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June 2001

Our Boring Files:
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June 19, 2001- 5:52 PM! ::looks embarrassed:: Yeah, I noticed I didn't exactly push 'save' on this page last night when my mom pointed it out. ::sigh:: Anyway, TEMPORARY CLOSING! In 24 hours, starting at six in the evening, Pacific Standard Time, the site will close for five days for final preparations of the new site. YAY! I've finally done . . . most of . . . it! ::does an Irish jig::

June 11, 2001- 9:37 PM! I'm sorry again for the lack of updates -- I assure you they will be more frequent as soon as I get out of school . . . which is THURSDAY! Today, Monday, was the last full day, and now I have two, two hour long periods on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday for finals. I've also been doing high school finals since last Monday so everything's kind of been, well, freaky. For those of you with finals coming or just completed, you know full well what I'm talking about. However, it does look like my grades range from high A in history to a B- in Biology (which is TOUGH, leave me alone) and in PE (hopefully a B, though).
< >So . . . in light of my academic worries (though I could potentially fail tomorrow's history final and still get an A in the class, go figure), what's going on with you guys? Anyone freaking out? Anyone ace all their finals and are now relaxing quite happily? Any tips on how to study? I'm thinking of making a new section for the new site so . . . send in your comments and I'll stick a few up. (Send E-mail to gypsy@fairytales.com with the topic "Finals".)
< >And speaking of the new site . . . when the bloody am I going to open?! Soon, soon. Probably two weeks or so, just about in time for the near TWO YEAR ANNIVERSARY of HARRY POTTER'S REALM OF WIZARDRY. ::bounces:: This new site design will be my present to all my fellow fans, me thinks. Otherwise, you'll all hate it and yell at me for too small text. ::cries:: Beep. Okay, but note you'll have pictures of me, family, and friends, so you'll at least have something to giggle about. :-)
< >Also, could you people click here and tell me if the javascript works/crashes your comp. Both are important for me to know. Also, anyone know the code for drop-down boxes with links inside??
~Gypsy, who is too tired and needs to study history to make the normal image pop up. I need a spork.


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