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August 1999

Our Boring Files:
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August 31, 1999- HA! Well, I didn't get the computer taken away! HOORAY!! Yes, ahem. I have gotten barely any Email, so I suspect that means that a lot of people are ticked at me. If you are, E-mail me and tell me why. I can and will be happy to alter anything I said if it was wrong.
< >On the "lighter" side, I'm writing a fanfic which is a secret on the subject of it. NOBODY ask. :-) I also added something to the characters' page. ::gasps:: I really did!

August 30, 1999- This is about eleven at night. I finally actually DID something. I added a mailbag for some interesting things I get - I've been thinking about this for a while, anyway and I got an E-mail that irked me. Anyway, I added that, added the "banner" page at Today's.
< >We got two Hufflepuffs yesterday! YAY! A few Ravenclaws and Gryffindors, but no Slytherins. I would like to note that I have all girls in Slytherin, which means . . . GUYS ARE WIMPS!!! :-)
< >Also, the unveiling of my secret, serious subject entitled "The Religion of Harry Potter" in the reviews section. I advise that you keep an open mind here, where as my opinions vary from one end of the world to the other.

August 22, 1999- Yes, the date is right. It's late, I'm angry, and I'm leaving in less than nine hours, so here's the scoop: I am not receiving any E-mail - and if I do, it comes hours and hours later. Angelfire has screwed up - again. I suggest that you do still send me E-mail, just save it for the fact that I might not receive anything. I'm annoyed, angry, and frustrated at this, but I'm doing all right. ::sigh:: I did add some titles to the rumors page - check it out. And now, the goodbye: I'm not going to update again until next Sunday or Monday, so - ::waves like the witch in "Hocus Pocus":: - buh-bye . . .

August 22, 1999- Well, it's g'bye for a week! I'm going on vacation - ::grumbles:: if we ever get out of the house; a water main broke in my garage. Anyway, send in joining forms, I want a lot of owls! I love E-mail and dog gonnit, I want to read something when I get back!!!!
< >Ahem. Well, I added a pic to the Hogwarts main page; I found it at another Harry Potter site, but I can't tell if it came from Azkaban or not. ::shrugs:: I am going to write some more editorials and character things while I'm gone; you might notice the few reviews and editorials I put up yesterday. I put up a fan fic by Gry up - I'm slacking at putting the last one I got from Riley and the second one from Gry up. I did update the history page - something about Ron - which you should find interesting. :-)
< >And guess what??? I'm going to a book signing for Ms. Rowling in October!!! ::dances around for a while, then calms down:: Well. I should shut up soon.
< >I'm going to add an article link to the author page; I had no problems with it, so . . .
< >I'll check my E-mail in the morning for one last check and clear out my inbox, so I demand some mail!!! Tomorrow I leave!

August 20, 1999- Well, I'm working on the links page - definitely not done, I'm going to be adding some rumors, and some more pages at Hogwarts. I'm thinking of taking down the joining forms, just sign up for the mailing lists. I doubt we'll ever actually get around to the newsletter, so . . . Anyway, there are a few more polls, the last ones until I read Azkaban, mind you. You might have to reload the page, though, but I'm not sure. I can't tell what people can read and can't read, so just start reloading a few pages. It might be frivilous, but it will make me more comofortable if I know people can read everything. :-)

August 19, 1999- My site is now in a webring that works!!! YAY!!! Ahem. It's in "Today's Specialties." Anyway, I was TRYING to do quotes, but the thing kept logging out and everything I'd done - ::swoops out her hands:: - disappeared. Lovely, lovely, Angelfire. Anyway, I tried to save the Quidditch link to Hogwarts last night, but it didn't work. ::sigh:: Screwed up computer! Anyway, it's there now, not much yet, but there. THE SLOGAN IS MINE!!!!!!!! :-)

