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Harry Potter and
the Sorcerer's Stone

Set Picture Gallery

London & Hogsmeade Sets

Bird's Eye View of the station & filming.

Close-up of Hogwarts Express.

The snowed in Hogsmeade train station.

Side of the Hogwarts Express while stopped in London one day.

Again, a side of the Hogwarts Express, resting in Hogsmeade.

February 2002 -- courtesy John Pearce

"Hogwarts" Castle Sets

Front and back sides of Gloucester Cathedral.

Alnwick from a distance.

Another view of Alnwick.

Bird's eye view of Alnwick Castle.

Although its hard to tell, this is the Transfiguration classroom!

This is the library set used in the film.

In the movie, these are the halls the trio hurries into after discovering Dumbledore isn't in the school.

Other Shots, Places, or Sets

Chris Columbus talks to the trio, but is that really Daniel Radcliffe? ::spooky music plays::

A better look at that previous question.

The place where the Gringotts upper-level bank scenes were shot.

Outside of Gringotts (though I disagree completely). Is that the Willy Wonka guy?

While not so frightening now, these eerily lit the way to Fluffy.

Well, Hagrid's shack is supposed to be wood, but oh well . . . ::sighs::

Backdrop of the lake near Hogwarts.

The trophy cabinet, holding the Quidditch Cup, the Special Services award, and more!

Check out 4 Privet Drive pictures!

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