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< >This is the page where all the submitted fake and funny titles of the books and movies are placed! They can be things like Harry Potter and the White House Scandal, Harry Potter and Blue's Clues, or Dirty Harry and The End of the Potter Affair!

< >So, thus, I hope this place interests you! ::eyes everyone piercingly:: You won't be fed, if you don't! BUWAHAHA!! Erm, ahem, anyway . . . E-mail your own fake titles (books and movies) into me at and I'll post them!

< >P.S.: Anything in blue italics is my own comments to the title - even if the title is mine. ::whistles innocently:: It's not that weird!

< >P.P.S.: Although I will post some titles in reference to sexuality and ethnicity, the majoirty of them will be rejected and I will accept no racist titles. Thanks!

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Gypsy's Fake Titles

  • 1. Harry Potter and the Pink Poodle
  • 2. Harry Potter and the Big Shebang SHEBANG - BANG!!!!
  • 3. Harry Potter and the CBS Orchestra Ahem, ::cough::, sorry, Letterman . . . you rule!
  • 4. Harry Potter and the Lemon Drop Yes, ahem, you might note this.
  • 5. Harry Potter and the Nutty Professor Ahem, ::cough::, no excuse. ::cough::
  • 6. Harry Potter and the Hunchback of Notre Dame Ahem, pun.
  • 7. Harry Potter and the Narcissus Fat Boy Erm . . .
  • 8. Harry Potter and the Animorphs ::coughs VERY loudly::
  • 9. Harry Potter and the Mischievous Lil' Chapstick Stick ::coughs the loudest::
  • 10. Harry Potter and the Amazing Magical Author!!
  • 11. Harry Potter and the Evil Boy Bands of Death ::cough:: Don't ask. :-)
  • 12. Hogwarts Sky (aka "October Sky")
  • 13. You've Got Harry!
  • 14. Harry Potter and the Big Honking Boat That Sank Er, um . . . ahem.
  • 15. Harry Potter and the Movie That Stank of Smelly Cheese
  • 16. Harry Potter and the Weird People Who Adore Him
  • 17. Harry Potter and the Adventure Through Everworld
  • 18. Harry Potter and the Potion That Went "Poof!" in His Face
  • 19. Harry Potter and the Mysterious Adventures with Draco Malfoy
  • 20. Harry Potter and Tony Blair: Warlords of the Earth
  • 21. Harry Potter and George W. Bush: Can You Tell Who's Smarter? ::hides::
  • 22. Harry Potter and the Broken 3 1/2 Floppy That I Stepped Upon
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    Submitted Fake Titles

  • Harry Potter and the Spotted Pebble
  • Harry Potter and the Amazing Tightrope Walker
    From Nicole with no excuses ;-)

  • Harry Potter and the Big Adventure
  • Harry Potter and the Rubber Duckie
  • Harry Potter and All His Websites
    From Gry

  • Harry Potter and the Waffle Iron of Death ::shudders:: Evil kitchen appliances . . .
    From Tealin

  • Harry Potter and the Inlaws of Death ::pictures the Dursleys and dies on the floor::
    From Athena McFlooge

  • Harry Potter and the Kid With the Funny Name Who Killed Gry For Being More Creative Than Him
  • Harry Potter and the Psychotic Killer Ahem, bad day?
    From Riley

  • Harry Potter and the Fold Up Camp Bed ::raises eyebrow:: Interesting. Yes. Very. :-)
  • Harry Potter and the Pea Green Boat
  • Harry Potter and the Fellytone
  • Harry Potter and the Love Struck Frozen Turkey::shakes head:: Just plain weird . . .
  • Harry Potter and the Dancing Lovestruck Frozen Turkey Go to Camelot, Retrieve Excalibur From the Lady in the Lake and Use it to Rescue Gweinevere Who's Wearing a Red Beret and Eating Half a Pot of Melting Ben and Jerry's Phish Phood Ice Cream with Marshmallow Fluff Sprinkles and a Cherry on Top
  • You've Got Owl-Mail!
  • Ron Will Never Die (Tomorrow Never Dies)
    From Kat and Ali Weasley

  • Harry Potter and the Cat in the Sorting Hat
  • Harry Potter and Big Bird
  • Harry Potter and WitchyLady
  • Harry Potter and the Gypsy
  • Harry Potter and the Faulty Computer
  • Harry Potter and Hermione
  • Oklapotter
  • Bye Bye Harry
  • Broomstick Grease
  • A Tale of Two Houses
    From Witchylady

  • Harry Potter and the Brainless Git
  • Harry Potter and the Kid Who Went to Azkaban for Blowing Up His Aunt
  • Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Fellytone
  • Harry Potter and the Chamber of Fellytones
  • Harry Potter and the Prisoner of the Fellytone
  • Harry Potter and All These Stupid Rumors ::sniff:: They aren't stupid, just nutty!!! :-)
    From Prashant

  • Harry Potter and All the Girls Who Like Him
  • I Know What You Did Last Summer at The Dursleys! (I Know What You Did Last Summer) ::shudders:: Horrible movie, horrible book. :-)
  • Harry's All That (She's All That)
  • 10 Things We Love About Harry
  • Harry In Love (Shakespeare in Love)
    From Rachel