August 18, 1999- I have decided to write replies to ALL the signatures in the guestbook. Doyle, I had to convert that to be open, since it was so nice and cool. :-) Anyway, I started work on "Today's" and all the polls will all be freevote by tonight. I decided I hate the other kind of polls. You can only vote once. ::sigh:: Oh, Griffindors and Slytherins got their private message boards sent to them and Ravenclaws will get their's soon. There's only one Hufflepuff, sooooo . . . I have also been working on the links page! YAY!!!
< >I have also decided that just send in your joining forms - Gryffindor and Ravenclaws are available. I said "Who cares?" and decided. :-) Anyway, I added two pics to the castle archives, added Quidditch to Hogwarts, and that's about it!!! :-)

August 17, 1999- As is obvious, I did "something" to the front page. :-) I wanted a different place for Diagon Alley, so we got the Leaky Cauldron!!! "Today's Specialties" is not how it sounds and will hold everything that Diagon had - soon. :-)

August 16, 1999- ::gapes:: Over a thousand!!! Whoohoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-) Anyway, I will be adding some stuff from Riley (my tall Hufflepuff prefect helper and submissionist!) today or tomorrow sometime. :-)
< >I would like to say I'm disappointed in a few Gryffindors (though a few weren't), and I have a comment about that in the Slytherin Message Board.

August 15, 1999- YAY!!! Triumph! The guestbook is now pretty!!! With lightning!!! YAY!!!
< >No more Ravenclaws, until Slytherin and Hufflepuff fill up! C'mon people! Both houses are just as good as Gryffindor and Ravenclaw!! :-) Max was our last Ravenclaw for a while!
< >HAH!!! A fan fiction is up!!!! Yeah!! 'Tis cool! By Riley! I am also putting up another history/legend from him! Anyway, WitchyLady is our new Slytherin Prefect!!! I am still deciding how I'm going to put up the new form, so look for it! Oh, and a new poll will be up soon!
< >Now, it has come to my attention that the Slambook is giving some people error. Please report that to me, so I can start complaining. And eeeeee gads! Almost a thousand hits! Can you believe it? I haven't been open for a month!!!!
< >Now, everyone one of you must watch the VH1 movie "Sweetwater" tonight at nine!!! Why? Because I said so, that's why! I like oldies! ::begins singing "American Pie" (not the movie, dangit!!!):: Bye, bye, Miss American pie, drove my Chevy to the levy, but the levy was dry . . . :-)
< >August 14, 1999- I'm doing stuff today. I don't know what yet. :-) As of 9:23 Pacific Standard Time in the morning. I added a submission to the History and Legends page and another poll. I'm lightly starting to work on the characters page(s) and will be getting to the quotes soon. ::sigh:: We have two new Ravenclaws, though, so that's good! And a Hufflepuff! Where are my Slytherins?? I'm thinking about adding a mailbag and a new look for Diagon Alley.
< >I would like to correct that what I said Jenna said, Hedwig actually said, but Jenna totally agrees!!! :-)
< >Please visit the message boards, I do leave topics in all of them!!! I'm also trying to work on my guestbook. It needs a new background and I can't figure out how to do it. :-)
< >9:10 PM, PST: Well, um, I may be getting a new joining form, we have a new Slytherin and a Gryffindor. Please do not request Gryffindor anymore. I'm waiting until the other houses fill up, k?
< >If you are so wondering (I don't know why you would be, though), my pal WitchLady and I had looooong conversations on the Great Hall MB and you'll see something - ahem - interesting there. It's cool. Please don't mind the guestbook. I don't know how to turn the font color any color, so, if you know anything about this, HELP!!!

August 13, 1999- Ooooooh, Friday the Thirteenth. Ahem, anyway, I got a bunch of titles from Kimberly today (they'll be up soon), added the History and Legends page. According to Kimberly, it's a tad bit hard to read, but it's not as bad as the first background for the characters page. 'Tis pretty. :-) I also changed the background for the Slambook, so it is more pretty. :-) I will be adding the People article with my comments. Hehe. I may or may not add my movie review and Sorcerer review. It depends.
< >The first five people to E-mail me will be the newsletter team, though we aren't starting just yet!!!

