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April 2000

Our Boring Files:
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April 26, 2000- 7:50 PM! Just minutes ago, as I turned on the TV Guide channel, they announced that Rosie O'Donnel (famous talkshow host) is hoping "to snag the part of Mrs. Weasley" in the Potter movie!
< >I'm actually hoping this does not come down, for this one reason: she's a bit too well-known. Yes, many of you may think she's a great person (she does seem to be, I assume), but maybe not exactly right for the part. I'm hoping J. K. Rowling and Chris Columbus will take into consideration other, unkwown people before looking at Rosie too closely. May seem a little mean, but I think we may be able to find someone better, but that's my opinion!
< >Yes, this has been out for about a week, but why weren't - it seems - any of us told?! Argh!

April 25, 2000- 7:49 PM! Okay, a letter from Susan Figgis (the casting director of the HP movie, for all who didn't know!) has left a message for everyone about the casting role of Harry. Take a peak!
< >If any of you have gone to Barnes & Noble lately, you have probably seen an interesting sign about Book 4! (I am trying at the moment to obtain/buy/haggle one of the posters. It says "Harry Potter and the Doomspell Tournament" on it, but any well-informed employee can tell you that their directory still lists Book 4 as "Book 4". (Scholastic has recently said they will officially name Book 4 on May 1st - mere days from now!)
< >We also "finally" got our Spotlight Award from The Vigs! ;-)

April 22, 2000- 9:07 AM! Oy, I'm up early for a Saturday! Well, you heard it here first! Warner Brothers released an official statement on their HP Website either today, or in the last few days, since I haven't heard about it! Enjoy!

< >Dang it, I wish they put dates on these things! The WB statement has been up for two weeks, but this delay in ever really hearing about it shows how little of interest that page really is. :-) Thanks, Sonieta3@aol.com, for pointing out how long it had been up!

April 21, 2000- 6:50 PM! To all of our Jewish friends: Happy Passover, everyone! To our other religious friends, Happy Easter and Good Friday! Hope all of you are having great weeks!
< >Now, a serious note: to all of you who send in "funny rumors," I would gladly appriciate you not giving me any sexually derived ones, all right? I hate it when someone says, "Hermione is going to be a lesbian!" or "Snape is gay" or "Neville will be a stripper" and expect me to post it. It's not going to happen, all right? It's biased, it's ignorant, and it's not going up, okay?

April 20, 2000- 9:38 AM. Blimp news! Well, if you watched the Nickelodeon Choice Awards on Saturday (they had some great audio, by the way, unlike Men Strike Back!), you would know that J. K. Rowling took an orange blimp for "Best Book of the Year." Congrats, J. K.!
< >Scholastic will be announcing the title of Book 4 on May 1st! It may or may not be the previously stated "Doomspell Tournament." We'll find out on May first!
< >And Disney Adventures, I hear, has Harry Potter in the May 2000 issue; a little odd, if you read the last update . . .

April 17, 2000- 9:55 PM! Hope everyone in the US has filed their taxes - you're in big trouble if you haven't!
< >Disney news? Yep! From John Pearce:
"5m Disney deal for Potter's US 'sister' (I assume it's trying to say this will be a Disney girl character movie to rival the Harry Potter movie) A British author may be giving Harry Potter a run for his money on and off the big screen. Liverpool-born Clive Baker, 47, signed a 5 million deal with Disney for books and a potential film franchise about the magical adventures of a teenage American girl. Disney is giving Baker a reported 2.5 million advance for four adventure books, The Abarat Quartet, described as a "modern-day Wizard of Oz". He will receive another 2.5 million when production begins on the first film. Abarat is an "inner-dimensional fantasy world" of 24 islands visited by Candy Quackenbush, his 16-year-old heroine. However, the writer said his inspiration was not JK Rowling's Harry Potter but Disney's Fantasia, the CS Lewis classic Chronicles of Narnia and the French-Canadian Cirque Du Soleil."
< >Yikes! Anyway, more news! Upload sequel to "Across Enemy Lines" during school today - please go review? :-) And yeah, I know about the problemo on the front page!

April 16, 2000- 10:57 PM! Yes, I'm finally home! And with tons of stuff for you all to sink your peary white - unless you haven't brushed! - teeth into! "Like what?" you may ask? Well, read on!
< >A newspaper in England repoarts that the Harry Potter movie filming is falling behind schedule, the movie was due for its release in the summer of next year. It looks now it may not be completed until the November next year. It's going to be tough to make it by the summer, but they are going to try their best to get it ready on time. Hopefully they will hit their deadline!
< >Also, audition news! There is a new address (send a picture, your height, age, acting experience, and phone number):
Susie Figgis
Harry Potter Production Office
c/o Pinewood Studios
Iver Heath
Buckinghamshire S20 0NH
United Kingdom

Go here for more information!

