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August 2000

Our Boring Files:
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August 26, 2000- 2:55 PM! ::sobs:: I have PE in FIRST period for ninth grade! Can you believe it?! ::sighs:: Oh, well - I kind of deserve it. I've had Physical Education last period for two years, so I guess it was bound to happen . . . Oh, and guess what? I have one class (with the same teacher) with one friend, and that is PE. Somebody shoot me - er, no, don't . . . please . . .
< >Anyway, I updated Movies big time - it seems we may or may not have confirmed Snape and Dumbledore, we have our new Quirrell and we've got Aunt Petunia & Uncle Dursley. (If anyone finds a picture of the woman playing Mrs. Dursley, send it to me - I have a really shotty one!) Added an Editorial page to Movies and I did some work on the crew section. Any pictures of the people mentioned on that page would be appreciated!
< >Okie dokie, I won't be around anymore of today or tomorrow - I'm going to a Girl Scout function - yes, I am a Girl Scout and proud to run around wearing my bright blue uniform! Lucky me. Har-har. ::brightens:: ANYWAY, have a good weekend everybody - especially those who are resting from school - and any of the pics I asked about sent to me would be great appreciated and you'll get major credit, since I need help finding images! (I've been begging some reporters, too . . . ::whistles::) And check out the picture I got of Emma, Daniel, and Rupert below.
King Tut!

August 21, 2000- 1:06 PM! A big Happy 16th Birthday to Kelley Jenkins . . . she can now legally drive, even though - ::lowers her voice:: - I think she's afraid of the freeway. Hehe.
< >ANYWAY, as most of you know, Dan Radcliffe, Emma Watson, and Rupert Grint have been chosen as Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, and Ron Weasley, but if you didn't or did know, click here for tons more info! I'm glad I didn't update three days ago and said Gregory Thompson was Harry Potter. :-)
< >All righty, next order of business - the front page is moving around a lot! (I hope you didn't see the big letters all strewn across it a few hours ago . . .) But I think I've got it the way I like it now. Disclaimer has moved to the bottom of the page, along with Contact (though this can still be found in About Me) and Privacy Policy. Replacing the disclaimer is the new section titled Movie! I had so much fun making it last night . . . hehe.
< >Absence - I'll be gone until late Thursday, it turns out. Read the last update to know where I'll be! :-)
Yellow Submarine!
From left: Emma Watson, Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint

August 17, 2000- 12:05 AM! Gypsy has left the building - again!
< >Hey - I didn't expect to get one last chance to talk before I go away for a few days. I leave tomorrow for Albuquerque with my Dad. My grandmother is giving us my grandfather's 86 Camaro Sport Coupe. We'll drive it home over the weekend, stopping to glance in on a couple national parks along the way (Painted Desert, Petrified Forest, etc.) , which should be very fun! :-)
< >Within a day or so after returning, my family is taking a quick trip north up the California coast for a short vacation before school starts. I am going to get to see Hearst Castle. (Go check out http://www.hearstcastle.com -- there are pictures and a slide show.) This could be the "university" level after attending Hogwarts… j/k, of course!
< >My mom has been at the region emergency operations center. They are supporting any response needs for the Democratic National Convention for the four days. One more day to go. She says that the protest activities are not nearly as bad as they look on television. Everyone has the right of free speech - the hope is that they won't do it violently. No harm to people, and no damage to other people's property.
< >This is not meant to discourage anyone, but I am having real difficulty keeping up with the great emails and the website at the same time. As you know, there are parts of the site that need work, which delays my responses to emails - and vice versa. The start of 9th grade on September 5th will also slow things down until I get adjusted and things find their rhythm. My parents will likely restrict the amount of time I've been spending on the computer over the summer. But hang in there. I will, too. See you in a few days…briefly.
::sings::  No one ever notices the time I put into writing stupid messages!!  ::cries::
P.S.: Places to go while I'm gone -
The Unknown Village of Everworld
The Vigilantes
The Frying Pan

August 13, 2000- 11:38 PM! Hey, guys! This is a message of absence - I will not be around until next Monday. What reasons? Well, my mom's monitoring the proceedings at the Democratic Nat'l Convention (DNC) down in Los Angeles and has told me very sternly not to use the computer (::sniffs::) and I must obey! Then, I leave the day before she gets back for New Mexico to pick up a free '86 Camaro with my dad. We'll drive home and get back late Sunday. I rest Monday (and read my thousands of E-mail, probably), then my whole family is off and up the coast.
< >Please try to keep your E-mails down, though I don't mind getting them. I'll update links, fan works, rumors, and more when I get back - and lookie, I've already done some!
If you see this, here's a cookie!  ::hands the reader a cookie::

August 9, 2000- 9:54 PM. Hey, everyone! I got an interesting E-mail today that talks about NASA and Broomsticks. It was almost sort of funny - as soon as we can munipulate gravity, we might see flying broomsticks and balls. In this lifetime, I hope. :-)
< >Anyway, thought that was pretty interesting (thanks Brenda!), and now I'm off to work on other stuff . . . lucky me. I'll probably be up until 3 am again - ::glances at mother warily:: - but I seriously don't recommend it, even though I read a few books . . . :-)
< >Also, what I found ironic earlier this morning (about 1 am, ::cough::), I was reading the guide lines and policies for high school (which I'm entering come this September). It had things like "Dress Code: You cannot wear this, that, and the other things" and the list goes on, but we finally got to the following:
"E. C. 12345 Corporal Punishment.
< >"The District does not use corporal punishment."
< >Tell me, am I the only one that finds that midly amusing? :-)
Hello, to the Semi-Sanites!

August 8, 2000- 11:35 AM! I have two reports about the movie from People magazine! Actor and scenery news! Read on!
< >Producers of the Harry Potter film have selected a location for Harry's Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry: London's 900-year-old Gloucester Cathedral. But the church isn't the first to be considered by producers, reports Reuters. Before Gloucester agreed to serve as the setting for the young wizard, Canterbury Cathedral politely declined the offer. "We did not think the books posed problems. But other people might take offence and so we had to say no," said Canterbury spokesman Christopher Robinson. "The imagery of witches and warlocks might upset Christians." (A more detailed article from our friends John Bargh & John Pearce will be in the Rumors soon.)
< >People Insider: "Patrick Stewart (of Star Trek the Next Generation & many movies) tell us [People] that his reps are in preliminary talks for the Brit to star in a movie based on J. K. Rowling's bestselling novels about a boy named Harry Potter . . ." Could this be our Dumbledore? We shall see . . .
< >Want to know who might be playing Rubeus Hagrid? Click here!
< >To be updated today: Books, Links, Rumors, and probably more . . .

P. S.: People made the mistake of saying the cathedral was in London - it is about 130 miles west of London, in GLOUCESTER.

August 4, 2000- 2:40 PM! Hey, everyone! I've been doing some major updates in the last few days! Thanks, News Archives, the FAQ, and the Rumors. (Complete and total overhauls in the last two sections and Rumors has lots more info which you will want to check out!) Books now has complete character lists (in order of appearance; I had fun doing them) and Rebecca has been kind enough to make breakdowns of each book for us. :-)
< >I'll be working in a ton of the other sections, so check out each one for changes or additions! I hope you guys are enjoying all the new stuff!!
< >The movie stuff I was talking about is some more stuff on what castle they will be using as Hogwarts, Ook the Owl playing Hedwig, and another American actor (thought JKR is going to get her Brit, I say!) might be up for Harry.
You can't see me!  Hehehe!  Anyone who sees and reports this gets a . . . a cookie!  :-)


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