August 12, 1999- ::wipes away a grateful tear, shaking in joy:: Jenna from The Unofficial Harry Potter Fan Club has called my site one of the (or the) most creative Harry sites around!!! ::breaks down crying in joy:: She likes my site!!! She really likes my site!!!
< >::finishes her crying a while later:: Anyway (I am very grateful to Jenna for that), I have done nothing today, again. Maybe I will. I definitely have to put up the link to the Azkaban page. Stupid me, I forgot to put it up on the books page. Thank you, Kimberly, for making me realize!!! :-) I will try to get to the rumors page, at least. I'm putting up another poll about Voldemort, if you're interested.
< >Um, nevermind that now; she didn't know where it was, and I also didn't check until just now (fifteen minutes since above). :-) And since I'm listening to Hollywood Squares, you know you're going to get some sort of meaningless fact and here it is: A Filibuster is a long, dumb speech. Good night. :-)
< >I am in the process of a vocab page (I've been working on it for over a week) and a History and Legends will be up soon. Sound good, everyone? Eh?

August 11, 1999- Okay, so I lied. I didn't do anything to the Romance or Rumors page. I thought I would be able to get to it, but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! ::grumbles:: Mothers. Ah, well, anyway, I did, last night, do the Azkaban page. The sample chapter link does work. Stupid sample chapter. It ate up most of the space I had for that page. ::sighs::

August 10, 1999- It's only seven thirty and I'm already tired. ::yawns and remembers she never goes to sleep before midnight:: Ah. Well. Anyway, I fixed and added stuff to the Rumors page, added a romance thing, and this morning (two in the morning, if you're interested) I made another website (on2/hogwarts) because I am completely eating up my space on this one. It will be a place used for subpages and more images if I get them. I also added to Diagon Alley.
< >If someone could do me a favor, would you please make a list of all the Harry Potter clubs you know of and send it to me? I have to send it to a webmaster and I have no time at all. PLEASE!!! I'm begging!!! ::gets down on her knees and begs pitifully:: Take pity on me!!!!

August 9, 1999- Hello, everyone. Having a good day, are you? Good, good. :-) Well, the joining form is up - David you pester me too much. :-) Just kidding. People, check out the message boards, okay?! Also, I got a rumor from Kimberly I half knew, half didn't, so it will be up and Harry's supposed love's name was confirmed, so that will change, too. I worked a tiny bit on Diagon Alley, J. K. Rowling (another article and a short bio), and maybe I'll get around to the Links. I have a whole list of them and I need to work on the second links page. ::sigh:: Too much work. ::wipes away a bead of sweat::
< >I have also added a poll section, and, thanks to the first person who wrote in for joining, I was able to fix part of the joining form, I thing I'd forgotten to put. Stupid me. It was vital. ::sigh:: And to note, the Ravenclaw prefect position is taken.

August 8, 1999- HELLO!!! I AM UPDATING MAJORLY!!! Reviews, Diagon Alley, J. K. Rowling, Books, Fan Works, and more!!!!! If you check out the Great Hall and the message boards, you'll see that I went through them and decided new and better backgrounds!!! Post for me, please!!!
< >I have sort of mentioned a club, and there is going to be one of sorts. The joining form will be up either today or tomorrow. It all depends on my time.
< >If you'll notice, I have added an MIDI to a few pages, the FAQ will be worked on, so will the About Me, and so much more!! YAY!!!!
< >Also, your eyes will love me for this: I changed the character background. ::wipes away a tear:: But it is just as pretty . . .
< >And people, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE sign the guestbook and slambook. Almost 400 hits and 4 signatures in the guestbook!!! HuRUMPH!!! I'm astonished at all of you!

August 4, 1999- Ah, well, I'm not fully done with my "vacation" - ::cough:: punishment ::cough:: - from the computer, but I've been working hard on other stuff!! Yes, yes! Reviews, nit - picks, some stuff about Ms. Rowling, and a little bit more will be up soon!!!
< >And, ahem, my Angelfire E-mail IS working, but you can always E-mail me at my gURL mail account, I'd just prefer my Angelfire account.
< >Oh, and I got THREE, count 'em THREE E-mails about a special little tid bit about the 4th book - One of the main characters dies. ::cries:: I know I've read this before somewhere, just shoved it from my mind, probably not believing it . . . :-)


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