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January 2003

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January 26, 2003 12:24 PM
< >::grins happily:: My fan fiction, "The Love That Shattered a Man" was translated into Portuguese by a lovely lady named Carol Graymalking. That makes me happy! This is the translation and this is Carol's lovely site.
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January 22, 2003 1:36 PM
< >David Thewlis has now officially been confirmed to play Remus J. Lupin. I've been looking at him more and while I'm still inclined to scream "David Wenham!" and he's not really Lupin, I think Mr. Thewlis will do a fine job. He was in Seven Years in Tibet, one of my favourite movies. He's also been seen in Dinotopia, Whateever Happened to Harold Smith?, Ganster No. 1, The Big Lebowski, The Island of Dr. Moreau, Black Beauty, Total Eclipse, James and the Giant Peach, and Dragonheart.
< >Bald comedian Jim Tavaré will play the Leaky Cauldron's bartender, Tom. Still not my idea of the character, but the man cracks me up. He didn't know much about Tom until he "researched the character on the various HP websites. Apparently he resembles a wizened toothless walnut." Muwahaha! I rather like this man. ;-) Here's his official website.
< >In other news (thanks Kate!), the Chamber of Secrets DVD comes out well over a month earlier than I expected (probably marketing for the fifth book). It will show up in stores April 11! In America, the DVD will cost $29.99 and the VHS will be $24.99. I vow to buy a DVD player or filch one from a neighbour now. The DVD is going to have a lot of extra footage.
Thanks to Mercadies for the picture of David Thewlis!
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January 20, 2003 11:08 PM
< >I think it's very funny that people are believing all these ridiculous rumours about who will play Albus Dumbledore, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, and Peter Pettigrew in the third movie. In order of the previously listed names, here are the rumours:

Michael Gambom/Ian McKellan, Gary Oldman, David Thewlis, and Timothy Spall.
< >Gag me on everyone except for Ian McKellan and perhaps David Thewlis. I'm sorry, but I just don't like any of them, and suddenly the casting is more important than Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix coming out June 21, 2003. These rumours are all over the Internet and I cringe every time I read it. Nothing's been confirmed and we probably won't know until they begin filming in mid-February when some sneaky photographer can get a picture of someone walking around. And then, there will be tons of speculation as to who the guy is (maybe Fred Noops the caterer? Seymour Butts the gaffer?) until Warner Brothers gets sick of not saying anything and is forced to tell us.
< >Ooh, well, that was mean. Anyway, want to know some better picks for roles mentioned above? I've been getting extremely good suggestions I haven't had time to post on the POA casting page, but I'll do it here. Most of them are better than the suspects.
  • Albus Dumbledore: Sean Bean (I've been yelled at for this suggestion!) or Bernard Hill.
  • Sirus Black: Gerard Butler, Sean Bean, Jason Carter Clive Owen, Colin Firth, or Rufus Sewell. Of course, everyone wants Viggo Mortensen, but he's a New Yorker. ;-)
  • Remus Lupin: David Wenham, Ronan Vibert, Daniel Day-Lewis, Crispin Bonham-Cartan, Michael Vartan, Ewan McGregor, Joseph Fiennes, or Ralph Fiennes.
  • Peter Pettigrew: Alan Cumming or Christopher Eccleston.
    < >Thanks to everyone who have been sending in suggestions. I encourage you to keep doing it. Maybe the filmmakers will picks some actors who actually fit the role.
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    January 15, 2003 4:25 PM
    < >Thank you all for this info. I think I've received about thirty E-mails from all of you wonderful people telling me that Book 5, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix will be published

    June 21, 2003!

