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June 2002

Our Boring Files:
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June 28, 2002- 11:02 PM! I tweaked the Fan Art section so it will load faster (yay!). I forgot to say a while back that I posted a booklist! It's called Books to Read Instead of Twidling Your Thumbs. I'll add more as I read more this summer! ::does an Irish jig:: Also, I added more than a hundred titles to Fake Titles!
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June 27, 2002- 8:48 PM! I just MAJORLY updated the Fan Art section! Which means everything works and it looks awesome! (At least to me; it's my new baby until I update fake titles this weekend). Salut!
Shut up or I'll make you say the Pledge - my summer college professor

June 22, 2002 10:05 AM! I have got to tell you all something really cool. My backyard was been invaded by owls, and now we have bats, too! There are four owls and at least a dozen bats, all swooping around my forest-y yard every night at dusk. It is soo cool! ::looks very excited, though hopes very much her cat will not be eaten::
< >I updated Rumours! I added the fake rumors and fake titles (finally), so send in your own! I also fixed the "missing" COS movie gallery, twiddled around with Fan Works, and - ::blushes:: - added an award. Anywhooslidoodles, I am heading to the mountains today but I'll be back tonight to add more and fix the missing links in the Fan Poems area. Bye-bye for now!
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June 18, 2002- 8:42 AM! This is an exclusive picture of Hugh Mitchell (Colin Creevey)!

June 16, 2002- 1:13 PM! Happy Father's Day, America, and it's hot in California! ::coughs angrily and ends up choking on a biscuit:: As always!! Erm, anyway, a lot of you are telling me how great the trailer was (though there are mixed opinions about Scooby Doo). Glad to hear it!
< >Onto the site, I have added more to the editorials section and I realized that the Events section wasn't working at all - it is now. I also have just updated Where in the World? and just finished posting the rest of the Fan Works section! Rants, reviews, comedy bits, everything! ::happily jumps around until she falls on her face:: Ouch.
I won a Harry Potter display from Wherehouse music!!!

June 14, 2002- 11:59 PM! I am officially out of school! Yesterday was the last day of my sophomore year and - I feel like I should have gone to school today. ::shrugs:: Probably the only person in my school who does. Oh, well. Anyway, Warner Brothers released a short Harry Potter trailer this week (I saw it on Lou Dobb's CNN business show; go figure that one). The real full trailer in out playing with the Scooby-Doo movie released today, but I heard it's really bad. I don't know if any of you want to pay between five and fifteen dollars to see a Harry Potter trailer and a bad movie. ;-)
< >Anyway, I updated more! I have updated Fan Works with rants & editorials & reviews, put up more Read Too Muches and Street Names, changed/added to History & word derivitives, and fixed all but two links in the Rumours section. I have also added five editorials/essays to the Webmistress Editorials section and updated the one that had been in there alone for over a year. I also made the page for Fan Songs. Yay me! ::does a little dance::
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June 8, 2002- 8:38 PM and I've done it again! I have rejuvenated a part of the site and that part is the MOVIE section! New pictures from Chamber of Secrets, better sections, and more! ::spins happily around in her chair:: I also updated the kids section of Characters.
< >EXCLUSIVE OFF-THE-WALL RUMOR: Ewan McGregor may play Remus J. Lupin! While I can't see it, it is always possible. There's also Jeff Hordley rumored to play Sirius Black. Anyway, off to tee-peeing my bus driver's house! See ya'll later! :-)
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June 4, 2002- 5:34 PM! Seven more days and I'm done with sophomore year! ::cries:: I feel like yesterday was the eighth of September. Anyway, MOVIE NEWS! Poster for the next movie has been released! Click on the poster for a bigger one.

June 2, 2002- 10:05 AM! Due to a complaint that my site is "cool but isn't very informative [about the books]," I just took an hour to completely renovate the Books section. If you guys can't read it, though, tell me so I can change the font size. Throughout the day, I'll also be adding more to Street Names & YKYRTMHPW. I also fixed a part of the History section because a planetarium instructor told me I was wrong about a lot of things (::grin::) and I also removed evil messages from the message boards! I've been a busy bee, no? ::buzzes::
< >Also, fellow liberals, ignore the quote that appears from my following signature image. It came from The Importance of Being Earnest (1952) and I thought it was funny despite myself. ;-)
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June 1, 2002- 12:21 AM! I have added about ten new fan fictions to the collection and still a lot more coming! I also updated the newsarchives for May 2002, I fixed the darned guestbook which was taking people to a Spanish advertising site (odd), and guess what?! Street Names was also updated! Not with too many streets, but I did collect a ton of more cities! And remember people, there are now PRINTABLE VERSIONS of "You Know You've Read Too Much Harry Potter When..."
< >I may actually, finally, write a review for the Harry Potter movie now that it's finally out on video & DVD. Would you believe that I've been pondering and mulling over what to write for eight months? I'm serious - I saw the movie in theaters three times and hated it each time. I watched it on tape in the past two nights and appreciated it a lot better. HOWEVER. I will say this: if just the two deleted scenes that Warner Brothers put at the end of the tape had been in the movie, I would not have left my local AMC movie theater muttering curse words, death threats, and overall angry verbage about the movie. I probably would have liked it if only ten more minutes had been added to the movie. Now that's pretty pathetic. And I'm not saying who that pertains to, but I think you all get the idea.
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