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June 2000

Our Boring Files:
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June 26, 2000- Hey, everyone! I'm just letting you all know that this'll be my last update until the 4th [of July] because I'm heading out to Texas in less than forty-eight hours! But I wanted to give you all a heads up about the great article by Elizabeth Weise in USA Today! Sharley AKA Spamwarrior, Jenna, Mena, and I were all interviewed and it's a really great article! Anyways, Janine & Amanda - take a peak at that, you silly sixth graders, you. ;-)
< >Anyway, why am I going to Texas? To see my cousin Gypsy (yes, if you didn't already know, I stole her name for online purposes), her husband, and my aunt and uncle, who are all awesome people. ;-) I will get to check my E-mail once or twice, I hear - but I won't be doing anything with the site unless there's big news 'cause I'll be having fun in Texas and too busy for the likes of you! Just kidding everybody.
< >Oh, by the way! Our site is coming up on its One Year Anniversary! Send in some stuff about the site - anything, and it'll all be put up on the site when I get back! ::grins:: Uh-oh, I'm being yelled at, so I'd better get off now. Well, love you all - see you next week!

June 25, 2000- 6:02 PM. Book 4 is called Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.
American Cover___British Cover
< >Heh-heh. ::grins:: As if the American cover was a shocker. ::cries:: I want both covers now . . . ::glances around:: I wonder if I could convince a special relative in Germany . . . ::grins:: Just kidding, Cousin Mike!

< >Our Book 1 summary contest is still going on. Send in your own summaries of Book 1 today - it might just get on the website!

June 23, 2000- 7:18 PM. Hey, guys! Awesome news! We now have the cover (but no title, sadly) of the British Book 4! You've all been waiting for it and here it 'tis (it's lovely):

Thanks to Newsround & Natasha!

June 19, 2000- 7:10 PM. Would you believe it - nothing! No comments, either. ::grins happily:: Well, we've got some movies news from our friend Lisa Hicks:
< >"Today's 'Mr. Showbiz' has nes on potential actors. We already knew about Maggie Smith for McGonagall, but these two were new to me: Tim Roth for Snape and Robbie Coltrane for Hagrid. Still nothing definite, but they are all supposedly 'in negotiations.' And still no Harry."

June 17, 2000- 10:06 PM. I've been wondering lately when the public humiliation of doing three rounds of kareoke will set in . . . However, you know, I somewhat doubt it will, since everyone went into the "dance hall" to watch the strippers. Oh, and Arthur, my mom did get a picture of you and Robert doing that . . . ::grins evilly::
< >Anyway, unless you want me to go on with the story of my boring life, here are the current updates: I've been updating the FAQ so it doesn't look as scattered as it did and er, well I added one [great] picture in the Fan Art section (sorry, Allison - I will get up your stuff soon . . . I have to find it!) and that's it for now. Sorry for lack of updates - school and stuff in the way. Ugh, at least we get out the 21st, and I can go about my bidding. ;-)

P.S.: I am looking for a summary of Book 1. It has to be really good (though not like my Intro) and if you think you have a summary - or can write one up - send it to me! It may just appear on the website! Good luck!

June 15, 2000- 11:33 AM! Hey, guys! How goes it? ;-) Anyway, onto movie news, thanks to our wonderfully helpful British friend, John Pearce and his website!

Magic role for Dame Maggie
< >Veteran actress Dame Maggie Smith, known for a lifetime of magical performances, could be putting Harry Potter under her spell. The 65-year-old star is understood to have had talks with the creators of the movie version of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, the first of JK Rowling's children's novels about a trainee wizard.Dame Maggie is up for the role of Professor Minerva McGonagall, deputy head of Harry's school. It is not yet clear, however, whether her stage schedule will allow her to take the part. The film is due to be shot in Britain later this year, but Dame Maggie is currently appearing in a lengthy run of the West End hit The Lady in the Van by Alan Bennett.
Express Newspapers, 2000 (Read original article here.)