  • Harry Potter and the Blair Wizard Project
  • The Lion, Harry Potter, and the Wardrobe
  • Harry Potter and the Phantom Tollbooth
  • Harry Potter Goes To Narnia
  • Wild Wild Wizard
  • A Wizard's Life
  • Wizards in Black, W.I.B
  • Stepwitch
    From Rasin

  • Ron Weasley and the Philosopher/Sorceror's Stone
  • Ron Weasley and the Chamber of Secrets
  • Ron Weasley and the Prisoner of Azkaban
  • Hermione Granger and the Philosopher/Sorceror's Stone
  • Hermione Granger and the Chamber of Secrets
  • Hermione Granger and the Prisoner of Azkaban Why should Harry get all the limelight?
    From Kat Weasley

  • Mrs Norris and the Chamber of Secrets
    From Mick Weasley

  • Harry Potter and the Pyromaniacal Living Wand
  • Harry Potter and the Man Eating Fellytone
  • The Miss Hogwarts Pageant ::cough:: Miss ::cough:: America ::cough:: was ::cough:: on. ::cough::
  • Harry Potter and The Evil Pie of Doom!!!!! ::cough:: LOL!
  • Pulp Wizards
  • Harry Potter And His Amazing 0-color Invisibility Cloak
    From Matt

  • Harry Potter and the Return (for a Third Time) of Voldemort
  • Harry Potter and Hedwig
  • Harry Potter and the Minister for Magic
  • Harry Potter and the Fancy Smancy Broomstick
  • Harry Potter and the Dursleys
  • Harry Potter and All of Hagrid's Pets
  • Harry Potter Gets a Hollywood Contract
    From Lindsay

  • Harry Potter and the Nuns of Azkaban
    From Rachel

  • Harry Potter and the Flying Nuns
  • Harry Potter and a Night at the Oscars
  • Potter and Pan
    From Sarah

  • Harry Potter Meets Franknstien
  • Harry Potter Meets the Invisable Man
  • Harry Potter Meets the Mummy
  • Harry Potter Meets Abbot and Costello
  • Harry Potter Goes Back in Time to the Medevial Ages, Dodges the Three-Headed Knight, Visits the Castle Anthrax and the Swamp Castle, Defeats the Knights of NI, Kills the Black Beast of Auuuuuug, Crosses the Bridge of Death, Finds the Castle Auuuuuug, Kills the French, Retrieves the Holy Grail, and Takes it Back to Hogwarts
    From Snacurrie

  • There's Something about Harry
  • Scooby Doo meets Harry Potter
  • Harryblanca
  • Gone with the Wizard
  • Dances with Lupin
  • H.P., the Extra-Terrestrial Wizard
  • Close Encounters of the Muggle Kind
  • Harry Potter: International Wizard of Mystery
  • Harry Potter: The Wizard Who Laughed With Me (with Mini Mort!)
  • The Blair Muggle Project
    From Lea

  • Harry Potter and the Wrath of Elton John
    From John

  • Harry Potter and the Wizard of Oz (Plus Munchkins)
    From Ema

  • Harry Potter and the Prisoner of the Taliban
    From Vanessa

  • Harry Potter and the Magic Lamp
  • Harry Potter and Mrs. Figg's Knitting Lesson
  • Harry Potter and the Bald Potter
  • Harry Potter vs. Draco Malfoy: Malfoy's Revenge
  • Harry Potter Meets Professional Wrestling
  • From Hannah D.

  • Harry Potter and the Ultimate Bonanza Harry probably would get the ultimate one!
  • Dirty Harry
    From BJ

  • Harry Potter and the Visit to the Farm With a guest appearance by Babe himself!
  • Harry Potter and the Summer With the Dursleys With a guest appearance by Babe as Dudley!
    From Liz & Toni

  • Little Orphan Harry A musical.
  • My Fair Harry
    From Opalthorg

  • Harry Potter Meets Osama Bin Laden
  • Mr. Potter Goes to Washington
  • Harry Potter and the Cursed Wedding
  • Harry Potter Meets Nancy Drew
  • Harry Potter Has a Run-in With an Evil Hippogriff Who Practically Tramples Him to Death and Is Forced to Go to St. Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries Where He Meets Neville's Parent and Finds Out What Really Happened When They Were Tortured by Voldemort's Death Eaters
  • Ron Weasley's Secret Diary
  • Why You Don't Want To Go In Ginny Weasley's Room (Including A Guide To Create Your Own Harry Potter Shrine Right In Your Own Room!) Some of us (ahem, me) may not need that guide.
  • This Is the Rat That Harry Killed
    From Tracy

  • Harry Potter and the Potted Harry
  • Harry Potter and the Mandrakes
  • Harry Potter and the Sorcerer/Philosopher's Boulder
  • Harry Potter and Hedwig, Hermoine, Hagrid & Hogwarts
  • Gypsy and the Chamber of Secrets Maybe my room . . .
  • Harry Potter meets Daniel Radcliffe
  • Harry Potter and the Prisoner of the Dursley Family
  • Harry Potter in the City with Babe
  • Harry Potter's New Groove
  • The Day Proffesor Snape Snapped
  • Harry Potter and the Giant Berry Botts Every Flavored Beans (including earwax!)
    By GryffindorGirl

