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August 2001

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August 25, 2001- 2:00 AM. Yes, it *is* that early and I'm still awake. Sue me. Ahem, I am very much joking. I've almost fixed books (I've been helping old family friends move from our area to the county over for a while, so that's slowing me down) and I updated Jobs. YAY! And I also got my sophomore schedule:
Period 1: Phys. Ed. (yes!)
Period 2: Honours Algbra II
Period 3: Chemistry
Period 4: French II
Period 5: Honours English
Period 6: Art I
< >Unforunately, I had to skip Creative Writing this year because that class is only in period 4, and so is French II. I was incredibly mad. :-) Anywho, for those of you who have schedules, c'mon and share 'em with me! Send me an E-mail and tell me about it (problems, good things, etc.)!
Dooooo the wiggy ziggy!

August 20, 2001- 10:54 AM. Oooh, I'm awake at such an 'early' hour. ::cough:: Kidding. Anywho, Books is officially up and not working. Sorry about that, but I uploaded everything, and had a breakdown - a bunch of pages erased themselves and I've had fun all morning trying and failing to fix everything. Alas, I'm leaving on a day and a half mother-daughter trip. I'll be back to fix everything tomorrow. Bye!
What's up in Chinese?

August 12, 2001- 2:30 AM! Ssshhh, my mom doesn't know I'm online and my dad happens to be "ignoring" me at the moment, so I only have a few minutes to type before I give myself up to the dark oblivion some people call sleep! Anyway, thanks mucho much to my mom who answered a bunch of the E-mail I got during my fantastic camping trip. We got to meet Milo the Bat in one of the castle hallways, wander around the spectacular pools, peer at the Pergula trail, walk through the filled libraries, and oh - ! It was just great. Beautiful weather: a little chilly and windy, I got a bit sun-burned, but that's okay! ::dances merrily around for a while::
< >Erm, anyway, I got the rumors section all up except for the famous Fake/Funny rumors. That's going to take me a while and I need some sleep. I also added some Street Names with a huge amount still to come. Yay, only several more sections to finish/get underway again.
< >Oooh, and can you believe it? I start Driver's Ed. classes on Monday! To think, me, Gypsy, driving a car. That's a scary thought. I may be slightly absent for the next few days - I have go to this class AND annotate The Color Purple, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, and The Catcher in the Rye, and yeah . . . my summer has been hectic. ::eyes begin to flutter and crust:: Eww, I better go to bed. Nighty-night!
Matrix move on Gypsy! - Joyce, kicking me in the tent

August 5, 2001- 12:51 AM! Yes, I am up this late. I'm getting ready for a camping trip I am going on between later today (in about four hours) to this Thursday, the ninth. My Girl Scout troop is heading up the California coast to camp near San Luis Obispo, visit Hearst Castle, tour wildlife areas, and just have a good time. I'm still packing my bags and have paused to quickly update with PICTURES! Events is the new section, located under the 'Main' area, with pictures of Harry Potter events I've attended! Check out all the faces from my town that I got on camera - these people are sooo cool!
< >As for my E-mail, I've tried clearing it out and it should be okay. Just please don't send any huge files (such as images or text files) to gypsy@fairytales.com or everyone will be getting 'Undeliverable Message: Inbox Full' for five days straight, which we certainly don't want! :-)
< >Remember, I return Thursday!
Where are my cookies?! - Attie's dad

August 3, 2001- 11:43 PM! Heyloo, everyone! I've updated Articles, Street Names, and Characters. Meg gave us new pictures to gaze upon, yay!
< >On Tuesday, I did go to that Barnes and Noble party I talked about going to last month. I was the oldest 'kid' there, besides one guy who was there because of younger siblings, and Attie (who went with me) is over a year younger than I am. It was very cool, though, and I got pictures! They will be posted Saturday in a new section coming soon! Hurrah! You guys will love these pictures, too, they're so cool!
I am not a giantess, I'm just big-boned! - Pamela, acting as Olympe

July 31, 2001- 9:22 AM! Happy Birthday to J. K. Rowling and Harry Potter! Ms. Rowling is officially a nice 36 and despite conflicting ideas, Harry is about 15. And Happy Birthday to everyone else who celebrates today! According to a twelve year old, Ron Weasley look-a-like, they "stole" your birthday!
< >On the CBS Early Show this morning, too, two kids named Taylor and Matthew won a Hermione and Harry look-a-like contest and their prize was a special screening of the upcoming movie! They're so lucky! ::scowls:: If you missed the show, don't worry - I'll put some little sound snippets up sometime today.
My name is Nicky, not Harry! - kid to Bryant Gumble


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