Also from John . . .
< >"I was reading another ariticle about the possible reason why Spielberg pulled out of the movie. It seems he may have wanted the free run of the filming without any bother from Rowling telling him how true to the book the movie should be. She wanted a shared relationship on planning the movie. Also he had his own idea who should play Harry Potter - 12year old Haley Joel Osment. Another thing, I've read that it seems that on 8th July, Bloomsbury has organised a launch party for schoolchildren at King's Cross station, where one of the platforms will be turned into Harry's fititious platform 9 3/4. They will most likely choose a platform that has plenty of space. I think I read somewhere else? Not sure where, but could be wrong, that a steam train will be laid on, and possibly go on a signing tour with it? Anyway, I've now added this info in my LINKS item on King's Cross station that also has a map of the station."
(Gypsy's note: J. K. Rowling will be going on a signing tour on July 8th in Britain; I believe this is the start off.)

June 12, 2000- 11:53 AM! Hey, everyone! Today, in the Los Angeles Times, there was a huge section (in Southern California Living) about Harry Potter! Even the local morning news was talking about it! You can read it here or you can pick it up at a local grocery, drug store, or other place nearby. I highly suggest that because it's a great article!
< >Here's a special thanks to Roy Rivenburg - I'm really honored you wanted to interview me, Roy, and thank you very much! ::hugs her friend:: Thank you again so much!!

June 10, 2000- 11:03 PM! Hi, everyone! ::dances around for no reason in her flower crown:: I was at Knott's Berry Farm in Buena Park yesterday with my school and someone stole something right out of my bag! How rude people are! And I also think I know who it was, too, but anyway . . . ;-) By the way (btw), I've also slept 13 hours today and have been eating candy since I got up, so bear with me! ::grins::
< >Warner Brother redesigned its Harry Potter site (WB and Scholastic have gone past their limits in awesome sites!) and it kind of scared me a bit, seeing the title page. ;-) They officially announced, though, that Chris Columbus is directing, but most of us knew that all ready!
< >Ugh, and yes I will be updating all the sections soon. Let me get off this sugar high and get out of school in one piece (can you believe I have eight days left not including weekends?!). Then you'll see a huge leap for mankind . . . oops, maybe not man kind, but Gypsy-kind. And I'll also - on request without her knowing of a friend of mine - I'll be adding a whole list of people who are personalities of mine, as a joke. You'll all either get a laugh out of it or be scared away. ;-)

June 8, 2000- 8:24 PM! Hey guys! It was a glorious, partly-cloudy day here in Southern California and spectacularly beautiful. I wish I had a picture. ::grins:: Anyway, Warner Brothers' store is now offering Harry Potter items - for a limited time. Check them out - if you like them, they're pretty cool keep sakes!
< >Also, thanks to Elena who confirmed to me that the HP movie will be out November 16, 2001. ::grins:: Right in time for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and my 16th birthday. ;-) (Thanks to those who corrected my stupity for typing 2000!)

June 2, 2000- 11:12 PM! Hey guys! I'm just giving out a few - but important - messages, so read carefully! I saw just a while ago that Scholastic updated their HP section and it looks great (unlike certain other sections . . .) Check it out - I personally have a lot of silly grudges on Scholastic, but they out did themselves on the HP section!
< >Message Board Update: Thanks for all of you who told me about the mbs! I don't know what's going on - so I'm working on getting new ones, possibly, or doing something of the sort. If you have any places that have message boards and would like to suggest it, E-mail me.
< >If you're wondering about all the weird "Angelfire" images everywhere - I'm at a loss. I can tell you what's wrong, but I have complained. I'm waiting for an explanation, so . . .
< >Sorry for the troubles! I'm working on it, along with tons of school work, tests, and other stuff!

P.S.: South West News Service will be talking with J. K. Rowling on the morning on July 8th and they want your questions for her! Visit their great site (and thanks for E-mailing me, Jay!)
< >And also, thanks to UpComingMovies.com for mentioning us on their page! (I love you guys - and yeah, yeah, the colors ARE a bit wild! ;-))

June 1st, 2000- 1:15 PM! Hey everyone! Just want to give you a heads up that Family Wonders is offering copies of Harry Potter IV for 25 dollars! But only for the first 10,000 who order! And I'd like to mention that Amazon.com now says that Book 4 is 752 pages! (Thanks, Claudia and Paula!)


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