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December 2001

Our Boring Files:
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December 31, 2001- 9:42 PM! I want to wish everyone a Happy New YEar for my last post of the year 2001. Hope yours is safe and enjoyable. See ya next year and check out the new installment of the Enemy Series, which already includes the stories Across Enemy Lines and Amid the Encircling Gloom!
Happy New Year!

December 30, 2001- 11:23 PM! The first few chapters of "Advancing the Enemy," the third installment of the Enemy Series, is coming out New Year's Eve! Check this link! :

Advancing the Enemy

Happy New Year!

December 29, 2001- 6:48 PM!
< >Click here for the marriage details!

How do you think Jessica is feeling about the wedding?  E-mail me.

December 28, 2001- 8:54 AM! Goooood morning! Happy Days, I will be going to work on a Rose Parade float this Sunday! ::is so exited:: We're just trying to figure out if we're going to the Pasadena or Azuza places, or maybe even head out to Duarte. ::shrugs:: Anyway, Warner Brothers just released footage from the New York City movie premiere! Click here to check it all out!
I look like Rudolph! - Karen; You always do! - Me

December 25, 2001- 1:04 PM! Merry Christmas! Hope yours was fun!
Lifehouse rules.

December 21, 2001- 10:50 AM! Whooohooo, I am presently ditching the last day of school because I "refused" to go to school on y birthday again. I will have only gonr to school once on this day, I swear to it! It was last year and it's the end of that!! ::growls at her school district menacingly::
< >Well, anyway guys, since this day signifies the beginning of Winter Break for me, there will be many updates and additions to the site. This, I promise; or basically, my mom promises, because she says if I deprive any of you of anything more (did you get that?), she'll take away Christmas. ::cries:: NOOOO! :-) I'll be working on the site as soon as I get back from seeing the noon showing of Lord of the Rings! Bye!
I was born at 3:41 PM.  Nya.

December 17, 2001- 5:32 PM! Happy 15th Birthday to my one of my best friends, Chris Ruffell. ::wipes away a tear:: He's growing up so fast! Hehe. ::sniggers into her hands::
< >Also, in this update, I would like to wholly thank twenty of my closest friends, Aileen's mom, Rosie Jenkins, and my parents Melanie and Robert for throwing me a surprise Sweet Sixteen Birthday party over the weekend. I nearly knocked myself out when they came piling out of my bedroom door and it was one of the best nights of my life. Thanks, you guys!
Ou est mon trombone?! - M. Arigan

December 13, 2001- 6:49 AM! I have to tell you all that I have unfortunate news. About a week ago, a friend of mine's little brother was beat up because he looks like Harry Potter. Can you believe the scumbag who did this to him?! Send me some E-mails of what you think and/or if anything like this has happened to you or someone you know! It's very unfair that a little boy should be beaten up because he looks like his favorite book character and it should be talked about!
Happy Near-End of Ramadan

December 11, 2001- 8:57 PM! Happy Hanukkah to everyone! Today begins the eight days of the Festival of Lights. Light a candle, even if you aren't Jewish! Just don't burn the house down. :-) ::mutters:: I want a dreidel.
Happy Hanukkah!

December 7, 2001- 3:45 PM. This date in American history is one of our most important. Today, sixty years ago, many soldiers were killed in Pearl Habor during an unanticipated, early-morning bombing raid by the Japanese. Our president at the time called Decemeber 7th "a day that will live in infamy." Today, all around the world, we remember the lives lost at Pearl Habor, America's entering of World War II and eventual triumph. And - of course - we remember Septemeber 11th of this year, another day in history that will be mourned for the loss of life and cherished for the renewed strength that day has given the world to eliminate terrorism. Celebrate this day with a moment of silence and a smile - good will prevail even in these trying times.
Joyeux Noel!

December 2, 2001- 2:02 AM. ::yawns:: As you can see, I'm redecorating for Christmas/Holiday season. I can't find any good Kwansaa or Hannukah graphics, so if anyone can supply, that'd be great! My editorials are up, but if you can't see them, give it a little while. They should show up! G'night (or good morning); I'm going to bed!
Feliz Navidad.


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