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July 1999

Our Boring Files:
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July 31, 1999- Characters main page is up along with two of it's subpages - Potters and Dursleys. The Movie, Diagon Alley, Games, and many more are up, but not totally done and Fan Works will be moving over to Diagon Alley and will be replaced by Rumors, and the web ring will also be "walking" over to Diagon Alley, too. Also, I am being very calm and not going out of control, but Netscape liked Angelfire and I uploaded all the pics I have! YAY!!! I'm obviously very, very happy about this. :-) Rumors page is put up - send some in!
< >And Jenna, the FAN FICTION was MY idea, I just hadn't got the page up yet, you thief!!!! :-)
< >Thanks to David Ruskey (a big shot 16 year old webmaster) for complimenting my site! And yes, I do think you will like Harry Potter. ::rolls her eyes in pity for him:: :-) j/k. And also, thanks to Kimberly for answering my question about why someone would press a link that doesn't work. As a joke, I should give you all a non-working link, but . . . here ya go.
< >Oh, the heck with it. This is getting too long. Lots of this are happening!!! If it isn't obvious. Yes, there are blank pages and broken links, but I'll fix them soon enough. I have a class up though! Astronomy. Little, but it will be cool!

July 30, 1999- Quotes page is up and running! Woo hoo!!!!!! Par-tay! Wave your hands in the air! I added a question with my abnoxious answer to the FAQ and I will be archiving the old news today, which you can read here!
< >And guess what?! The Intro is done! Go read it now!!!!!! :-)

July 29, 1999- Aren't you proud of me? I did work! Yay!! Um, yeah. I did. Check out the Links and Books pages, if you don't believe me!

July 28, 1999- Well, if you want to know, the Web Ring is on the Great Hall of Message Boards page here. It wouldn't have looked very good on the index page. Sorry, Jenna! :-( Well, it will take you to one of THE best Harry Potter sites, but mine won't come up until (or if) Jenna forgives me. ::makes sad puppy eyes and whimpers:: Jenna? Jenna? Jenna?! :-) Also, Netscape doesn't like Angelfire very much anymore, but I'm going to try to get in and upload at least the pics for the Web Ring which are really, really cool!
< >Oh, you may need to upload pages just in case IE or Netscape (what I used when it was possible) did not do it automatically. Okay? Okay. :-) Also, you may see a teenie tiny new counter near the bottom of the page. It depends if I bothered (or remembered) to put it up. :-)

July 27, 1999- Alas. ::sigh:: It was too good to last. Netscape hates Angelfire - again. ::sigh:: Well, also, a factor also states that the hard drive has a tini tiny bit of free space left, or so it says. ::sigh::
< >Hmm. This page is getting rather . . . long. I should do an archive. Hmm. (UPDATED: 11/20/99 - Obviously, I did!)
< >Well, during the day, while the laptop is gone, (being defragmented and used in another, unnamed place), I will be working on my in-depth looks at ALL the characters. I mean completely every single character that has ever talked (or made a noise). This includes people, animals, and creatures. I have had no sleep since one yesterday and it is eight in the morning now and I spent SIX AND A HALF hours reading the books and scribbling down names and there are A LOT of names.
< >I'm also going to write up at least part of the intro on my other computer which is NOT hooked up to the Internet, thank you VERY much, Mother. :-) I may also start on the Harry/Ron/Hermione/Ginny triangle - er - square that has been nagging me and I hate those stupid lovey dovey things everyone does on a book series with young characters. Alas. ::sigh::

July 26, 1999- Haha! Triumph!!! My Netscape is beginning to like Angelfire again! Whoohoo!!!!!!!!!! It is going slow by means of uploading pictures, though. But still . . . TRIUMPH!!!! PAR-TAY!!!!!!!!

July 25, 1999- Don't you DARE nag me about the FAQ page. I know it looks REALLY BIG on Netscape. It's not my fault! It was FINE just twenty minutes before I started adding onto the FAQ. Also, the FAQ wouldn't save, or preview, or anything, so I'm going to work on it later, possibly when it works? Hmm. Yeah. That's a good idea.
< >And yes, I know, there are no new backgrounds. ANYWHERE. Well, I realized soon after, that I CANNOT upload my pictures because I'm not using Netscape (it's STILL not working very well) and I can't install the FTP because my hard drive will not support it. So, no pictures, no backgrounds. Nothing. Nada. Zip. If I can gain access to another computer with the Internet, I'll upload as fast as I can.

July 24, 1999- YAY!!!!!!!!! I'm in the Harry Potter Web Ring!!! Happy days!!!!!!!!!!!! ::starts singing the fishy dance song:: :-) Ahem, *cough* well. Anyway, that's about it. I'll probably load some backgrounds today, but that's it and alter the faq a bit.
Later this day- EVERYONE SCREAM!!!!!! I fixed the way the front page looks! YAY!!!!!

July 23, 1999- Well, ::cocks an eyebrow and nods:: interesting. Okay, deal is, my Netscape was messing up, so I decided to use Internet Explorer (which I loathe). I went to my site, and er, okay. BIG font. If you have Internet Explorer, looks as if that's the way it's going to be, unless someone knows how to change it without having to change the way it looks on Netscape. You also can't here the little song playing on here or the animated background right here, too, it seems. ::looks at her site again and . . . shudders::
< >On the "lighter" side of the news, I got a sister site last night and the links page was UPDATED!!! I also got my FAQ up. YAY!!!!!! But, ::sigh:: having a lovely time trying to get everything the way I wanted, so please don't nag me about it. I'm already annoyed . . . :-)

July 20, 1999- Like the sound clip? Hmm. I thought it went well with the background. :-) I would like to mention that today is the 30th anniversary of Apollo 11 (the moonwalk) for the space program in which President John F. Kennedy began during his presidency. In light of the current happenings of the past few days, I would like to express my condolences to the families of John F. Kennedy Jr., his wife, Caroline, and her sister, Lauren.

July 17, 1999- Well, Gypsy here. I've been working on this site for a while now and it's going okay. If the links don't work, sorry, but I'll get them working as soon as possible. K? K.


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