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July 2000

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July 31, 2000- 3:30 PM! Happy Birthday, J. K. Rowling & Harry Potter! Officially, Ms. Rowling is 35 and Harry (though not real) is 15. ::sigh:: Harry's only a few months older than I am. :-) Also, a warm Happy B-Day to my BNHP sistah, Lesley!
< >Updated majorly again last night. About Me has now spawned to be a lot of other things, including a small bio about me. I love that new background . . . ::grins::
Special B-Day wishes again to JKR!

July 29, 2000- 10:20 PM! J. K. Rowling's B-day is on the 31st (two days!) and you can now send her birthday cards and letters to three different addresses! I majorly updated the Books section. It's much more beautiful than before and the covers page is fixed! Also, I worked on Characters - I put an image on it! Yay me! - Also, I completely fixed the news archives and April has once again appeared - but I think that I possibly worked a bit too much today. ::sigh:: I've been on the computer almost twelve hours now and I NEED to get offline and sleep. ;-)

July 22, 2000- 1:54 PM. Heh, I just realized, on either late Saturday or early Sunday (16th or 17th, I can never remember which), HP ROW (does that sound like a street name to anyone . . .?) turned one year old!! Aww, it's so cute, isn't it, the whittle babykins? Hehe, yeah, I'm okay, I'm just finally happy I will be able to put up fan fics in the next week or so, thank to my BNHP sistah (inside joke), Giulianna, who I love so much for helping me. :-)
< >Okay, for those who saw the 17th update that has now been "descrectely, dangit" (spelling wrong on purpose) erased, I am sorry. I was an idiot that morning, rushing around, trying to delete E-mail and other stuff. ::sigh:: And what a good vacation after that . . . oh, but by the way, does anyone have that link anymore? I think I actually should read the article before I post something wrong again. ::grins::

July 16, 2000- 3:37 PM! Hey, guys! Just wanted to give you a heads up that there is a Harry Potter article in People magazine (for July 24, 2000 w/ JK Jr. on the cover) with me in it!! I just got told by my friend, WitchyLady, and she told me she's going to be running around screaming at people that she knows me. :-) She's silly. Anyway, you might want to check it out, since I believe it is on HP fan fiction and written by a wonderful reporter, Jennifer Wren!
< >FYI (For Your Information), I will not be around for about four days, starting tomorrow, so PLEASE - NO E-mail! I have too much to sort through right now and don't have time for anymore! Please, don't send me anything until Thursday of this week! I beg you!!
< >Oh, and you should all be able to see the Geocities pages (anything with an Angelfire image on it) by tonight. ;-)

July 12, 2000- 4:18 PM. Thanks greatly to my cousin for the following article:
July 11 - The making of the Harry Potter movie seems to be going through a bad spell. "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone" - the first in the phenomenally successful series of books by J. K. Rowling - is being turned into a movie by Warner Brothers. The film will be directed by Chris Columbus, the man behind "Mrs. Doubtfire" and "Home Alone," but sources say that a major battle has broken out over the casting of Harry.

ROWLING HAS INSISTED that the role should be played by a British actor, and Susie Figgis, the top casting director in the U.K. was assigned the task of locating him.Some 40,000 young boys have applied for the position, and more than 300 have been auditioned. Now, Figgis has quit in a snit, charging that Columbus really wants an American to play the role. What's more, sources say, there are rumors that the movie may be set in America, rather than in England. Figgis has been telling associates that Columbus has been thwarting her effort, and that no British actor has been asked for a call back for a second audition. Figgis has been replaced with an American casting director, Janet Hirshenson, and charges are flying that Columbus and Warners want to "Hollywoodize" the film. It's not that Warners is dead set against a British actor or a British location, they just have to face the financial reality that it would probably be a bigger hit in the U.S. if there's an American flavor to the film," says a film world source. "We're talking about a potential difference in the eight figures. No decision has been made yet, but it's something they have to consider." Filming is expected to start shortly and Warner Bros. is hoping to get the movie in theaters by Christmas 2001. "We have no comment," says a spokesperson for Warner Bros.

July 8th, 2000- 10:28 AM! Hey, everyone! Let me tell you, since I didn't preorder my book at Barnes and Noble, I was quite lucky (and near the front of the line) to get a copy of the 4th book. If you haven't seen it, you'll be amazed - it's thick as in dictionary thick . . .
< >Anyway, for those who are wondering, I haven't replied to a lot of my E-mail from about the 26th of June to the 5th of July. I have over two hundred right now to sort through, so please be patient with me! (It would also be appriciated if no one sends any E-mail about the 4th book! I don't want to be spoiled!)
< >Here are some articles of interest: Hundred Line Up For HP4 & Rowling Stunned by Madness.
< >There will not be any major updates to the site for a few days (as there will be people not having Book 4 yet), though the message boards & chat rooms will still be open. Beware, is all I can say, because they will be discussing Book 4!
< >Now, I'm going back to bed so I can read more of HP 4 - ::grins:: - but I cannot go without saying something to the people I hung out with at B&N last night and early this morning! Janine, Amanda, & SnortKid (::laughs::), thanks for the help in "borrowing" those business cards, and a hi to Kyle, Jeremy, Blain, Matt, and their parents, Ms. Kruse, Kiran, Mrs. Creasey, and Erin! ::waves frantically:: Anyway, enough of my rambling. Enjoy Book 4!

July 6. 2000- 9:02 PM! If you're in Britain, check out this site. If you're in America, check out the following book sellers that will be open at midnight, but call before you go down there tomorrow night, just in case! -- (anyone who knows any others, E-mail me!)
Barnes & Noble
Page One Books
B. Daltons
Book House
Little Professor
Hawley Book Sellers

< >Notice: Check for Harry Potter calendars (two, wall & day to day) and strategy guide, coming soon in September from Scholastic! (Thanks, Janine!)

July 4, 2000- 7:27 PM! Hey, everyone! I'm home and Happy Fourth of July! ::grins:: Don't ask about the colors - I'm at an air force base spinning around in a rollie chair, listening to guns and fireworks going off, so I'm rather giddy.
< >ABC News: There will be a story on Harry Potter on World News Tonight (on Thurdsday, the 6th of July) that should be of interest to any HP fans. Most air times are 6:30 to 7:00 PM, but check local listings, just in case. (You just might see an interview with me!)

July 1, 2000- 1:38 CDT (11:38 PST)! Girl in Virginia Gets Book 4!
All Hyped Up About Harry Potter


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