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December 1999

Our Boring Files:
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Tuesday, December 28, 1999- 10:50 PM! As my sister-in-law says (and everyone else my family has come in contact with), I'm a night owl. And that's now been truthfully stated! :-)
< >Anyway, updated rumors (with some good book four info), fan art, fan poems, and fan songs (don't bug me if they don't work for a while, I KNOW!), November News Archives, Awards, Links, Leaky Cauldron (you all know there's a chat there, right?), and made a new poll. The other was old and boring. Anyway, g'night, I'm happy about the Italin version of the first Harry Potter book I got, and good bye for now! Please remember to vote for me!

Monday, December 27, 1999- Happy Belated Boxing Day and Kwanzaa everyone!!!! Now, onto business!
< >I finally got most of Gina's fic - ::hears an exasperated (and sarcastic) "THANK YOU!!" in the background:: - and will be adding more soon, but I have to prepare for Y2K on the website . . . Anywho, basically, that's it, as I work on making sure all my files are backed up on all my web site accounts, and please, please, PLEASE vote for me in the top ten Harry Potter websites!!!!
< >Here's another banner for the site, as well:

Thursday, December 23, 1999- 11:48 PM! ::yawn:: It's late, but I know I needed to update because I did some stuff. Quotes, Rumors (book six info! A first! And a whole lot), Links, and FAQ were all worked on! Merry Christmas to those who celebrate and over and out for two days!

Thursday, December 23, 1999- 4:31! Yo, everyone! Merry Christmas to all those who celebrate! "Past Polls" is done and ready for your viewing pleasure! I updated Characters with a new background. Everyone satisfied now? Anywho, a bit of fan works (art & poems) done up and I wil be having a big load of new fan fiction VERY soon posted. Trust me!
< >And due to popular request, a chat was added in the Leaky Cauldron! But don't stray from the message boards, people! Also, a tiny bit of the Quidditch section was updated (there's now an RPG board), and I believe that is all for this season. :-) Happy Holidays everyone!

Sunday, December 19, 1999- 2:29 PM: Hello all! Sorry about not updating lately. REALLY sorry, but I've have a really hectic last two weeks at school, I've been sick, and had my ex sister-in-law and niece over this weekend, but I loved the break, actually. :-) Anywho, during the past week and a half, I updated Links, a bit of Fan Works - eck, I'm still working on everything, so hold your horses everyone, and everything will be pretty. :-) I updated Rumors a bit (the main page) and I will be getting up more rumors soon - I truly promise!
< >I would like to thank my pals, The Vigilantes (also known as "The Vigs") for the very nice and wonderful things they said about my pal Lee and I. ::grin:: I also was updating books, but I got this huge error and lost the whole thing . . .
< >Okay, everybody, sorry for the short update, but I'm off to do more fanfics and try to access my E-mail. (I'm having trouble! ::sobs::) My b-day's coming up! ::smiles icily, thinking about what her math teacher told her:: I'm going "to be old." I have really weird teachers, especially her . . . :-) Oh, and I think Lindsay the Ethereal would like me to mention that she has been vistor number - well, I can't remember them, but a bunch of odd ones with "00" at the ends. :-) And everyone go out and watch the wonderful movie Evita!

December 7, 1999- 11:14 PM! I'm up late and have to go to bed soon, so I'll make this quick. We got a banner! YAY! I'm lucky! I will be archiving Nov. News soon, and links, rumors, and fan works WILL be updated soon! Also, a "Thanks" was added to About Me and FAQ was again updated with new a background and music!
Happy Hanukah with its many spellings! :-)
Love ya,

December 1, 1999- 10:32 PM! Please read the following statement from Newsround: (Is it just me or have I become a statement giving (and receiving) gal lately? :-))
< >Just to let you know - Newsround, the award winning BBC Children's News Programme ran a story about J K Rowling tonight.
< >The Prisoner of Azkaban won the top children's book award in the UK. J. K. Rowling was interviewed in the piece by presenter Lizo Mzimba.
< >In it she gave a few bits of exclusive news about Book 4 and later books. In Book 4 we will meet a new Weasley. A cousin of Ron etc. And JKR described her as being 'quite interesting'. The ending of book will be very frightening - she says it has to be to tie in with the overall plot (I assume this means the book will END with the death of a major character).
< >At the moment the final word of book 7 is scar (but she she says she might well change that at some point when she does Book 7) As well as Sirius, Bobby [Gypsy's note: I think they mean Peter or Dobby] and Lupin, the Dementors will be back in later books.
< >Auditions in UK for movie are now happening. The story is on Newsround's web page http://www.bbc.co.uk/newsround (or will be shortly) and will stay there until tomorrow afternoon (UK time) The whole story, as featured on the programme, will be on that URL also in real video form, until tomorrow afternoon. If you use any of the facts, it would be grateful if you could say that she told them to BBC Children's show Newsround in the UK.
Many Thanks,
< >Webmistress' Note: This was sent to Jenna and me on this same day, so if we have similar information, we didn't copy each other on this matter. Rumors was slightly updated, along with the author section. :-)


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