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December 2002

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December 30, 2002 3:23 PM
< >Actor Michael Gambom is supposedly the new Dumbledore. EOnline is reporting that he will play Albus Dumbledore in the next Harry Potter movie. The site also reporters Warner Brothers wants very much to have a fourth movie. ::gags:: Anyway, I realize that I like Michael Gambon! He was in several movies I really like: Toys, Charlotte Gray, The Wind in the Willows, Mary Reilly, and Sleepy Hollow.

December 28, 2002 4:45 PM
< >Haha, told you not to trust yesterday's rumour! Ian McKellan's official website has confirmed that "Ian McKellen has NOT agreed to succeed the late Richard Harris in the role of Dumbledore in the Harry Potter movies. He has expressed interest in perhaps playing a different role some time in the future of the series." Thanks to Tora for that info! She thought it would be cool to have him play Crouch Sr. and I could see Sir Ian him as Igor Karkaroff, although Kenneth Branagh looks like my idea of Karkaroff in Hamlet. Having Branagh in the movies again would really confuse the kiddies, wouldn't it? ::grin::

December 27, 2002 2:06 PM
< >Let me stress that this may not be true and ask that you do believe it until it is officially confirmed. The Sun is reporting that Ian McKellan of Lord of the Rings fame will play the next Dumbledore, but "The Sun" isn't completely trustworthy. I'm thus concerned that the The Internet Movie Database is quoting them. There are several inconsistencies in the article and the person, if this information is true, who leaked the casting should be fired. How much did they pay you, jerk? Luckily, Heidi from TLC is just as doubtful as I am, so I'm not alone.
< >A thread on the message board made me post my list of HP crap. It's also on my lj.

December 25, 2002 8:35 PM
< >Merry Christmas. For tomorrow, Happy Boxing Day to Canada and England, and Happy Anniversary to Joanne Kathleen Rowling and her husband, Neil Murray! They will have been married for one year.
< >As you may have noticed, the updates end in the middle of 19 December. I'm having problems with my program. I was actually planning to update before I went to bed, around three this morning - Santa probably got mad at me for being up so late! ::grin:: - but I decided to call technical support for help, and nothing really happened. I got frustrated, nearly cried, then went to bed. I wanted to wish at least most of the world Merry Christmas, minus about three time zones, but that obviously didn't happen. I apologize!
< >My comment about Draco being Jewish (see December 21) has generated three comments about my intentions. I did not mean it as a bad thing; in fact, it is a compliment. I think it would be cool if Draco (or any character in the books) was Jewish or any other religion, besides the perceived Christian/Catholic/Agnostic. I'm a child of Jewish heritage, so I would like it if we found out someone was Jewish or followed a different religion, like Attie-ism. ::cough:: Okay, that's an inside joke, but I'll shut up about that now.
< >I have a LiveJournal now! In fact, I will have two, because two people offered them to me. Don't know what I'll do with the other one, though. Maybe pose as some five year old genius who likes to eat broccoli or something odd like that. ::hops up and down:: I should do that! My username is Morrigain and please bear with me as I figure out LiveJournal's systems. Just so you know, I'll might be cursing in this journal and I'll be posting things other than HP stuff. The LJ will also stop my ranting about random things here and I'll be posting better updates. Yay for me. I'm getting my life sorted out!

December 23, 2002 2:10 PM
< >This picture is the funniest thing I've ever seen. It comes from Nitwit, Blubber, Oddment, Tweak! and it made me laugh. ::smirks::

December 21, 2002 11:42 PM
< >I have been seventeen years old now for eight hours and one minute. How incredibly scary. I've contented myself with music, another trip to the theatre to see The Two Towers, a wonderful time with my friends last night, and reading my favourite Harry Potter fanfic. With Shakespeare and Pink Floyd quotations, and a bit of breath freshener, how can you go wrong? Anyway, Happy Winter Solstice! It's official, everyone. It's winter in the Northern Hemisphere, summer in the south, and I love it.
< >One more thing I need to mention before I head off to la-la-land (a.k.a. watching Ian McKellan kiss Jimmy Fallon on Saturday Night Live), I wanted to mention that the Triwizard Tournament has been postponed. They had - get this, and note that I'm laughing without mirth over this, because the same thing happens to me - too much traffic. They went way over bandwith and the site shut down. Things are going to be rescheduled and I'll keep you updated.