< >In other news, I finally got up Amid the Encircling Gloom and I plan to get it up on FanFiction.net by tomorrow.
< >I also got up two new Fan Reviews and finally posted four or five awards I've been slow to put up! :-) I'm also beginning to redo the Disclaimer so it's actually accurate for once! Hope you all enjoy!

< >If you ever go to Springdale, Utah, and go to a little cafe that looks like a converted gas station, on the white wall to your left when you walk in, near the bottom, I've left a little message for anyone who likes Harry Potter! :-)

April 9, 2000- 9:14 AM! Hello! Yes, I'm still here, but I should be leaving very quickly . . . Anyway, I wanted everyone who gets Sunday Cartoons to hunt down their paper and find "The Family Circus." I believe, for the second or third time now, Bil Keane has mentioned Harry Potter in his highly syndicated comic strip. I'll scan it for everyone to see when I get back!
< >For the fan fiction goers, I'll try to update hugely when I get back! Promise! Hugs and kisses, for all of ya! ::waves vigorously as her mother tries to drag her out the door::

April 7, 2000- 9:49 PM! Okay, sayonora for about eight days, people! I'm on spring vacation and though I know some of you could care less, my parents and I are taking a driving trip into Utah, a bit of Nevada, and part of Arizona! I'm thankful to get away from 80 degree heat in the middle of the day, personally. :)
< >In about probably an hour, I will be done cleaning out my inbox (don't ask how much stuff was/is backed up with me). I'd appreciate the NO MAIL is sent ANYWHERE unless you somehow didn't see this before you E-mailed me, or you're someone that I told could E-mail me. I don't want to come back to 250 E-mails like I did last summer on a FOUR day vacation, k? Hehe. :)
< >I will have changed the poll before morning so you all have a nice little poll for me to come back to. :) If you are a message board goer, you will have noticed I FIXED the message boards a few days ago and got rid of some really old messages we didn't need. Enjoy! I have a monitor watching you all, though!
< >If you are looking for any new news on Harry Potter, I suggest and refer you to go to The Quidditch Field for that!

Please take the time to find humor at my friend's site:
< >Unknown Village of Everworld
< >The Humor Asylum
< >The Vigilantes (Learn about an old site of mine!)

April 2, 2000- 6:00 PM! Man, it's still light out and *80* degrees! Too hot! ANYWAY, onto Harry for the movie news! (Wahh, Liam!) John Pearce of John Pearce News sent me the following!

< >"Hi there. I saw an article in a national newspaper here (Thusday 30th March) about JK Rowling. It said JK Rowlling has succeeded where Hollywood scouts have failed by discovering the perfect boy to play Harry Potter in the movie. Eleven-year-old Niall Colton from Belfast, Northern Ireland. Who looks so like the fictional character that even his friends have nicknamed him Harry. His headmaster at school, at Holy Rosary School said JK Rowling met him when she was in Belfast doing some readings of her 3rd book in February last year (I think the editor meant this year, the 3rd book never came until last June or July). A group of boys were taken to a Belfast bookshop where JKR suddenly stopped her reading in midstream, looked up and said "Wow there's Harry!" Having a Northern Ireland speech accent might be a bit of a problem but we could coach him. Although he has been chosen, but it's not final yet. There was a photo of him in the paper holding a wand, with glasses on."

< >Cool, no? Well, I'll try to find the pic soon! We also have some new forums in the Great Hall!

April 1st, 2000- 2:03 PM. Harry Potter is dead! ::cough:: People, please, it's April Fool's Day, and I've been awake since 5:30 AM. ::cough:: And it was very windy this morning . . .
< >Harry Botter "beanie" of sorts? Celebrity Bears has come out with a bear that is patterned after Harry. Of course, he is not called "Harry", nor endorsed by J. K. Rowling or her publishers in any way, AND is not a real Beanie, as far as I can tell . . . Oh, well. It should be a nice collectable!
< >All right, thanks to those who E-mailed me about this! Barnes & Noble announced that they, over the internet, are now offtering reservations for "Harry Potter and the Doomspell Tournament" here! Cool, no?
< >Now, as you all should know (or are finding out right as I type this) that Chris Columbus is now the director? Maybe you remember me yelling and screaming about a kid named Liam Aiken who was in Stepmom who I think really would be a good Harry Potter? Well, Chris Columbus was the director/lots of other stuff on that exact movie! Hopefully, Mr. Columbus, you'll see Liam as a great choice. ::winks::
< >Anyway, I'd better stop screwing around! I'll be working on the site this weekend, so scream at me about things you want up and I'll see ya'll later! Hugs and kisses!


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