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Book 5

  • It will be 1995 in correlation with the books.
  • Harry Potter celebrates his 15th year of life.
  • Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (title confirmed in October 2000 to NBC), or Book 5, will be released somewhere between February and July 2003. Ms. Rowling and her publishers stated that Book 5 would NOT come out at any time in 2001, for reference.
  • Making a return is Remus J. Lupin. Cool, no? His appearance will probably be only a short one, though, unfortunately.
  • We will learn more about the history of Lily Evans-Potter. We may learn about her life at home with sister Petunia Evans-Dursley, and as well at Hogwarts.
  • A fan of Harry Potter will die. Colin or Dennis Creevey? Ginny Weasley? Perhaps even Rubeus Hagrid?
  • We have it on good authority there will be a female DADA teacher this year.
  • According to some sources, "older" and cherished characters will reappear in Phoenix.
  • We will learn why Harry has to stay with the Dursleys during the summer all the time . . . er, at least parts of them . . . we learned a little about this at the end of Goblet of Fire; there is some form of protection around the house.
  • Percy decides which side he's on - the Dark or the Light. Many believe he'll betray his family, so I guess that kind of shows what side he'll take.
  • Ms. Arabella Figg (the lady with the cats who takes care of Harry on Dudley's birthday and other "family" events) is apparently, we assume, a witch. Part of the "old crowd" from Dumbledore's posse mention in Goblet, she may be of Harry's assistance in this book.
    < >In fact, she could very well be his own secret keeper, although people say she wouldn't be able to protect him single-handedly, especially if a lot of people recognize him on the street immediately. If you ask me, I think that Harry Poter is pretty darn valuable! Voldemort is capable of attacking Harry and he needs protection in any event. Ms. Figg may be a small or the entire part of that.
  • Hermione will possibly - though more than likely - become a prefect, but we knew this was coming, didn't we? ::smirk::
  • Icicle will not appear! Don't have a clue who Icicle is? Once thought of as Ron's cousin, later a sinister character, Icicle was actually rumoured to appear in Book 4, but didn't. Although J. K. Rowling laughs at the mention of Icicle, it is reported that due to a big accidental plot hole in Goblet of Fire, she was written out completely from the series and Rita Skeeter was written in.
  • Definitely more to learn about Lily Potter's background and the importance of her eyes in relation to Harry's own.
  • Places mentioned in previous books will be revealed.
  • Not the ghost but the shadow of Cedric Diggory may play a significant role in helping Harry over the course of two challenges he must fight to overcome.
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    Book 6

  • It will be 1996 in correlation with the books.
  • Harry Potter celebrates his 16th year of life.
  • Fellow fan, King Toad, reports that he found out that Professor Quirrell's brother becomes the new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher (you know, I knew it would become a trend of loosing DADA teachers . . .) and nobody likes him, "not even Malfoy." [Quirrell's brother] supposedly has come for revenge on Harry. CONTRADICTION We have a challenge to the above rumor! Please read as followed! Louisa C says: "Actually, it's not Quirrell's brother, but Lupin's. His name will be Romulus Lupin, (which would tie in with the ancient Roman legend that Rowling got Remus Lupin's name from.) He will also be a werewolf."
    < >My own thoughts? Bringing in the Romulus/Remus thing is just too cute; cool that Remus' name has basis in the legend, but bringing the legend to life is somewhat tacky. All rumours, though!
  • Voldemort will still be around until the last book, since Harry reportedly tries to kill him (what an ambitious little boy he is!) and fails in Book 6.
  • Hermione may be injured in the hospital in this book and Harry & Ron go after Voldemort together (may be tied in with the above rumor?)
  • reports that he/she knows J. K. Rowling and she said one of Ron's brothers will die. DO NOT TRUST THIS UNTIL CONFIRMED.
  • If not in the fifth book, Hermione will become a prefect.
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    Book 7

  • It will be 1997 in correlation with the books.
  • Harry Potter celebrates his 17th year of life.
  • Rumoured title is Harry Potter and the Forest of Shadows.
  • It is a fact, unless J. K. Rowling changes it, that the last word of the book is "scar." (She said in an online chat that she has already written the last chapter of this book.)
  • People are wondering if Harry Potter may pass into the wizarding world. That is to say, if he might even come of age - people are speculating that he may die! J. K. Rowling has even expressed interest in the fact that people believe he'll be alive for his eighteenth birthday. He may actually die.
  • J. K. Rowling alluded to the possibility that Severus Snape will be redeemed and might fall in love (or might have fallen in love). I knew that already, huh? ::grins:: Click here to see what I mean. (The redemption is probably something besides or juxtaposed to being an ex-Death Eater and/or having to feign devotion to Lord Voldemort again.)
  • Remus J. Lupin returns - this is supposedly confirmed by J. K. Rowling herself. He will have a bigger part here than in Book 5, also. (The Book 5 appearance is probably to be minimal and fleeting, though, of course, still important.)
  • A VERY BIG revelation is made about Lily Potter - maybe that Voldemort is Harry's real father? ::cough:: Too many people have said that for me not to say it. :-) But do I believe it? Nope.
  • Hermione will most likely be named Head Girl. (Well! That's a given in itself! :-)) Harry might also become Head Boy. (I'm not sure I believe this; it would kind of be a little cliched.) I think Draco Malfoy will become Head Boy, or someone else just as unexpected.
  • Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy will not team up to fight an "evil force," despite my whining, desperate hopes and crazy dreams, J. K. Rowling said. She has shattered my delusions, I don't think I can recover!
    < >Opinion on the slide, I don't think Draco is a bad guy and I do not want him following his father's footsteps. I hope J. K. Rowling doesn't make Draco bad; that would just kill me. ::wipes away a tear::
  • Magic can not bring people back to life, so there will be no live James or Lily Potter. ::cough:: That's living.
  • We find out J. K. Rowling's theory of why people can become ghosts in the series. In the words of a good friend: "Oooh! Spooky!" (He is also famous on this site for saying repeatedly, "I didn't know there was such a thing as Harry pot!")
  • Peter Pettigrew (aww, Scabbers, I thought you were just a cute, little fat rat!) returns. ::wonders if any of her mom's thirty-six rats from a long time ago were magical:: Wormtail owes Harry for saving his life, so we'll see what happens there.
  • It may not be Harry, Ron, or Hermione who becomes a Hogwarts professor - actually, it could quite very well be Mr. Neville Longbottom! Apparently - I don't know if this is true or not - "Neville" means absent-minded professor.
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