December 19, 2002 9:26 PM
Jina Jay
Leavesden Studio
P.O. Box 322
Watford, England
WD25 7XJ
< >I'm hearing - thanks, Sarquindi - that Pam Ferris, who played Mrs. Trunchbull in Matilda with Mara Wilson will play Aunt Marge in the third movie. How incredibly scary and it works, comparing her to how Richard Griffiths looks in the films. I'll be very interested to see how she turns out! Here is the BBC article. They are also still looking around for actors to play in Prisoner of Azkaban. If you're British, Irish, or even European, write to the address at the left.
< >Thanks and a huge Merry Christmas to Meggie Kerin, our regular character artist, who drew the little holiday picture that'll stay on the front page of site until the 26th. Draco's making the mistletoe float over Harry's head, if you couldn't figure that out, and Ron is really shy to be standing next to Hermione. ::laughs:: I also like to say Draco is Jewish. Hey, and why not? It's perfectly reasonable.
< >I saw Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers last night. Let me fall over and die a happy girl. It's absolutely wonderful. I mean, Fellowship of the Ring made me happier and I enjoyed it more, but Two Towers is an astounding second part to the trilogy. It's mostly about war and the corruption of the ring of power. Elijah Wood as Frodo is incredibly demonic. I love that boy. Gollum is beautifully done (with eyes resembling Dobby's!) and his personality disorder is brought about in an amazing way. The Ents are awesome, simple as that. Legolas (Orlando Bloom) has great lines and action sequences. Viggo Mortensen just rules as Aragorn. To note and squeal like the fangirl I am, Viggo and Orlando have electric interaction, and I adored them both. ::tweeds happily::

December 13, 2002 1:55 AM
< >I'm awake because I'm sick and attempting to read The Unbearable Lightness of Being, which is an amazing book but I don't recommend it for kids. Yeah, er, just to note that. Anyway, I wanted to express my disappointment that The Leaky Cauldron was unable to obtain the card. "The card" is a slip of paper more or less that J. K. Rowling wrote ninety-three words from Order of the Phoenix on and put up for auction (most proceeds going to charity) at Sotheby's. The Leaky Cauldron asked for money and received nearly $24,000, but an anonymous American bidder got the card for $38,000. Alas, it is sad, but maybe better if we know nothing about the card. I'm not sure anymore.
< >Anyway, though, the great thing that came out of this is that TLC is fulfilling their promise of donating their accumulated money to the aforementioned charity, Book Aid. That makes me happy and it also makes the point of this update. The holiday season is here and I'm going to ask that each of you donate something to charity. Whether it be giving to canned food drive at your school or clothes, toys, and books to a veteran's group, please donate something if you can. Your charity, especially if it is a good book, will make someone smile.

December 11, 2002 9:34 PM
< >I'm very sad right now. Those of you who visited yesterday got a nice, blank white screen. ::growls:: The page completely got deleted, but I currently am in love with Joseph from my server's technical service department. He found a back-up file and I'm just sad I lost my huge rant about Rupert Grint and some of his recent idiotic comments. I'll re-type it and post it later.
< >Beanie's great fic, "One Known Enemy" has been posted. Also, Hannah Davenport's "My Little Bird" was uploaded. She's so weird; she sent me a picture of a tree to go along with this fic, but I'm happy because I got to think up the title. ::grins at Hannah::
< >I've forgotten to say a few things: Happy Ramadan and Chanukah. To those of you who celebrate this holiday, I hope the festivities were good. I'm still participating in the Triwizard Tournament! Ten more days until the votes are tallied - on my birthday, no less. I hope I win one of the spots. ;-)

December 7, 2002 1:43 PM
< >Sorry about the shut downs, you guys. I'm just trying to make sure that I don't have to shut down at the end of the month, when all the winter holidays start. :-( My parents and I are tentatively discussing server changes that would ensure I never have a problem again.
America remembers the soldiers who died December 7, 1941 at Pearl Harbour.

December 2, 2002 12:36 AM
< >I had to post this before I fell asleep. Please read about Joshua Jimenez and how J. K. Rowling has affected his life.

December 1, 2002 3:06 PM
< >I'm a competitor at the Triwizard Tournament! This is really cool, because I was nominated by people who run around on this site! ::hugs the annonymous people:: Thank you, guys, this means so much. I have posted a message in the forum. It talks about briefly about the tournament and how you can vote for me, or anyone else. I'd love it if you guys did vote for me because this is a great opportunity for the site to get some recognition. ::feels very special right now::
< >Updates to the Daniel Radcliffe picture gallery. I have over 100 pictures and I find that really scary. Also, I revamped the submitted fan fic section and added a few fics. Fan Art will finally be redone and updated in a few days, and I'm putting a history of the website and an intro to the site up soon, too! Also, due to requests, I will be posting - finally - my GOF review, Order of the Phoenix (OOP!) info, and a theories page. New links have been added, by the way, to several great sites, including a fantasy author's page about his interesting looking book!
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