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August 2002

Our Boring Files:
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August 24, 2002 7:57 AM!
< >I am home from Utah, recovering well from almost crashing the family van into a car and sending it into a ditch while in Utah Thursday, my parents shouting at me hysterically the entire time. ::glares at anyone who dares to laugh:: Anyway, just a few things. I will be re-opening by September 1, 2002! My bandwith is pretty and I'm working on a redesign of the site. Yay me. :-) Third one in three years!
< >Happy Birthday, Rupert Grint? My newspaper states that today is Rupert's birthday, but I was sure his birthday was in November. Can anyone clarify? E-mail me if you can!
. . . we felt alive.

August 17, 2002 1:12 PM!
< >I got home Thursday and I'm leaving right now. I will be home in about a week and by then, I'll be looking into starting the site again. I can assure you all at this point everything will be restored at the end of the month, but I am having to look into redesigning the site. If anyone with Flash, HTML, Java, C++, etc. is interested in helping me redesign, I would be eternally grateful and you would get a cookie a day for the rest of your life. If you're interested, E-mail me or even send me a quick design/sketch of what you might do. Cheers!
. . . we felt alive.

August 8, 2002 4:35 PM!
< >It's likely that you all have been seeing websites with bandwith problems. Bandwith is the amount of bytes transferred through each page someone visits and most sites, especially now in the times of an economic slow-down, are periodically shut down after they exceed their alloted bandwith.
< >This month, especially, has been particularly hard, for the Realm of Wizardry. As soon as I go over, I'm charged rather insistantly and it goes over anything I can afford. The messages boards are still open and so are the chatrooms. If you are able to traverse through the rest of the site, please don't. It only messes me up and may seriously affect this site's existance. If you want to help, buy some stuff from my Harry Potter Store, buy posters at AllPosters, or check out Amazon. I receive a small amount of money that aids a bit in keeping the site running and every dollar counts.
< >I will be away at a leadership conference for teenagers for a week. Hopefully, I'll be able to reopen at least by the time I get back from vacation in time for school to start. I'll be home on the sixteenth, then gone again for about nine days - I'm going to be in Uuu-tah! When I return, we shall see what happens. Please don't be mad and keep sending your comments, complaints, rants, fan works, and other submissions to -gypsy@HarryPotterRealm.com-! Thanks to all of you who have expressed concern.
. . . we felt alive.

August 4, 2002 9:29 PM!
< >Updated Fan Art, added one fan fiction (sorry about that), and I've basically been studying my butt off for this college course (which is done, yay). Anyway, allow me let you guys know that this and the next few months are going to be rather rough. I'll be getting started with school again September 3 and this month is filled with vacation, and a five-day teeanger political conference. ::grins:: I get to debate! Yay! ::flails arms around happily and generally looks like an idiot::
< >Anyway, I actually have something to ask of all of you. I'm working on a project that involves finding songs (pop, classical, classic rock, oldies, alternative, etc.) that personify the Harry Potter characters. I'd really appreciate help! I need the song and artist, and if you're especially nice, the lyrics or where I can get them on-line. Take a look at the Characters and Condensed Cast List for all the characters. I'd appreciate all of them (not exclusively Harry, Hermione, and Ron). You can send your selections to me and we'll see what happens with this project! ::grins::
< >In light of all that, I thought that "Here's to the Night" by Eve 6 was good for either Cedric Diggory or Harry Potter - a la the Triwizard Tournament in Book 4. Anyway, thanks in advance for the help!
. . . we felt alive.


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