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February 2000

Our Boring Files:
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February 27, 2000- 12:55 PM! Okay, I messed up. Twice yesterday! Sorry, I was tired at the time and sorely in need of water.
< >Anyway, Steve Kloves is not the director (I'll fix my information; I skipped over too much in the article), and thanks to my pal, Quidditch_Seeker, he corrected me about the Buffy thing. Fox makes Buffy . . . oh, well, I'm a little out of it.
< >I'm going to go smack myself for a while for my ignorance . . . :-) See ya'll later!

February 26, 2000- 4:20 PM! Wow, pretty early updates, no? Anyway, I lied - I didn't work on Links AT ALL this past week. Sorry, I have had absolutely ZERO time!
< >As I found out on Wednesday, and as anyone who hasn't been in the dark all week knows, Steven Spielberg has dropped out of being one of the directors. Salon.com tells me, though, that another man is the most likely director! Go to our Rumors page for details!
< >I updated the look of History and we also got another Award! Thanks to Slytherin Reviews!
< >I also updated my story, The Love That Shattered a Man, a bit. It now has jumping rumors and music on it! If you, an author or artist, would like music on their work page, please E-mail me and specify the music - I'll try to find it!
< >And one more piece of info - Warner Brothers may be in the works of shutting down ALL fan sites of Harry Potter! (Fox did it to Buffy, though Warner Brothers does Buffy . . .) Anyway, can they do this? is my hysterical question! Isn't it violating the First Amendment?! Answers, anyone?

February 20, 2000- 3:28 PM! Hey, everyone! I majorly updated the submitted fan fiction area! And actually got a few new ones up! Aren't you proud of me?
< >If you plan to send any fan work stuff into me in the near or far future, please see Fan Works for new places to send your fan stuff, kay? Thank you and now I must go!
< >By the way, I will be slowly updating Links (I have about a hundred or more to add), so look out for more of that section (Fanatic) to be updated!

February 16, 2000- Hello to the Freaky Girls from Barnes and Noble (Amanda and Janine!) and Kyle! LOL, I still can't believe you guys memorized the Hogwarts song - I mean, WOW! I haven't even done that!
< >I updated Rumors a bit and I will be doing more - I just wanted to give a shout out to my new friends of last night! You guys are cool!

February 12, 2000- 4:31 PM. Okay, I'm totally back! Yay! Happy Valentine's Day a little early, everyone! Remember, even if you don't give little cards out to people (::cough::, like me), just tell someone they are special to you! (Too sappy? Yes? Good!)
< >I updated Movie Rumors a bit, and I got another award! JOY! ::cough:: Btw, I am aware of the wrong link from the other award giver. It's correct on the awards page, just not on this page, if that makes any sense . . .
< >I will be updating Submitted Fan Fiction soon! I promise! Just don't expect everything to be up today, okay? Okay. ;-)
< >Well, better go and get working. It was fun rambling to you all again! Love ya all! See ya'll later!

February 6, 2000- 7:39! Hey, everyone! I haven't gotten much done, lately, but anyway, added a GREAT new fan art Cadet and I have been stuggling to put up. And it's triumph that we finally did!
< >Anyway, I'm going to be gone for a few days (four, to be exact), so hold any gigantic E-mails to my normal account, kay?
< >I also updated Quotes, so check that out and more coming in soon in a lot of categories! Please note all people who wrote Fan Quizzes! Please send them again to Gypsy@3moons.net! I will try to get them up as soon as humanly possible!
< >And we received another award! Thanks to the Enchanted Hollow!
< >And majorly updated rumors - thanks to the UHPFC (partly), info we already had, and Scholastic!!! (::cough:: That's actually Scholastic's chat that you can read a transcript of here!)

February 1st, 2000- 7:38 PM! Happy February, everyone! And yes, my E-mail is now working again (thank everything possible!). Um, if anyone reading this knows how to convert BMP files to JPGs (JPEGs), E-mail me! If you can convert a few pics, I'd be grateful to you forever!!!
< >At this time, I'd like to turn very serious and do what I did for John Jr., his wife, and her sister back in July. I would like to take a moment of silence for the victims of Flight 261 that crashed off the coast of California last night. My heart goes out to the friends and family of the victims.


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