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April 2001

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April 23, 2001- 8:54 PM. Thanks to John Pearce, for those of you who have bought Quidditch Through the Ages and Fantastic Beats & Where to Find Them (a very amusing book), you're not alone. According to John Pearce, the likes of Claudia Schiffer, Rob Lowe, Steve Martin, Hugh Grant, Sting, and other celebrities have read and enjoyed the books, too! If you're in Britain, pick up a recent copy of OK magazine for some amusing pictures. :-)
Nice.  Now can you do that without the lice in your hair?

April 16, 2001- 4:40 PM. Sorry about delays - I should be getting a rough draft of the new site-to-come. ::looks at Joshason sharply:: SHOULD. ::kicks his skinny pale butt:: :-) Don't worry folks, he's my new HTML man and most likely has something good in store (nothing I can't yell at him to change). And he doesn't get punished enough either! Updates very soon -- should be getting the new site up soon so...um, tell . . . your . . . friends? ::blinks::
Is it?  Is it *really*?  Geh hee hee hee!

April 7, 2001- 9:18 PM. ::blinks at everyone:: Okay, I will update this coming THURSDAY with new looks to the website coming soon after (thanks of my hunkie man Joshason). I'm sorry about no updates lately - I've had eight or nine tests in the last four days, so...yeah. ::nodth:: I'm going around Lake Tahoe with my best friend Attie - ::red-haired girl screams/squeals in background as she's vigorously tickled:: - and my family tomorrow. Maybe into Yosemite or something; we're just driving to get away from SoCal. ::glares at the smog mixed in with rain:: I didn't think that was possible!
< >Anyway, to keep you entertained . . .

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