  • The Azkaban Redemption
  • About a Wizard Boy
  • Harry Potter's Excellent Adventure
  • Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Wizardhood Ya-ya!
  • Harry Potter and the Soceror is Stoned
  • Harry Potter and the Chamber Pots
  • Harry Potter as the Prisoner of His Own Ego
  • harry potter and the Gobbler of Thanksgiving
  • When Harry Met Draco ::sniggers and tries not to giggle excitedly::
    From Mock

  • Harry Potter and ... Oh No! Not Another Story About That Kid with the Scar!
  • Harry Potter and the Evil Crocodile Hunter
  • Hary Potter and His Secrets Fears of Kitchen Appliances and People with Large Ears
    From Anne

  • Harry Potter and Wolf's Hair
  • Harry Over Heels
  • Harry in Black
  • Harry Comes to America
    From Athena

  • Neville Longbottom and the [insert anything here]
    From Ella

  • Neville Longbottom and the Potion That Actually Worked
  • Harry Potter and the Hemp of Death
  • Harry Potter: Episode V: Attack of the Fellytones
  • Harry Potter and the School Year No One Tried to Kill Him
    From Kris and Jesi

  • Harry Potter and the Adventure in the Bathroom
    From Elsy

  • Harry Potter Goes to Demented Hills
  • Harry Potter, the Wizard Who Shagged Me
  • Harry Potter and Ghetto Afro Man
    From Dalton

  • Harry vs. Osama and his Mama
    From Kel

  • Life as a House Elf
  • Dude, Where's My Want?
    From Whatever

  • Harry Potter Episode I: The Earwax Menace
  • Harry Potter Episode II: the Attack of the Triwizard Cup
    From Melanie

  • Harry Potter and the Racing Golden Snitch
    From April

  • The Teletubbies Take Revenge on Harry
  • Draco Malfoy, You're the Best!
  • Hermione Goes High-Wire
    From Sarah

  • Harry Potter and the Dude Who Keeps Trying to Kill Him
  • Harry Potter and the Ever-Annoying Title
  • Harry Potter and the Ever-Lasting-Gobstopper
    From Meagan

  • Dr. Potter and Mr. Hide
  • Harry Potter and the Hairy Otter
    From Kathryn

  • Harry Potter and the Ham of Doom
  • The Day Harry Potter Met the Powerpuff Girls
  • Harry Potter and the Friendly Malfoy
    From Steph

  • Harry Potter and the Demented Dementor
    From Ellen

  • Harry Potter and the Teeny Bopper Divas Who Think They Can Sing But Really Can't
  • Harry Potter Goes to the Dentist
  • Harry Potter Goes Around The World in 79 Days
  • Harry Potter Meets ABBA
  • Harry Potter Meets Lilo & Stitch
  • Harry Potter and the Dursley's Camping Trip
  • Harry Potter Becomes Best Friends With Draco Malfoy and Totally Forgets About Ron Who, in a Fit of Rage, Joins Voldemort's Gang of Death Eaters and Eventually Becomes More Evil Than Voldemort Himself
  • Hermione Granger's Secret Love Life
  • Ron Weasley Eats a Chocolate Frog That Turns Out to be a Real Frog Dipped in Chocolate
  • Harry Potter and the Evil Chinese Food
  • Hogwarts School Has a Huge War With Beauxbatons and Durmstrang and End Up Wiping Out Britain's Whole Wizard Population
  • Harry Potter Goes to the N*SYNC Popodyssey Concert
  • Ginny Weasley Becomes a Teeny Bopper Diva
    From Shannon

  • Harry Potter and the Ocarina of Time
  • Harry Potter Meets the Addams Family
  • Harry Potter Joins the Justice Friends
  • Harry Potter Meets the Rugrats
  • Harry Potter: The Musical
  • Harry Potter and the Jug of Water
  • Harry Potter meets Samus Aran
  • Harry Potter and the Metroid Encounter
  • Harry Potter Meets Princess Zelda
  • Crookshanks' Adventures
  • Harry Potter and the Walkie-Talkie Attack
  • Harry's Summer Adventure
    From Animedude

  • Potter of Autumn Twilight
  • Granger of Winter's Night
  • Weasley of Spring Dawning
  • Harry Potter and the One Ring
  • Harry Potter's Wedding
  • Potter Pie
  • The Fellowship of Hogwarts
  • The Return of Lupin
  • The House-Elf (No Hobbits in HP!)
  • Harry Potter and the Deranged Wizard Who Turns Out to be a God and Sends Him on an Adventure With a Half-elf, a Kender, a Dwarf, a Knight, a Warrior, an Evil Mage, and a Couple of Barbarians, Who Meet Up With an Army of Termites Who are Determined to Dig His Liver Out With a Spoon, and Give it to a Hobbit Who wants Nothing to Do With This and Hangs Out With a Drow-Elf Who Has Purple Eyes! What a mouthful!
    From Wyrmslayer

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