    < >Besides noting the fact I wrote a little editorial/theory last night, I invite you all to get off your chairs and join me in a jig. I shouldn't be making an assumption this early, but the two British versions - adult and child - will be 768 pages. Goblet of Fire is 636 pages long and in the American version it's 734. That means the American version of OOP will be in the 800s (because you all know we need bigger print . . . just kidding). We've got a dictionary-sized book coming, everyone. Yay! :-)
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    January 12, 2003 4:01 PM
    < >Updates, updates, updates! Links was updated with several sites (jeez, four sister sites). I also posted the cast list for POA though I am missing Pam Ferris and Michael Gambon probably shouldn't be listed as Dumbledore, but I'm too lazy to remove it. Anyway, I also updated fan fiction. Several chapters of Hannah Davenport's When the Night Broke went up finally and so did a ficlet of hers. Much more fics by next weekend, I promise. Next, I updated random quotes. Instead of two pages, that section is now about twenty-six. Go me! And I posted quotes of the lovely J. K. Rowling. Enjoy!
    < >On a side note: Beanie, one of the two main moderators of the forum and one of the featured fanfic writers is helping me to recode the fan fiction section so the stories look prettier. We're sharing the work and you should all give her Elmer Fudd-shaped cookies. She likes those. :-) So basically, that's why some of the fan fiction pages are different looking than others. Of course, I must also wish Orlando Bloom a happy birthday. He turns 26 tomorrow. ::squeals like a little fangirl and doesn't care::
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    January 10, 2003 5:57 AM
    < >Bloomsberg is reporting that Bloomsbury (publishing company in Britain for Harry Potter) is reporting that Book 5, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, will not come out until July. Nooo! By then it will have been three years since a book was last published in the seven-book series and knowing my luck, if this is true, I will be leaving the country on a plane the same day the book comes out and I will be in tears as my delegation group flies to Madrid. Urgh! Also, the article, which I've linked in my signature, also suggests - contrary to all the rumours running about - that J. K. Rowling has still not given her publishers a manuscript. So, according to all the rumours and such going around, we could see Book 5 (OoP) anywhere between February and July. Otherwise, I don't know what to say. ::sighs::
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    January 8, 2003 11:10 PM
    < >Annabel House of the Scotsman wrote a very interesting article on slash. "Slash" means a homosexual relationship in fan fiction. This is a fairly dark and controversial subject, so you might want to exercise some caution before you think of perusing the article. If you do read the article, you'll realize what a scary prospect for many fanfiction writers. My beta-reader, or proofreader, for my current slash story is actually quoted in the article. Savidana is a great person and has very good things to say, despite the fact Annabel House seems to be slightly biased - at least in my opinion. Anyway we are having a lively discussion about the article and the aspects of slash and just regular fan fiction on the forums and you are welcome to join in on the conversation.
    < >I'm hearing rumblings that Book 5, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, may come out anywhere between February and May of this year. While that sounds great, it's contradictory of what Scholastic has said in that past - they do not see the book coming out until after the beginning of the new fiscal year, which is the first of June. (Also odd, because the fiscal year doesn't begin until 1 July, though I could be getting my information mixed-up.)
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    January 4, 2003 2:28 PM
    < >Now people are saying that E!Online was incorrect in saying Michael Gambon would play Albus Dumbledore in the next movie. At this point, with all the rumours running around, I might as well throw my two cents in: Sean Bean. Dress him up and age him with lots of make-up. He has great eyes, is an active man, and I think he would do an excellent job. Alas, at the moment, no Dumbledore, and more rumours to tell you guys about: Gary Oldman has been confirmed for the next two movies. The only person I can think he would play would be Sirius Black (since Sirius shows up in Book 3 and 4). Let me just say how much I love Gary, but NO! If he turns out to be playing Sirius Black, I think I'll jump off my roof. He just isn't Sirius.
    < >Quickie note about Gary's rumoured casting: playing Peter Pettigrew is unlikely because we need a shorter, balding, light-haired man for that role. He could play Dumbledore, I suppose, if they were to age him like I want Sean Bean to be aged, but I also find that unlikely. I'm pretty sure Warner Brothers is looking for an older British chap to play our favourite headmaster!
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    January 3, 2003 6:11 PM
    < >Happy New Year! I'm a few days late, but it's as good a time as any I think. I've updated the Prisoner of Azkaban (POA) movie section. The cast list is up, unfortunately sans Richard Harris, and I updated my Sirius Black/Remus Lupin thing with one guy; a few more probably will be posted in the next few days. I'm putting up Michael Vartan, possibly Sean Bean, and a few other numbskulls. (Kidding!) I also completely updated You Know You've Read Too Much Harry Potter When.... About 120 submissions were added and I condensed it to one page, so it may take a while loading, but I hope y'all can work it! Also, updates to the Links page, my short stories, and the forums are being cleaned.
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