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July 2001

Our Boring Files:
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July 13, 2001- 7:13 PM! Ooooh. ::dark music plays:: Friday the Thirteenth! Whee! Okay, I'd like to thank all the people that sent me corrections/additions to the character sections. That's what I get for lending books to people who don't return quickly. ::eyes narrow:: Anyway, also, our character artist, Meg, really appreciates all your raving comments about her pictures (I only hope she does more!). :-) July 11, 2001- 12:55 PM. ::prances around:: If you haven't seen Titan A.E., yet, watch it! ::giggles:: I love that movie. ::collects stares that say, "Where did that comment come from?":: Hrm - ::shrugs:: - I don't know, I just felt like saying that. :-) Anyway, thanks to Josh Griffith of MovieHeadlines.Net, we've got the following info on the final script (as the movie has ceased filming and is now in clean-up stages):
< >Want to get your hands on the new script for Harry Potter? One of the hottest movies of the fall has got a new way of preventing people from copying it or sending it via fax.
< >MHN sources is the UK today confirm that if you want a copy of the new Harry Potter script, you're going to need some seriously good luck. Here's why:
< >The script for the first Harry Potter is in abundance in the UK. However, it is so secretly kept, it is unbelievable. There is a first draft available for the first film, the secrecy around which exceeds that of the one for
Star Wars: Episode One. It is on non-xerox paper and the ink literally runs off if someone tries to fax it. Now this kind of stuff is what they say to scare people, but in this case, this author believes it.
< >My only questions are: why hasn't anyone attempt scanning it or actually taking photographs of it, OR - and this is something (note my sarcasm) - why can't anyone just type it up themselves? Holy smokes, are we too LAZY to type up a 100+ screenplay, post it on-line, and get in major trouble for it?! If anyone in the UK has a copy and is willing at least to take a photo or two of some pages, I'd like to see it. ::pleads::

P.S.: Thanks to all of you who have been sending me info on characters and complimented Meg's work!

July 8, 2001- 3:56 PM! Well, Attie and I ended up going to see Lara Croft: Tomb Raider and Attie has this to say: "I give it a point five on a one to four scale." Don't waste your money! It was boring. Jeez, I wanted to see Shrek, too, but it's not playing at my local - cruddy, ahem - movie cinema.
< >Onnnnnnnnnnnnn the upside, characters, after two years, is finally up!! WHOOO! YEAH!! ::dances around the may pole:: Whee! And I'm still building it, too, but it is up and operational, something many of you never thought possible! :-)
< >Updated the movie section - fixed the non-working links on the cast picture galleries which I messed around with and are now up. Next on my list is Fan Works and Links - and the stupid drop down menu isn't working! Ugh! Anyone?! Help?! ::cries:: I need another HTML code for that . . .
OOOOH!  Coffee!  Starbucks!  YAY

July 7, 2001- 1:21 AM! I'm pondering whether or not to see Shrek tomorrow (well, sometime today, after I go to sleep and wake up) or something else. Any ideas/recommendations? My best friend Attie and I need to figure out what to see and need some help. ::grin::
< >Okay, I completely got rid of the Facts section the other day and opened Articles, which has a still somewhat meager but growing collection of Harry Potter related articles. If you have any that I should know about, check out the section, and send me the article.
< >In the movie section, I also updated the cast lists (both condensed/fully formed and the pictures), with Richard Bremmer as Voldemort and others. Crew list was added to, and Celine Dion was taken off, since it's now been confirmed she did not record the song, "The Boy Who Lived" for the movie. The picture galleries are a little messed up, but they'll be finished by tomorrow.
< >As for the section on characters, I'm almost finished and I'm looking for quotes from the HP books! If you have quotes, type them up with who said it and in which book it appeared (quotes can be paragraphs/conversations). And . . . Happy Anniversary to my parents, Melanie and Robert, who celebrated twenty-five years on the fifth. They were married in Las Vegas, NV. :-)
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