Everyone having a good weekend? I really hope so!
< >Anyway, if you've been visiting during the week, you've seen some changes in the front page layout. It was getting a bit old and the page was too long, in my opinion! And anyway, the fake counter gave me some amusment! Hehe! AGAIN, anyway . . .
< >If you're not hearing any music on the front page or its different music than our infamous Neverending Story music, I'm working on a bit of javascript that plays 34 different midis (music files). It's fun and different! ::smiles and laughs:: Ooooookay, I'd better calm down . . . a tad. :-)
< >And I finally got up Jame's full fan fiction - yay, me! - and that's about it. ::grins:: Have wonderful weekends, all of you!


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