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January 2000

Our Boring Files:
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January 29, 1999- 9:42 PM! And hi to Mrs. Garrett! ::grins:: Yes, most of my teachers have seen my site. It's slightly scary!
< >Okay, I've been working on Fan Works like crazy, but I HATE MY COMPUTER. It's messing with my head. I'm going to post a song tonight and some art, as long as I don't get disconnected and the computer freezes (for the ten-thousandth time). Is it a curse for Harry Potter webmistresses to have computer problems or something?!
< >And I also cannot read any E-mail I got today. Angelfire - ::growls:: - has not allowed any E-mail sent today to reach my E-mail box! I'm obviously p-oed. If you're wondering HOW I know this, well, I've sent myself stuff and they haven't come, and I've also gotten reviews at Fanfiction.net and they aren't here, like they were last night...
< >Some good news! We will be starting a new section soon! A very good friend of ours (some of you may remember his movie information!) will have his own section of editorials. I know you'll all love his info!
< >Bye for now, everyone! I'm not sure about the problems with my E-mail so if I don't reply, um . . . I am now going to go back to scream at the computer and listen to Britney Spears! :-) ::grins:: I can see ALL of you cringing! Teehehe. ::continues her evil laugher for a while::

January 27, 1999- 7:07 PM! ::waves vigorously at her language arts/homeroom teacher:: Hi Ms. K!!!! Anywho, if you all MUST know where my horrible story is, it's here. Um, again, anywho, I fixed the link to submitted fan fiction and I'll work on it over the weekend and try to get a bunch of new material up. I also updated the "General" FAQ.
< >I didn't get to do ANYTHING this week, sadly, because I was away from the computer for a while and I still have E-mail to read. Life is stressful. Anywho, now, as my fingers tire for the first time in my life and I try and fail to use one hand, I must go! Bye for now! Look for new stuff coming soon!

January 22, 2000- 11:58 PM. I told you all I was a night owl . . . ::grumbles:: Anyway, updated links, movie rumors, reviews, fan works (I fixed most of the links and add a few poems), I updated Books (finally!), About Me, and I started my music page so you can easily get to what I use.
< >It's the "story" many have been waiting for! I will be FINALLY posting "Across Enemy Lines" tomorrow! Eck, I personally think it's horrible, but I guess that's for all you who read it to judge. By the way, the story topped out at about 76 pages, much more than many other regular stories I've done, but that's another story! :-)
< >Um, what else did I do? Oh! Added a great award I got on Wednesday! It's so pretty!
< >And PLEASE people, I do NOT work for you! I may be a bit slow getting things up (and please, I update all the time!), but again, I DO NOT WORK FOR YOU. ::glares mirthlessly at Rex:: Slavedriver!!! :-)

January 15, 2000- WE PASSED 100,000 VISITORS! Whoohee!!!! ::celebrates for a little while::
< >Anywho, now that my excitement (for the moment) has been subsided, major news here! Rumors was TOTALLY updated last night! Hope ya'll like it - and I added more news to book 4 and movie! I will get the "Funny Rumors" up soon, promise!
< >Links! Wow! Major ones there, too! Redid everything! It looks quite beautiful, in my opinion! And I thought I was also done adding links for the night. Nope. I found a WHOLE lot more, so I must add those, too!
< >Many of you are wondering if you can vote for my site in "The Top 25 Harry Potter Sites" and the answer is no. That's my service! You don't make a voting thing and put yourself in it! That's silly! And also quite ridiculous. ::coughs::
< >Slightly updated Leaky Cauldron, since I joined a few more webrings and tweaked the chat room a bit. I now have two chats that don't work. How very interesting, no?
< >I'm going to be updating all week soon, but I won't update probably until this next Friday or Saturday, unless there's a big story! :-) Bye for now, everyone!
< >Oh, by the way, if any of you are wondering about what I think of people cloning the monkeys, here it is: "Cool! . . . actually . . . AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!"

January 14, 2000- 7:30 AM! Must get to school, but had to update! Um, there's a new section called 'Fan Forum', I majorly updated the FAQ and must do more, did a bit of the Author section, and I will soon be updating links, rumors, and fan works. Thank you very much! Bye for now!
Oh! And also, I got another award and the section was updated for the "clerical errors" my mother pointed out to me - rather shrewdly at that. ::grins, knowing she won't have to face her mom until later today for being on the computer this early and saying that::

January 8, 2000- 6:08 PM. Ikies! Haven't updated in a few days. Um, well, I'm doing a secret project with fan works, so leave me alone about it for a while (::laughs because it really isn't a big deal::), but people! Stop hounding me about Across Enemy Lines! I'm redoing it (or, rather, I will be soon . . .)! I've been too busy with school so much I've barely gotten on my other computer to work on anything but school work. ::sighs::
< >Anyway, I updated Links with more Harry Potter links, and some stuff I like to see on the Internet. ::grins:: Also, please keep voting for me, despite the ugliness of that thing. ::sighs:: Oh, a good thing - we're number eighteen at Slambook.com! WOW!
< >Well, hope you all had a great week back to work and school in the new year! I had a pretty good one, at least! ;-)

January 2, 2000- 8:05 PM!!! I trust you all had great a great New Years! ::sees nods:: I know I drank nasty apple cider, heard illegal fireworks being blasted off, and stayed up 'til four in the morning, only to wake up at five-thirty, so I could tape the Rose Parade! I got to work on the Cinderella one! I was twenty feet up, dangling off a little ledge! ::people start throwing stuff at her and yelling "On with the news!":: All right, all right!
< >Well, everybody, after that little monologue, I have not done really anything since last Thurday, because: one, it took all of Thursday to unnecessarily back up all my files; and two, I didn't have access to the computer until 10:30 last night, and a hundred some E-mails waiting for me, just so you know . . .
< >Anyway, what I did do, was actually archive last month's news, and check out Slambook.com. My slambook is the 20th most answered slambook! We're famous!!! ::laughs insanely:: Anyway, I'll be updating the Disclaimer so you little stealers (::says this is a Wicked Witch of the West voice::) know your place. Anyway, have a good one everyone!


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