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January 2002

Our Boring Files:
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January 30, 2002- 11:29 PM. I know, I know, you all thoroughly despise me. I have, however, several very good reasons for not being around in the past week. Last week, we had FINALS. Yours truly now has a 4.17 GPA - ack! Should have done better in Honors Algebra II. Would you believe it, though? It's an epiphany! Gypsy got an A (one of three) in French! ::spins around the room like mad in the wheely-chair::
< >Mes amis, j'ai une bonne note! That means, "My friends, I have a good grade!" which also means now that crunch time is over in school and now that my schedule has finally straightened out, I WILL BEGIN REWORKING THE WEBSITE FRIDAY. I've "semi-lied" in the past, but I mean it this time. Do not despair if for some reason the website has a sign that says, "Under Construction." It will be very temporary and it would be due to some server problems. Work starts Friday!

January 17, 2002- 10:13 PM! The Submitted Fiction pages are finally up (thank heaven) and I fixed my mistakes on this page! It is NOT 2001, it is NOT 2001. ::keeps repeating that to herself:: Um, yeah. Well, after this cookie rally I'm going to for Girl Scouts (who's ordering from me?!), I'll get more stuff up on the submitted pages. Yay. :-)

January 6, 2002- 8:41 PM! Mom, can't I stall just for a little bit longer on my math homework? Please??? ::yelps and cowers as her mother glares:: Okay, okay, just five - no, no, four - more minutes! ::sweatdrop:: Ahem, anyway, I fixed my fanfiction section - hey, whaddya know, it works! I am now aware of a problem slowly fixing itself in fan art and the submitted fanfiction. Give me three days and I promise it will be done - unless I die on this coming math test.
< >A few days ago, I was given a petition written by a fan of this site. She asked me to put it up and here it is: Petition For Longer Harry Potter Film. It's named this because we know the movie could be even better than it already is if they put the uncut version in! All we need is an intermission. :-)
< >Hey, and peeps out there with Harry Potter websites! Please check out the new and improved Top 25 Harry Potter Sites! I fixed it and deleted everyone on there; so whether you're a veteran member or a promising new one, please sign up!:

January 4, 2002- 11:39 PM! Ringing in the new year, I have put up and renewed things in the site. Fan Works is officially up, though I'm not promising all the links are working. However, what I am especially proud of is, is that I now have a new E-mail address which will now NEVER change. It is Gypsy@HarryPotterRealm.com. Please forward all your E-mail to there!
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